How The Kobe Jump Over The Car Video Really Went Down

By now I am sure everybody has seen the shoe commercial where Philadelphia’s favorite NBA player Kobe Bryant leaps over an Aston Martin. What people have not seen, is this video of what really happened before the video was edited.

Pay close attention to this.

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  • cbMAN

    bwhahahaha! screw kobi!

  • Ian

    I know isn’t this great? Thanks for stopping by cbMAN.

  • Calblazer

    Finally found a way to stop Kobe!!!   …’bout time!!!

  • _kobe4life_

    kobe haters, please back off…try to stop kobe and he will push you away harder…without him even knowing it… 

  • Hatarz

    That was not even funny. Yall need to get a life and stop HATING on Kobe.

  • Ian

    Way to go Kobe! 24 point lead in game 4 of the NBA finals blown!