Another Name Change For Thomas

Eagles LT William Thomas(first time I have ever called him William), has decided to change his name back to Tra Thomas. Apparently nobody called him William(after ten years of Tra who would?), and he has given up on William.

I am glad that Thomas finally came back around to Tra, because I have basically refused to call him William. I guess it’s similar to how everybody refuses to call Delaware Ave, Columbus Blvd. Once you are used to a name it’s hard to change.

If you have not been up to date with all the latest Eagle player name changes, then you need to check this out.

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  • EFC-Chuck

    At this point, shouldn’t he just change his name to a symbol?

  • Ian

    lol nice one

  • http://thelandryhat davedallasfan

    what the hell?????????????? is he going to play football this year or just stand around and scratch his ass…..just a question from a cowboy fan…….no fighten intended