The Eagles Should Pounce On Jared Allen

Jared Allen ( Allen traded to Vikings

The Chiefs have traded Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings for a first round pick, and two third round picks in this years draft.

So much for this idea. Jared Allen.

>>Adiós, One Man Gang: Jared Allen Traded To Vikings (Arrowhead Addict)

Jay Glazer is reporting that the Chiefs are actively shopping Jared Allen, and his days in Kansas City are numbered. He has a meeting with the Minnesota Vikings already set up, and Tampa Bay after them. The Jaguars have also shown some interest, and the Eagles should be.

Jared Allen has gotten better each year in the NFL, and is a premier player in the NFL. He is a very big, and physical end who is very stout against the run, but can also get after the QB. He lead the NFL in sacks in 2007 with 15.5, and has registered 43 total sacks in his short career. He has more career stats that are also very impressive. He got 230 tackles during this span including 76 in 2006. He also has forced 13 career fumbles, and defended 25 passes(batted balls at the line).

His dual threat of being able to stop the run and rush the passer makes him a 3 down player obviously. He would free things up for the rest of the defensive line, and probably help Trent Cole get even more sack chances. Jared Allen would literally change the Eagles defense from average to great.

The Iggles have tried to find a premier end for years now, but have failed miserably. They first traded up in the 2003 draft to select eventual bust Jerome McDougle. The most noteworthy thing McDougle has done since then is get shot. In 2004 the Birds made a huge splash in free agency by signing free agent DE Jevon Kearse to the richest defensive end contract ever(at the time). We all know Kearse was good for about half a season, and then progressively got worse. His lack of production did not equal his huge salary and had to be cut. Then the last attempt at getting  their premier pass rushing DE was the free agent signing of Darren Howard. This signing was very unusual, because Howard had already reached the age of 30. With the Eagles that typically means they will not sign you long term, because many players decline at that age. They signed Howard anyways, and were left with a very expensive backup.

During the time that these busts were added to the team the Eagles did find a diamond in the rough with Trent Cole. Cole made his first Pro-Bowl last year, and is quickly becoming one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. The problem is the Eagles need production from the left end. Right now 2nd year DE Victor Abiamiri is slated to start, and nobody knows what they can expect out of him. Behind him they have Juqua Thomas, who is more of a situational pass rusher, and Chris Clemons who is similar to Thomas. Howard and McDougle are still around, but can we really expect to get anything out of them? History says McDougle will slip on a banana peel and wind up on IR, and Howard will miss 9 games with some sort of muscle strain. There is a huge need here, and Allen can be solution.

There are two obstacles for this deal to get done. First the Eagles would have to work out a long term contract with Allen. Being that Allen is still at the young age of 26 I don’t see why there would be a problem here. The Eagles have enough cap space left to buy the Florida Marlins, and should use it on top flight player like Allen. Once they get a deal worked out, they would then have to give up enough compensation to satisfy the Chiefs. The reported asking price is a first and third round pick, but the Eagles can top that. They have something that the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Jaguars don’t have and that is Lito Sheppard.

It’s no secret that Lito Sheppard is also being shopped around by the Eagles, and hos value is guessed to be worth as a 2nd round pick right now. So to get the Allen deal done you trade Kansas City the 19th pick overall in the draft and Lito Sheppard. This trade would really help out both teams in a big way. The Chiefs have a need for a CB and Lito is still one of the better ones in the NFL. Despite having an injury plagued 2007, he did manage to shut down Randy Moss and Terrell Owens last year. The Chiefs also have major offensive line issues, and they could draft one with the 19th pick. Branden Albert, Jeff Otah, or Chris Williams could be available there. KC would also now be able to draft the best defensive lineman available with the 5th pick(Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis), instead of reaching for OT Ryan Clady there. The Eagles would get rid of Sheppard who is unhappy here, and finally get the big time defensive end they have wanted for years forever.

The time to act is now though, because Allen may be traded soon. Andy Reid, Tom Heckert, and Joe Banner need to get on the phone with Kansas City, and set up a date to visit Allen before the draft. If they pull this deal off it could send a shock wave throughout Philadelphia full of excitement. Let’s get this done! I am offcially on the Jared Allen bandwagon.

What are your thoughts on Jared Allen? How do you feel about possibly trading for him? Does anybody want to keep Lito?

>>Bye, Bye Jared Allen? (Arrowhead Addict)


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  • jayson

    Hell Yeah! mke this trade happen ASAP. I’ll give KC  a 1st and 6th

  • Tom

    the only thing that is holding me back from being all about this possible trade is the possibility of using lito sheppard to trade for chad johnson…i dont seem to know what would be better getting an elite de in allen who would make our defense quite possibly the best in the league or getting an elite wr in johnson which our offense desperatly need

  • Ian

    I would prefer Allen Tom. Jared Allen is only 26 and Chad Johnson is already 30. Jared Allen is a tough physical hard working guy. Chad Johnson gets too emotional, and has stupid antics like sending a case of petol bismol to the other team. Both of these guys want new deals, but Chad already has one of the richest NFL contracts.

    I believe that defense wins championships. Look at the Giants last year, they won because of that dominant front 4. WR is a need, but I think they have a better shot of finding a WR in round 2 or 3 than they would a star DE like Jared Allen.

    Thanks for stopping by Tom.

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  • Kale

    yeah but think about it…when was the last time our defense was a bigger problem than our offense?  I agree that i’d rather see Allen than Ocho quinco since  he can be a bit of a head case…but honestly either move would make me happy.  The last time we had a legitimate shot, we had a premiere receiver.  Just about every team that wins the superbowl these days has at least one receiver that can stand up with the best in the league.At the end of the day, even if we get allen here, we still need a top flight receiver.

  • GreggyD

    The thing for me is that despite the fact that you mentioned that we did sign Chris Clemons, and you think he is the same type of player as Juqua, why would the Eagles go out and trade Lito and their first round pick for yet another DE?  I know that the guy has impressive stats, but they invested a good amount of money in Clemons and I think that they are pretty satisfied with their picture at DE.  Abiamiri will most likely not be the starter by the end of camp, and we all know that the Eagles don’t really have a "starting" DE because they all rotate in and out constantly anyway.  I think the Eagles are set at DE and need to focus on finding a successor to Dawkins, or finding a WR who can boost our production in the red zone.

  • Ian

    Kale - Thank you for the comment. While I think Chad Johnson would be a boost to our offense, I don’t think the WR problem is as bad as people make it out to be. Kevin Curtis actually had very comparable stats to Chad last year. I am not going to sit here and say Curtis is as good, but you really don’t need star receivers to win in the NFL. Look at New England. They won 3 Super Bowls with Troy Brown, David Patten, Deion Branch, and David Givens. None of those guys are star WRs. They just used hard working guys who are solid.

    I also disagree with the saying the Eagles went to a Super Bowl the last time they had a great WR. People seem to ignore the fact that TO was hurt and did not play in the playoffs. They made it to the Super Bowl with Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Greg Lewis, and Billy McMullen.

    I also feel the defense was the major issue last year. The Eagles finsihed 32nd (last) in the NFL in interceptions, and they finished 32nd in the NFL is total turnovers. They were solid in some areas, but you have to force turnovers to win in the NFL. Getting one of the best defensive ends in the NFL will create more turnovers.

    GreggyD - Well I see Clemons as a guy who won’t see the field much on first down. He is too small(245 lbs) and will be a liability against the run. They will bring him in on obvious passing downs, because he is very good at rushing the QB. He is what Andy Reid calls another "fast ball", very similar to Juqua Thomas. I know they paid him a decent amount of money, but if a chance to get Jared Allen arises, I think you have to go for it. Knowing Jim Johnson likes to carry only 4 DEs on gameday brings up the question of who will sit. I think that would be a good problem to have. They could probably have one guys sit out each game and rotate it.

    I agree with the finding Dawk’s successor and I agree they could use another WR. They would still have 10 more draft picks to look for those two positions. I don’t see any safety, including Kenny Phillips worthy of a first round pick. I also think if you do your homework, and pick the right guy you can find a good WR in the 3rd-4th round. Look at guys like TO, Steve Smith, Brandon Marshall, Rod Smith, Donald Driver, Wes Welker, TJ Housmanzadah, Jerrico Cotchery, Bernard Berrian, Shaun McDonald, Nate Burleson, Chris Henry, Joe Horn, Derrick Mason, Marques Colston, and Hines Ward.

    All of those guys were drafted in the 3rd round or later. You can find a very good WR in the draft, but you just have to pick the right guys.

    I also don’t feel that the starting two receivers are really the problem. Reggie Brown started off the year poorly, but finished off pretty well. Kevin Curtis was streaky at times, but he finished the season with over 1,000 yards and 6 TDs. They will be OK in my opinion.

    The problem was the lack of production after those two. You got next to nothing out of Jason Avant, Greg Lewis(except the NE game), and Hank Baskett.

    I think you draft a WR(not in the first round), and let those 3 guys compete for their job. Add in a 100% healthy McNabb and a healthy LJ Smith, and I think the red zone problem goes away.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Sheppard and the 19th pick? Why don’t they thrown in Westbrook or Andrews while they’re at it? Sheppard for Allen is a pretty even deal. Sheppard plus a late-round pick to sweeten to pot might make some sense, but considering that the Eagles would still have to convince Allen to take a long-term contract, Sheppard and the 19th pick is way too much.

  • Ian

    Tracer it is a very steep price, but worth it. The going rate is a first and third round pick right now. Lito has the value of a high 2nd round pick at best right now. You have to look at it from the Chiefs perspective. Why would you give up Jared Allen for an injury prone CB, when you get a first and Bryant McKinne from the Vikings? You wouldn’t. Lito is not even close to enough. If the Eagles don’t give up the 19th pick then they wont get Jared Allen.

  • Tracer Bullet

    A 26-year-old DE who’ll want at least $20 million guarantees, will have to switch from right end to left end, has two DUIs to his credit and owns a bar vs. a 27-year-old, two-time Pro Bowl CB with health problems. I’d love to see Allen’s mullet hanging out of a midnight jade helmet too, but there is no way hell I’d give up the 19th pick to make it happen.

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