Swoop Beats Blitz. Vote Him To The Finals!

Swoop beat down Seahawks mascot Blitz, and now is ready for the next opponent Chief Zee. Chief Zima is the Redskins mascot, who deserves to lose this battle. We know Chief Zee is not very fierce at all, because back in 1983 he got his ass kicked by Eagles fans at the Vet.

“This is the first time Mr. Williams has been injured since a game at Philadelphia in 1983, when angry Eagles fans attacked him, breaking his leg, tearing off his original GAY Indian costume and leaving him hospitalized. Fans donated money for his recovery. He never missed a game.”
>>Mister Irrelevant

Swoop would kick Chief Zee’s ass too.

Vote for Swoop!>>

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  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I go to nearly every Redskins home game and I have for the last eight years.  The only time I have EVER heard anyone ever mock an injured player at Fed-ex Field, it was by an idiot in an Eagles jersey sitting behind me.  I stood up, turned around, and shouted him down and the entire section (including some eagles fans) applauded.

    No, not every eagles fan is a thug.  There are plenty of good ones.  But there is a significant percentage of bad ones, and your bad ones tend to be worse than the bad ones from other teams.  You do your own fans a disservice by promoting violence on other fans in a humorous context.

    I’d also say that there’s a marked difference between labeling someone as fragile and wishing injury upon a player.  And calling McNabb “McChoke” has nothing at all to do with his injuries and everything to do with his superbowl and NFC East Championship performances.

    Furthermore, what some bears fan with a camera is going to experience has absolutely no bearing on what an NFC East rival with no camera and few friends or witnesses would experience.  Just like a Redskins fan in Green Bay probably isn’t going to experience as much grief as a Bears fan.  Or a Ravens fan in Pittsburgh. 

    The fact that you point to this as some sort of evidence while still holding fast to your beating-people-up-is-funny attitude is hypocracy at its finest.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    Oh, and Ian, the injured player in question was Shawn Springs. It later turned out he was fine, but at the time it looked like a serious injury.  The eagles fan said that he hoped it was career ending.

    Even though (unlike Michael Irvin) the injury turned out to be minor, I still remember that incident vividly and I still feel incensed about it. So you can just shut up about how we wouldn’t be talking about the Michael Irvin thing.  Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten as much media attention, but Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans would still know damn well what some of the lowest of the Eagles fans are capable of.

    And with irresponsible idiots like you quietly encouraging them and calling their antics funny, then defending their behavior and/or pretending that it’s not as bad as it really is…well you’re doing your own fan base a real disservice.

  • Staubach

    This was not an ordinary event that can be compared.

    If it was then why did the Eagles players say their disgust with their own fans, and the Mayor apologized for the City? Doesn’t that itself prove it was beyond “normal”?

    “Unspeakable, even for us,” proclaimed a headline in the Philadelphia Daily News.

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    GuyALL FANS cheer injuries. Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Patriots, Bears, Dolphins, etc. It does not matter what team you root for, there are fans who get enjoyment in seeing somebody they hate from the other team go down.

    Also I remember Shawn Springs getting jacked up by Josh Parry, and that was great. He knocked Springs the fuck out! I’ll never forget that hit, or Joe Theisman. He said ‘number 49 absoloosely puts him out’. It was the best play of Josh Parry’s career.

    The Eagles fan who was cheering clearly knows more about football than you do, and saw that Springs just got the wind knocked out of him. That is called a BIG TIME HIT! That is is what football fans love, and want to see every week. Do you expect fans to not enjoy the game? The guy got knocked on hi ass, and a fan wanted to heckle him for it. Where is the problem? Only you have an issue with it, because you probably thought he was actually injured.

    Staubach – “Unspeakable, even for us”, was an article headline. The Daily News has to sell papers somehow.

    I have no problem with how Irvin was treated, because of the way he acted. Irvin did a lot more than just wear a star on his helmet for Eagles fans to hate him. Trash talking, high stepping, taunting, stupid dances, egging on the fans, and extremely cocky attytude made the hatred level for him boil over the top. He earned that treatment through his own actions.

    Hate is a very strong word, and I HATE Michael Irvin.

    Now I will really tell you how I feel about what happened that day though.

    You can call me sick, classless, a jerk, scum, or whatever you want, but I still celebrate the day Michael Irvin left Veterans stadium on a stretcher.

    It cut a major jerkoff’s career short, and symbolizes the end of an era(90s Cowboys). To me Michael Irvin is a piece of shit, and I am a disappointed that he didn’t die that day.

    To this day I still pray for the worst to happen to him. I enjoyed when he got arrested AGAIN. I loved when ESPN fired him for racist comments. Anything bad that happens to that piece of shit deserves to be applauded.

  • dave

    i cant for dawkins or jr reed to nail owens. shit, you wanna hear some fans? these eaglehaters are gonna love that. take stock in kleenex.  Ian you are right bout all fans cheering injurys. i remember lindros getting knocked out at pittsburgh some 10 yrs ago. the fans there were howling. hell, even the penguins were high fiving each other. i remember cunningham hopping off the field in ny. the jet fans certainly were’nt holding their breath. i’m sure giant fans would’nt stoop to that level now would they? shit, philly fans fart loud and people start crying.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i personally hate joe theisman, i dispised him. i loathed him. i could’nt stand any thing about the little prick. but the day taylor shattered his leg, my stomach turned for him. i felt greif for him, and did not want to see it end for him that way. i BIG HIT is always great to see. knock him the fuck out we always say. but when someones career is over because of a devistating injury…..and to sit there and cheer about it is wrong…..it is just wrong. i wanted to see joe theisman get up from it to take another shot from someone. yeah i like a good piss your pants, knock your shoes off shot, but i’d like to see that player get up for another one, not layin there in a heap, till he’s removed in a stretcher. i think you philly fans have said it all with these last comments. we have said this all along, and now you guys have confirmed it loud and clear. you’re a classless bunch of worthless garbage of people that call yourself football fans???? you’re not football fans, cause what you said about irvins injury has NOTHING at all to do with football, it’s just pure BULLSHIT, that you philly fans are full of. and you won’t have to tell me to get the fuck out of here, cause thats done already.

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    Eagles Dave – I agree. TO will hopefully end his career just like Irvin. I can see it now. TO laying lifeless on the field of the Linc, after a vicious hit from Brian Dawkins. That would be the perfect final scene for his soap opera of a life.

    Dallas Dave – You might say you hate Theisman, but I don’t think you truly understand how much Irvin is hated. Osama Bin Laden is probably liked more than Michael Irvin is in Philadelphia.

    I understand he is one of your guys that you probably loved watching play, but unless you actually lived the early 90s as an Eagles fan you could never understand.

    You can be mad all you want, but the Eagles fans did not break Irvin’s neck, Bobby Taylor, Tim Hauck, and the Vet turf did. Eagles fans were just glad it happened.

  • Staubach

    But isn’t it sad when your own players were disappointed in the fans? And your Mayor felt a need to apologize?

    Remember it is still a game. It does not pay your bills. It does not fix anything. Humanity should come before sports.

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    First, not all fans cheer for injuries.  You can argue that there are fans of every team that cheer for injury, but not all fans cheer for them.  I don’t.  A lot of people don’t.  Reconsider your sentence structure the next time you try to write that out.

    Second, even if that’s true, that doesn’t give you license to support that activity.  All countries have murderers but that doesn’t mean I should support a Redskins fan stalking and killing McNabb because he wants the Eagles to lose.  Obviously if you can agree with that statement then you can agree that there’s a line that has to be drawn somewhere.  If you don’t agree with that statement, then you’re a sad pathetic little man who needs to re-evaluate his life.

    The only conclusion I can come up with is that you’re too immature to really understand what the hell you’re talking about. What are you, 20? 21?  It shows.

    Oh, and Ian…when you go to a game you don’t get the advantage of close up views and instant replays.  You see…you’re actually in the stands.  So saying that the person sitting behind me was more knowledgable because he said “I hope Shawn Springs is so hurt he never plays another down again in his life” not only does it not make any sense that he knew more than I did, but he couldn’t see any better than I could either.  So why don’t you shut the hell up you ignorant bastard?

  • steamroller78

    Who’s gonna take your place here Ian. Keep it up. Your Eagles readers are loving each comment you make. That’s why they don’t speak any longer because you are FLAT ASS STUPID!!! As a matter of fact, the Landry Hat, Riggo’s Rag, and everyone who has any sense at all will from now on will call you STUPID. That is being nice. What I want to say I will not, because I like talking to anyone that has any football smarts, but you? The internet makes you a big man right? No, it still makes you look STUPID. And you are STUPID. Hoping people have lifelong injuries? What the hell is that? You not only make yourself look STUPID, you breed hate. I am not biting on it, and I hope you can realize what you are doing. You had a good thing going on here, and I actually liked reading all the work you put in on this site. As a matter of fact, I thought you had the best mock draft anywhere, but now? Are you on crack? Do you need some help? If you do, speak now, because a couple more Stupid comments, we will not be listening anymore.

  • Love4DaStar

    Honestly guys anything u say to Ian is not getting through so let it be…maybe if dawkins is lying on the ground like he was last yr during that skins game and the results end up like irvin’s maybe then they’ll understand the irvin situation…maybe roy williams will horse collar the shit outta mcnabb again this season and it will do some real damage and he won’t come back from that kind of an injury…so I can’t really hate Ian for the way he feels cause if it happened to an eagles player I would feel the same way…but what I can say is that my negativity towards the eagle fans and their players came from that day at the vet in 99 when we saw the last of irvin…u cheered a man who was down w/ a serious injury, and who knows you might see your precious safety in that same situation one day, and if u see opposing fans cheer don’t get mad, just remember how u guys reacted to irvin.

  • number_9

    the sheagles are Al-queida’s favorite team.

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    Love4dastar – The difference is Brian Dawkins is a GREAT person. Michael Irvin is a loud mouth, cock sucking, criminal, crackhead, piece of garbage. If you cheered for such a loser then YOU are low class and scum. How can you cheer for a low life like that? Well I guess I shouldn’t ask that because Dallas is used to fielding teams full of convicts. You blindly cheer for the scum of the earth, because they have a star on the helmet.

    If you ask me Eagles fans did the right thing that day. A guy like that does not deserve to be in the NFL. He is one of the bad guys, and deserved everything that happened to him.

  • Love4DaStar

    so your saying i’m low class cause I cheered for irvin yet it was u guys who cheered such an injury, don’t get it twisted cause u are the one who is the scum of the earth and even worse is that u would like to see it happen to T.O. as well, and why? cause he wanted a better contract and u guys didn’t want to give it to him so he went to one of your rivals…GET OVER IT EAGLE FANS cause that happens all the time, players want better contracts and so they don’t stick w/ their team, so does that mean u want all players in that category to end up paralyzed in the middle of a football field?…and don’t gimme this garbage about irvin being a loud mouth cause he talked trash to everyone on the field who was his opponent…that’s the way it was cause he had passion for the game…who knew eagle fans were so damn sensitive when it came to some trash talk…maybe u didn’t like him cause he was good at abusing your secondary…who knows, and one last thing u mentioned before how class should not be involved in football and that u didn’t care if u were looked at as classless b/c of the nature of the sport, but yet u want to classify me as classless b/c I cheered for one of the best recievers who played this game…if class doesn’t matter then don’t try to classify others that way…see u guys in 08

  • Love4DaStar

    and just to clarify on irvin and his loud mouth, I was just pointing out that he talked trash to all teams not just philly

  • http://riggosrag.com/ Redskins Guy

    I don’t care if he was a “loud mouth, cock sucking, criminal, crackhead, piece of garbage” or not.  That you celebrate his injury and regret that he didn’t die from his injuries is either inflamatory and insincere or reprehensible and ignorant.  Either way it is irresponsible and it makes me embarrassed for you and your team and it makes me embarrassed to be associated with you via the Fan-sided network.