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By now most people have heard the Donovan McNabb comments on wanting more weapons. What many have not heard about, is Sheldon Brown‘s response to what Donovan said. The Daily Examiner writes about the issue. Here is a snippet from the post:

Brown, appearing Sunday night on NBC 10’s Sports Final with woolly-bearded Howard Eskin and John Clark, responded to McNabb’s opinion with the usual amount of blunt honesty/utter contempt. In addition to Brown’s assessment that McNabb “threw teammates under the bus” with his comment, he also not-so-subtly poked a stick at McNabb and the overall offense throughout the interview.

Here is Sheldon Brown talking about not getting turnovers:

Sheldon seems to be yapping quite a lot this year. Somebody needs to put a muzzle on him. Here is a YouTube Video of what Gary Cobb thinks about this situation:

I think G hits the nail on the head with his comments. Sheldon is a very good player, but he needs to just shut up. McNabb went out of his way to say that his comments were not a slight at his current team mates. Donovan just wants to field a better team next year so they don’t finish 8-8 again. There is nothing wrong with a player wanting his front office to do what it takes to win.

The turnovers comment Sheldon made was asinine. It does not matter how bad your offense is, you still have a job to do. The bottom line is the Eagles defense did not force enough turnovers, and did not make many big plays. That is a main reason why they struggled so much in 2007.

Some suggest that Brown is unhappy with his contract, and is creating controversy because of that. If that’s the case then they should him out of town. This team does not need any more problems than  they already have. I am sick of millionaire athletes whining about money. A player is rich already, but because somebody else got more money than them they have to act out like a little kid.

I always thought Sheldon was one of the better guys on the team, but he just sounds stupid lately. Howard Eskin should have asked Sheldon if he could maybe work on keeping Plaxico Burress out of the end zone next year.

Here is the full 9 minute interview on NBC 10 Sports Final:

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  • Scott Smith

    This team needs playmakers espically at wide out. If Sheldon Brown does not see that than he is as blind as Andy Reid.

  • Redskins Guy

    The team needs a quarterback who’s not a whiny bitch. That’s what they really need. Unfortunately they’re stuck with McNabb.

  • Ian

    Redskins Guy. Clearly you are a Donovan McNabb hater. Is it because he has owned the Redskins for the last 8 years? Donovan McNabb is nothing short of a class guy, and you call him a ‘whiny bitch’? You must be reading too much e-skins.

  • Redskins Guy

    He was good and he did kick our asses.  But you’re living in the past.  He also seems to be preventing you from getting quality players because he’s so insecure about his own standing. You’re never going to get to the superbowl with him again, let alone win one.  He won’t let you.

  • EaglesFan

    There was no reason for McNabb to publicly air his comments.  He could have spoken with Andy Reid and Joe Banner.  The offense failed to score more than 17 points TEN times.  The defense played great in 2007.  McNabb is the reason why the Eagles finished 8-8.  He said the team needs more weapons as a response to criticism from the media.  McNabb is only interested in protecting his fragile ego and his reputation.  The Eagles front office will do whatever they can to get rid of McNabb in the off-season.  His own teammates have no faith in him as a QB and a leader.

  • Redskins Guy

    Didn’t his mother bitch and moan about the Eagles’ success last year with Garcia? Gee, he sure seems to have his priorities in order.  Great leader you have there guys.  He’s a half step away from flying out to Mexico during the bye week to shack up with a skanky b-celebrity.

  • Ian

    Donovan can not control something his Mom wrote in a blog. She did not ‘bitch and moan’ either. All she said was if the Eagles won the Super Bowl without Donovan it would be bittersweet for her. Which makes sense, because it would be bittersweet for your team to win a Championship, and you were not a part of it. You are just clearly a McNabb hater.

  • Redskins Guy

    If he really wanted to, he could have a sitdown with his family and make sure they don’t make public statements that can be controversial.  And he could have easily defused the situation by voicing his support for Garcia and his team, but instead he sat around sulking.

  • Redskins Guy

    To be fair, I will concede that McNabb is a very good player.  He sure looked good towards the end of the season and I was so happy to see you guys beat the Cowboys.  I just think that he’s done some questionable things off the field that portrays him as a whiny, unconfident player who needs to be in the spotlight all the time.  Neither of us know what he’s really like; I can only go off of the bits of evidence a biased media allows us to see.  I hate him because he’s a rival who’s beaten us too often and you have your infatuation with him as a loyal fan probably should. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

  • Eagle 08

    Redsin gu needs to shut up, Donavan Mcnabb is still good, e dont have anybody to throw to and the Eagles can get to the bowl with him, unlike the Skins, yall’cant keep a Q.B. or a coach for like two year its like a revolving door there. So you need to look at your team first before talkin g

  • Eagle 08

     I feel Mcnabb he has no playmakers except B-West, you can’t use him all the time. So for someone that wants to win, How is that considered whining

  • Ian

    It’s kind of funny that Sheldon Brown is the one who said the team did not need more playmakers, and the major free agent they sign is Asante Samuel.