Inside The Life Of Donovan McNabb

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  • Tracer Bullet

    If Donovan is wearing a Wrist Strong bracelet I will get a #5 tattoo TOMORROW.

  • DJ

    The pictures of him in his suits make him look a little chunky…Mama McNabb must be feeding him a little much. Haha

  • MoonDog

    Dude – I’ve been so busy I haven’t visited your site until now. Very nice. Another of the very well designed fan sided sites. You know I’m a Cowboy fan so I’ll have to come by and bug you.

    I’ll post a link to you at my site.


  • Caps Guy (AKA Redskins Guy)

    Ian, I applaud your courage. I imagine it’s not easy to come out of the closet in a public forum like this. I’m sure you’re going to be subjected to a lot of hate and bias over this, but your love for Donovan McNabb is all that matters. Don’t let those homophobes get you down! I say, Follow your heart. Fly lesbian seagul! Fly!

  • Redskins Guy

    The title of this article should be “Inside the Anus of Donovan McNabb.” Oh my god. Really. This is like accidently stumbling into some guy’s porn stash and ONLY THEN realizing that the keyboard is suspiciously sticky. I feel so dirty.

  • Ian

    Tracer – I think that is a live strong bracelet. He has been wearing those for a while.

    DJ – He has had a lot of injuries lately including his torn ACL. That makes it hard to keep up with your cardio. He’ll be in great shape by the end of this camp.

    Guy – lesbian seagul lol that made me crack up on the floor rolling.

  • thelandryhat

    This is SUPER GAY, IAN! WHat in the world are you doing>?

  • thelandryhat

    Wow Ian, looks like your poll so far doesn’t bode too well for your Donovan McLovin.

  • Justin from landryhat

    what a flamboyant post. seeking fans inside the gay community in philly?

  • thelandryhat

    He refuses to address this scandal brewing on his blog. Refuses. Sort of telling.

  • Redskins Guy

    Dan, don’t you judge him! I fully support his right to marry and lust after McNabb. Just as long as it’s not anywhere near me. I think Jeff Garcia must have rubbed off on McNabb.

  • NINERSfan

    Wow. A whole website dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles the absoulute wosrt team in the history of the NFL. But wai even better A friggin shrine to Donovan McNabb. he sucks McNabb is the most overrated QB in the entire game and u no this please dont waste ur time with the eagles root for a real team with a real QB The Niners and ALEX sMITH.


    Lets these haters hate Ian…..we riding the donoVAN all the way to the superbowl baby!! Eagles Fo Life!


    And ninersfan, My Shitstain>>>>>Your QB’s Suck a Dick faggot

  • TDCowboys

    The Niners have a QB?

  • Redskins Guy

    “Riding the donoVAN?” Is this some sort of secret gay lingo I’m not familiar with? Is it like riding the Hershey Highway? Whatever it is, I support you in your lifestyle choices facemob. Stay true to yourself, little soldier!


    Lol at the foreskin guy talkin shit….whens the last time you guys won the division? LMAO i’ll wait

  • Redskins Guy

    The last time we won the division was probably also the last time we won the superbowl. Speaking of superbowls…when was your last superbowl victory?
    Only a pathetic Eagles fan would bring up Division leaders in a division full of superbowl trophy winners. In the NFC East, you guys are the small ugly kid who’s always picked last in the playground and has no friends. And is probably mildly retarded. How’s it feel to always be the only team that’s never won it all?


    Lol you guys have had that distinction for that last 10 years please dont kid yourself….and i could give two shits about superbowl victories, doesnt change the passion i have and will ever have for my team….so keep holdin on to them championships from 20 years ago like they mean something…your team will be back to 6-10 next year, another new coach lmao how many coaches yall gonna have? your best player is dead, back to the cellar you go

  • Ian

    Who would have thought all I needed to do to get a bunch of comments, is post a few pictures of McNabb?

    Oh Guy the Eagles did win a Championship. It was just a long time ago.

  • Redskins Guy

    I think I said “Superbowl” not championship. Anyway, Facemob gets the award for “crazy rationalization of the year.” I have to applaud the lengths you go to in order to convince yourself that winning it all is a meaningless stat. I’m honestly glad that you can maintain passion for your team. The NFC East IS the best division in all of football after all, and great rivalries makes all of our teams better. In fairness, I will conceed that my Redskins have not had a great decade or two. Like you, it doesn’t change MY passion for MY team.

  • Redskins Guy

    In honor of you crazy Eagles fans, I will share the following link.
    Remember the mantra: “At least we got there…At least we got there…”

  • WestCoastSkins

    What is with all the half naked pictures of your players?

  • Ian

    Guy – Bang makes funny ass cartoons. Even that one made me laugh….

    Super Bowl is just another name for a Championship. The Eagles have won it all 3 times, but it was just a really long time ago.

    Even though 1991 is much more recent, it really is old news. All of those players are out of the NFL, and now the coach is too. It’s just a moment in history, just like the Eagles 1960 Championship was. All that really matters now is who is the defending Champs(stinkin Giants), and who will be the champs in 2008.

    WestCoast – He just has his shirt off. It’s no different than if you went to a practice or were in your teams locker room post game. Have you ever played shirts vs skins? Or gone to the beach? It’s not that big of a deal.

  • Redskins Guy

    Yeah WestCoast. It’s just like all the times in prison when the guy drops the soap in the shower and gives you a meaningful look and a “Come Hither” smile that lets you know that you’re his bitch now. And then makes sure someone captures it on film. While holding a football suggestively. While getting splashed playfully with water. Happens all the time, really.

    Seriously, that one picture (the last one of him naked; I think it’s #19) really does scream “Prison Rape Scene.” It says “I’ve got a football and you ain’t getting no lubrication.” Was he trying to do a cameo on Oz or something?

  • WestCoastSkins

    I dont see those beach guys splashing water around themselves and flexing their muscles with pictures being taken of them trying to make themselves look as good as possible.

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  • Not a Homo

    What the fuck is this? I thought McNabb was still in the closet. Gay just like all the midget crackhead Eagle fans.

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