Andy Reid is Delusional

In his normal day after the game disaster press conference, Andy Reid usually nulls people to sleep with his usual sayings of ‘we’ve got to do a better job there’, and ‘I’ve got to put my guys in a better position to succeed’.In today’s PC Andy Reid said something that shocked me.

“One of the great things about this is we’re still in striking distance with three games left,” Reid said.

Striking distance? You gotta be kidding me. The Eagles are far from striking distance. They are finished. They need nothing short of a miracle to make the playoffs.

Just to make sure, I had not missed anything, I looked up the Eagles playoff possibilities. They are currently 13th out of 16 NFC teams. The Birds have 3 weeks to somehow jump 7 teams in front of them, just to make the 6th seed. That is the only seed they can make, as they are eliminated from becoming a top 5 seed.

So what are the chances of jumping those 7 teams? Less than one percent.

To pull this miraculous feat, the Eagles would need to first win a damn game all of the three remaining games. Then the Vikings, Redskins, CardinalsBears, and Panthers would all have to lose two of their next three games.

So to summarize all of this, they have no friggin shot.

The Eagles should switch their focus to next season. Start playing young guys, and see what they got. Maybe you discover you have a player or two. Then make sure you lose all three games, so you do not screw up the great draft spot you are looking at.

It’s time to re-evaluate some players, time to start looking to free agency next year, and time to get rid of some dead weight.

In other words the off season has already started for Philadelphia. Reid is fooling himself thinking the Iggles still have a shot.

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