Documentary Dispels Eagles Fans Negative Reputation

Last year a Chicago Bears fan decided to film his experience at a Bears Eagles game in Philadelphia. The basic idea of the video, is to really see if he would get killed by Eagles fans wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey at the Linc.

The home made film starts off bashing Eagles fans, and basically listing off every unfair negative stereo type of an Eagle fan you ever heard. Most of this nonsense comes from some douche bag radio jockey named Evan Roberts. He characterizes Eagles fans as ‘crazy, psycho, violent, drunks’. What else would expect from a New York Muts fan?

Despite the warning given by Evan(asshole) and others, the film maker Sami decides to go on with the trip. He first makes a stop to Baltimore to pick up his good friend who is an Eagles fan, and they then make their way to Philadelphia.

Once they arrived at the Linc, they took part in some good tailgating, and Sami got his fair share of the “asshole chant”.  For those who don’t know any fans wearing an opposing fans jersey get greeted with the chant of “assss-hole… assss-hole”. This is done all in fun, and is more playful than threatening. Sami describes it as ’70 thousand middle fingers’.

Outside of the asshole chant, nothing bad happened to Sami. The “mean Philadelphia thugs” drank beer with Sami, shook his hand, talked football, and joked with him. Sami was not beaten up, he did not have his life threatened, and he did not leave with any scars, bumps, or bruises. He left Philadelphia with a great experience, and a true respect for Eagles fans.

Let’s hope this can show people assholes like Evan Roberts that Philadelphia fans are not crazy, violent drunks.

It’s time to put an end to this lousy myth. Here is Sami’s journey to Philadelphia for the 2007 Eagles Bears game.

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  • Redskins Guy

    As I said in my other post, what some bears fan with a camera is going to experience has absolutely no bearing on what an NFC East rival with no camera and few friends or witnesses would experience.  Just like a Redskins fan in Green Bay probably isn’t going to experience as much grief as a Bears fan would.  Or a Ravens fan in Pittsburgh. 

  • jd

    um…anyone tell this guy he isn’t raul duke (hunter thompson)?

  • Ian

    Guy - That’s bull shit. I was at the Eagles Cowboys game last year, with my ex girlfriend who is a huge Cowboys fan(not sure what I was thinking. She was sporting a white and blue number 81 TO Cowboys jersey, and had little stars painted on her face.

    Did she get a lot of shit for the jersey? Yes she did, but we still had a great time(she did more than me since the Eagles got their ass kicked). Nothing went beyond words, and the people that actually stayed around us for a few minutes, talked football and were friendly.

    This entire Eagles fan reputation is a few incidents magnified over an 80 year period of time. Most of the stories you hear are exaggerations, or just overblown. Some people still bring up the booing of Santa. That happened 50 years ago! People need to get over that shit!

    You need to come to an Eagles game and see for yourself. It is only a short trip up 95, and I promise you that you will be fine.

  • thelandryhat

    Ian, Guy is right. Bears vs Eagles? Give me a break. A girl wearing a Cowboys jersey? Please.

    That video dispels nothing. When you got a stadium of scum who cheers when a player has a life-threatening injury, that’s disgusting. And it wasn’t long ago. All of those fans are still alive, still attend the games, and are still Eagles fans. That’s scum of the Earth in my opinion. Did you laugh when they cheered that injury? Tell me what you did when you watched that.

  • Redskins Guy

    Ian, you don’t seem to even comprehend the concept of statistics.  It works both ways.  You can’t say that a small number of isolated bad experiences don’t count and then offer up one random girl’s isolated good experience as proof that the Eagles are really all sweet nice guys. 

    Even you have repeatedly on this very web site tend to offer unconvincing disclaimers like “If you go in wearing your jersey and you don’t talk trash or pick fights, and you don’t mind being called an asshole repeatedly, make no sudden movements, make no eye contact, and can accept getting anally raped as a fun family-oriented tradition that builds character, then you can PROBABLY can get through the game without getting beat up.”

    Are there examples of people who went to Eagles games who didn’t have any problems at all? Sure.  That doesn’t mean that your stadium isn’t more prone to have incidents and that the incidents that do happen on the whole tend to be more serious than at other stadiums.  

    The fact that you condone any sort of violence among fans at all really ends this debate.  Until that changes, you are just being a hypocrite and a bad role model for other Eagles fans.  You’re being one of the examples that makes the other, good eagles fans look bad by association.

  • Love4DaStar

    Had it been a guy at the Linc w/a T O jersey then it probably would have been completly different…now frankly I don’t care cause I would still go to the Linc w/ a dallas jersey…it’s part of the territory to take some sort of abuse when walking in with an opposing teams jersey, especially when it’s a dallas jersey in philly…but u guys are still the same ones who cheered Irvin’s career ending injury at the vet in 99…even more classless was when the ambulance came out the fans cheered harder…so being a bears fan walking into the Linc or being a female walking in their w/ a dallas jersey is not quite the same

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  • thelandryhat

    he runs, but he cannot hide

  • Ian

    Guy – The stats are that the amount of negative incidents that happen at an Eagles game are less than 1% of the 65,000 fans there. Majority of the people there go to enjoy the game, and have fun. There is a very small amount of people who get too drunk, and can’t help but do something stupid.

    There is no stadium in the NFL that does not have these things happen. I don’t care of you go to Texas Stadium, Qwest Field, FedEx, Paul Brown, Giants Stadium, Heinz Field, Gillette, Reliant, or the Linc. All football games will have some incidents happen. The only difference is they do not get publicized the same way Philadelphia does. It is an unfair reputation that has stuck around long enough.

  • Milos

    You know what.So what.It is crazy to even think that this is bad.Come in Europe or South America and feel it.This is stupid.I live in USA I love Eagles but this is just funny.

  • Redskins Guy

    First, I love how you quote a stat that makes it seem small but then don’t post what the average percentage of negative incidents within the NFL are. I’m willing to bet that’s well below average.  Where did you get that statistic anyway?

    Just to put it in another perspective, you’re saying that there’s around SIX THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED incidents each and every week at Eagles games.  That’s not a small number of Eagles fans, and that’s just the ones who A. Can afford tickets and are attending that particular game, B. reported to the police and C. Caught.  Those are only incidents that are serious enough that security and law enforcement gets involved. 

    I’m not suggesting that there aren’t bad fans in other teams too. There are bad fans at every stadium and every game.  There’s also a higher percentage of them at Eagles games.  Stop trying to dress up the numbers and show some real statistics and back them up with links or shut the hell up.

  • Redskins Guy

    Milos your argument is absurd.  It amounts to “Oh there are people in the world who are worse than us, so that makes it okay.”  It’s not okay.  Just because people are killed in riots regularly at some events abroad doesn’t make it acceptable for someone to cheer for a seriously injured person or to beat up a fan for wearing the wrong color jersey.

    That’s like saying that people are silly to worry about  Pneumonia because Cancer is much worse.  So people behave EVEN MORE POORLY somewhere else;  it doesn’t make the behavior of the Eagles fans in question any less offensive.

  • chris

    hey redskins guy, you are an idiot…one percent of 65,000 is 650 not 6,500.  considering you cant do simple math how can we take anything else you type with value? 

  • Redskins Guy

    The New York Times did a piece on the violence that takes place during Philly games.  They also mentioned several specific incidents witnessed by many people that never made it to the official security report.  People were told that they would be contacted by security and it never happened.

    I did some research. The fact of the matter is, there are no reliable statistics on NFL fan violence because it’s bad for the NFL to publish those reports.  Any statistics you can scrape together are never separated by violent crime versus theft versus lewd behavior or whatever.  And they’re only the statsitics of events that the stadium saw fit to report.  The stadium, the NFL, and the city of Philadelphia all have a vested interest in avoiding any more black eyes to its reputation so you’re not going to see any valid studies.

    So Ian, when you say that it’s just a few bad apples and that your stadium is no different than any other, you’re really just guessing. The truth is that you don’t know how your fan behavior compares to mine.  You’re just guessing.  And unless you and your companions are among the bad fans spreading bad experiences, you probably have very little personal experience with any of this.

    On the other hands, we have to put up with Eagles fans of all shapes and sizes.  Unlike you Ian, we attract their ire.  Eagles fans that would cheer alongside you or drink a beer with you might throw beer bottles  — or punches — at me, and you’d never know the difference.

    So you’re not really a very good judge of how your fans treat other fans except where it involves yourself and your friends.  Since I am willing to conceed that many (even most) Eagles fans are non-violent and will not start a fight unless provoked, your personal experience doesn’t amount to much because you’re simply one of the not-bad ones. 

    On the other hand, Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants fans have a better perspective since they’re the ones who will be targeted by the bad elements.  So we’re in a much better position than you are to make that call.  I can say with confidence that I’ve come closest to violence with Eagles fans and I’ve never come close to that with any other team’s fans.  I can say that I’ve experienced far more bad experiences from Eagles fans than any other team. 
    All of this leads me to conclude that…

    Your fan base has a larger percentage of shitheads than most NFL teams and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Redskins Guy

    Oh, and here’s the new york times article if you care.

    Here’s another article from the San Diego Union-Tribune talking about how they deliberately do not track fan violence.

  • Redskins Guy

    You’re right. My math sucks and I was tired.  I’ll own up to it when I fuck up. Beyond that everything else I said is dead on. And 650 assholes is still a large number considering it’s just the people who commit an action serious enough to warrant a report.

    If Ian approves the links I posted, there’s a site that talks abut how there are no actual stats or records kept of various crimes committed in a stadium, so any math I did was based on numbers Ian more or less pulled out of his ass anyway.  Prove me wrong Ian and site your sources for the numbers you quoted.

  • Ian

    Thanks Chris. Nice site BTW.

    Guy – I was given this information by a family friend of mine who is a Philadelphia Police Officer. Now this is going by his word, and most likely only includes incidents that lead to arrests. If an incident was not reported then it probably was nothing anyways.

    Gimme a break with that lame article too. A Giants fan gets punched in the face(i am sure that punk kid did nothing at all right?), and now Philadelphia is nothing but violent thugs. THIS STUFF HAPPPENS AT EVERY NFL STADIUM!

    The fact the writer uses a quote from Michael Irvin shows he is obviously just a Giants fan trying to make Eagles fans look bad. He brought up a jail in the basement too, how typical. I am surprised he didn’t go Santa like every other dumb ass writer does. What a ridiculous article made by a friggin Eagles hater(Giants fan).

  • Redskins Guy

    Allow me to translate that last post from Ian-speak:

    Guy — I was given this information by some random friend who says he knows what he was talking about.  I’m going to say he’s a police officer because that will make it sound almost legitimate.  That neither of us know jack shit or have any valid sources to back us up won’t stop me from trying to pass this off as legitimate information.  And as everyone knows, all serious crimes are always reported to the police right away, and the police always make arrests, so this statistic that my friend made up should be quite accurate.  If it wasn’t reported and didn’t lead to an arrest, it must not have been important anyway!
    “Gimme a break on that lame article too.  Everyone knows that the New York times sucks.  Why can’t you quote an article from a prominant less-biased source like chris’s website   Also, anyone from New York must have deserved to be punched in the face; they’re FROM NEW YORK after all!  Everyone from new york should be punched in the face! And why do you idiots say that we philly fans are so violent? Violence exists outside of Philadelphia and therefore by definition violence must be the same everywhere else.  THIS STUFF HAPPENS AT EVERY NFL STADIUM!
    “The fact that the writer dares to quote someone who had a negative experience with Eagles fans shows that they are biased against Eagles fans.  I am surprised he didn’t bring up the santa incident in 1968

    “Or that beer sales had to be banned for two games after “Bounty Bowl II” in 1989.

     ” Or the ’97 Monday Night Football game that was so embarrassing that the city of Philadelphia assigned a municipal court judge. 

    “Or in 1999 when Philly fans threw batteries at people.

    “Or when Philly fans cheered while Michael Irvin lay paralized on the ground.

    “But really, the fact that all these incidents have been glorified is just unfair.  They’re just examples that have been blown out of proportion.  Nothing out of line with what you’d see anywhere else (though I have yet to show any examples of other cities that do anything that comes close to this).  Any reporter that says otherwise must be biased. Any Philly reporter that says otherwise is just a minority opinion. Any opinion that deviates from mine is wrong. No, I don’t have any facts or evidence to back my stance but I just know that it’s the same everywhere else.  It has to be, because every other city must be just as shitty as Philly, right? Right???”

  • phiglesphan

    Batteries in 99?  Post more info on that because every other thing you mentioned above is pointless bullshit not related to the topic at hand. HBO’s Inside the NFL featured a stadium this PAST SEASON for fan violence… wanna guess which one it was. It was the NJ Giants beloved Ghettolands.   Only stadium I personally have been afraid for my safety in. Fedex field when my GF and I got chased by 3 drunked A-holes threatening to kick our asses for having audacity to ask them for directions in their stadium. Do I blame ALL giants fans and ALL redskin’s fans? NOPE. Do I realize that ALL teams and all stadiums can have A-hole’s in them looking for trouble. You bet your ass I do.

  • Redskins Guy

    Firing a flare gun into the stands is bullshit? Okaaay.

    As for the batteries, I doublechecked and it was Phillies fans at the Vet who did this. So I guess technically it wasn’t eagles fans.  The quote is:

    “Two years later, fans threw D-Cell batteries at St. Louis Cardinals outfielder J.D. Drew after he spurned the Phillies’ offer to play with them, and wound up going back into the draft and picked by the Redbirds.”

    The source is

    Again, nobody is claiming that there aren’t shitty, violent fans everywhere. The claim is that there are a higher percentage of them in Philly, and that the shitty fans who ARE there tend to be worse off.  The vast majority of eagles fans are fine.  But in my experience your bad apples are more common and tend to be worse than at other places.

    That Ian wants to see football players dead or paralized or crippled for life only reinforces this stereotype, which is why I say over and over again that he is doing a huge disservice to all of you eagles fans.

  • Cooltropic

    Well hey Landryhat, it’s guy’s like you who need to stay the
    Fuck out of Philly then and it’s also guys like you who deserve to get there ass kicked when you do show up, you wanna know why?….. because you deserve it.
    Any resonable person whould know these thing happen everywhere in every stadium to one degree or another, are we somewhat over the top on game day? hell yeah!, and you would be hard pressed to find a single fan in Philly who isn’t proud of that the fact that we are serious about it but enough with the Bullshit.