Kearse Has Parting Shot At Eagles And Fans

Somebody needs to shut the Phreak up.

After being released by the Eagles, Jevon Kearse has signed with his former team the Tennessee Titans. In his press conference to announce the signing, Kearse was asked a few questions about his time in Philadelphia, and you might be surprised to hear what he had to say.

(on how he would describe his time with the Eagles)

Jevon Kearse: With the Eagles? I don’t know. It was like I was lost for a minute. I was away from home. This is my home, so I took a vacation or something. But my stay in Philly, it was different. I’ll say, when I went there, they were a team that was on the verge of winning a Super Bowl and everything like that. So it was a win-win situation, although the scheme, the scheme was not for me. The scheme was not for me, just sitting wide-footed in the two-gap stance in front of the tight end doing a lot of reading, when I started off just moving, getting off the ball, going to the ball, being aggressive, going to the ball, not reading and then reacting. I’m used to just doing what I do. Then, when I was there, I wasn’t able to do that because it was just part of the scheme.

So Kearse blames the fact that he was a huge Phreaking disappointment solely on Jim Johnson’s defensive scheme? Gimme a Phreakin break. It’s funny how Hugh Douglas, Trent Cole, and even Juqua Thomas(who took Kearse’s job and also came from Tennessee) all managed to be able to play well in this scheme. How dare Jim Johnson expect Kearse to do anything, but rush the QB? I guess stopping the run is not that important for a starting defensive end according to Jevon.

If that was not bad enough, Jevon goes on to rip Iggles fans for expecting too much.

(on the difference in fans between Philadelphia and Tennessee)

Jevon Kearse: They are fanatics up there [in Philadelphia]. I can’t put a finger on it. It is just different up there. I explained to everyone from playing in Tennessee, where the team moved here to Nashville, you can go out there and play your butts off and play a good game and lose and the fans will still be proud of you. We have next week. We have next year. We have tomorrow. Up there, you can play your butts off and do whatever, but if you lose the game, it is like you didn’t do anything. It is like you went out there and everyone took a knee and let the team do whatever. The expectations up there are just crazy, whereas around here they are a little more lenient on you which is alright but then again you have to take it upon yourself as a player and give them what they want.

I have to say Jevon really looks like an idiot from this statement. ‘We have next year’? Fans have been saying that line for 48 years! Earth to Jevon; Philadelphia would like to see this team win a Championship sometime this Century.

Despite never winning a Super Bowl, Iggles fans pour into those stands every year,  just hoping and praying that this year could be the one. When a team goes to 4 straight NFC Championship games, and a Super Bowl, the expectations to win are pretty Phreakin high.

Jevon is not even right about the playing hard part. The Phillies never win jack, but fans love Jimmy Rollins, because he plays his ass off every single day. When did Jevon Kearse ever give it his all? I remember Kearse getting cramps in the Super Bowl, limping off the field “hurt” almost every other play, partying with T.O. too much, and showing up to training camp 30 lbs too light this past year. If that is what Kearse calls playing his butt off, then maybe Philadelphia was the wrong place for him.

I am sure that since Kearse is now back in his old system, he will easily lead the NFL in sacks this year. I wonder what his excuse will be if it doesn’t. At least those nice people in Tennessee won’t care.

>>Jevon Kearse press conference transcript (Titans Online)

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  • ck0712

    he’s bitter at being let go.  good luck to him-reading that sucked because i liked the guy….but thank you for blogging it…..sounds to me like he’s just bitter all around ;)!

  • TitanzGirl

    Sounds to me like he’s right on bout them Philly fans…UNGRATEFUL is the word I give them! Welcome back FREAK we love you in Tennessee and welcome you back with open arms. Ahh the sweet sound of QBs hittin the ground..#90..#92..#93 WOW can we say baddest D- Line in the NFL!!! When we add another DE and p/u a freakin WR we are smashin teams next season..Helloooo     ’08 baby!!!

  • philfan22001

    Perception is everything.  Here is what the "Freak" said in 2004 at his initial press conference after signing with the Eagles."On why the Tennessee Titans did not put the franchise tag on him: "I don’t know. When I look back at it, I think that maybe the situation was someone wasn’t watching the cap situation that closely, so when they needed some cap room and to even get the tag, they had to do a whole lot of things. They had to do a whole lot of switching around and changing to make it happen so I guess it worked out the best for me in that situation." On whether the Eagles defense is similar to the Titans defense: "Yes, it’s downhill. It’s downhill. I guess they’re going to try me on either side, left or right side. Hopefully, I’ll just learn the defense and just line up and go. Hopefully I’ll have even more responsibility than I had from playing defensive end and just be able to go out without a lot of thinking and make some plays and make things happen." So was it the "scheme" or was it the "injuries"-  which is why he wasn’t protected back in 04 by the Titans.   My very best to him. 

  • Ian

    CK- Sorry you didn’t like this one, but I don’t like rich athletes taking shots at fans, even if they are minor.

    Titanzgirl- Glad you are happy. I hope you are there to kiss jevon’s boo boo all better every 15 times he limps off the field in agony. :-P

    phillifan- good info. a guy like kearse probably has a huge ego, and just won’t admit that he did not do his job. he has to blame it on something else. i guess that is the best he could come up with.


    thanks for the comments

  • Dutch’s Wormhole

    whatever, like you said, the titans can have him back. he hasn’t done anything since he was a rookie anyway.and i’ve been to nashville. THAT is a weird place and i am very glad to be a philly instead of being from there. if the freak can’t handle philly, time to move on… we got replacements for you buddy!

  • ck0712

    it is what it is Ian……LOL kiss his boo boo-nice article the other guy put up there

  • ck0712

    wait, i think i worded myself wrong, i did like the article-always dig the news, JUST cannot believe he said the stuff he said!
    make sense LOL!

  • Ian

    yes ck i got you. no worries :-)

  • Redskins Guy

    Gee, another free agent bust leaves philly disgruntled and complaining about the fans.  Is it March already?

  • Rich

    In his 1st few years with us, he wasn’t half bad(18.5 sacks in 31 games). So blaming his disability this year on the scheme is utter bullshit. He just slacked after the injury in ’06 and his play suffered.Also, according to this article( about a 10-year study on fan loyalty. Although it’s about a year and a half old, it’s still recent enough to be relevant. In it Philadelphia ranked 3rd, behind only Cleveland and Kansas City. Whereas Tennessee ranked 28th. So the fan comment is utter bullshit, as well. ;)

  • Rich

    Ugh. That did not format as well as I’d like it to. Anyways, I forgot this link( which is the direct link to the results.

  • Redskins Guy

    That article is completely irrelevant. Nobody’s saying that Eagles fans don’t attend games.  Nobody’s suggesting that Eagles fans change alleigance and run off to become patriots fans or something stupid. I’ll add that one of the factors in that study is how cold it is outside, so Eagles fans are more "loyal" than Miami fans by default, but again, that’s not the point.  The point is that Eagles fans don’t SUPPORT their team very well.  You boo Donovan McNabb when he’s drafted. You (as a whole) boo and heckle and have a hissy fit any time you lose a game or make a bad play.  You’re very passionate about the way you criticize and browbeat your team’s players, coaches, and ownership; you just are passionate in a way that makes people not want to play in Philly.  Also, to play in Philly, you pretty much have to LIVE in Philly, so I think it makes sense why Moss would say "You can’t pay me a million dollars a year to live in a shithole like Philly".

  • Ian

    Rich- Good article, and thanks for the comments. The injury really did have a lot to do with his decline. I still can’t believe that game where he got hurt. It should have never gone to OT.

    Deadskins Guy- The article is about fan loyalty, but you can connect it to what Kearse is talking about. Philadelphia fans expect to win, because they invest so much into their football team. Tennessee does not, and that is probably why they don’t care when the Titans lose.

    As far as Moss goes you are really just way off again. first off most of the Eagles don’t actually live in Philadelphia, they live in the wealthy Burbs. That had nothing to do with his decision. The reasons he chose to stay in New England is simple. They were a few plays away from being "the greatest team ever", and the Iggles went 8-8. As much as I love my team, I can see why he chose to stay a Patriot.

  • thelandryhat

    Well, Kearse hits the nail on the head. Philly fans are some of the worst on the planet.

  • Redskins Guy

    Ian, Kearse called you guys "fanatics" which means he never questioned your loyalty.  That’s why the article is irrelevant.  The root word of "fanatic" is "fan."  Kearse’s point was that Eagles fans have no tolerance for their own players and will turn on players even before they take a single snap (see: McNabb, Donovan).  I’ll conceed that Eagles fans are unique and very loyal.   It’s not like you guys have any superbowl era where fair-weather fans would join in like the Cowboys of the 90′s to dilute the pool.  You guys tend to be hard core and serious and dedicated. But you also tend to turn on your own team way too quickly.

  • Redskins Guy

    Oh, and even if they live in the burbs, the players still have to go to Philly to play the actual games. That’s awful enough.

  • steve

    Oh and Redskins guy, if the RedSkins stadium was really in Washington you too would really have a problem addressing all the great that the city has to offer. Like a coke using reelected Mayor and all that he appoints to serve in his cabinet. I would take the better areas of Philly over over the better areas of DC and to be honest the worst of DC is not much different that the worst of Phily. Why waste your time in DC when Baltimore has so much more to offer.     

  • JayGee

    Im pretty sure we’re 11-1 right now with Jevon playin great and the eagles once again suck…lol

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