Dear Dallas Cowboys Fans

I would like to write an apology to all of the Dallas Cowboys fans in the world. I see that I recently upset many of you with my comments regarding your favorite wide receiver Michael Irvin. I have offended many of you, and I was wrong for doing so. I really hope that this does not break up the great relationship that Eagles fans and Dallas Cowboys fans been building over the years.

The NFC East is the best division in the NFL, and there should not be so much hate between us. We all have very passionate fan bases, and we should respect each other for that. We all share the common bond of having a love for football, and the heated battles the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins have are always the best.

I recently had a revelation that I was not doing the right thing by accepting violence, and continuing to applaud Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin’s career ending injury. That was not right of me. Michael Irvin was a great NFL wide receiver, and I should respect him as a human being. Injuries to any player should never be applauded, or enjoyable to any fan base.

To all I have offended, I hope we can repair this damaged relationship. Dan from The Landry Hat, Guy from Riggo’s Rag, steamroller78, Giantsrule, Egg-Holes-Suck, Love4dastar, Staubach, number_9, davedallasfan, and anybody else I offended.

I am wrong on this one, and I am truly sorry for my despicable words.







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  • Redskins Guy

    There’s a reason you guys are the only ones in the division without a superbowl champion. It’s called karma.

  • thelandryhat

    Jesus Christ. This is just disgusting. I nearly puked. You ugly ugly ugly person

  • liketopukeinlandryhat

    hey dandyhat…..I’m guessing any hit in pro football makes you tinkle in your underoos

  • MoonDog

    Having played football and seen several serious injuries, I’d suggest you stay away from making light of anyone being injured.

    I realize Eagle fans are hard core but they seem to read too much into the rep as being the toughest fans in the NFL. That’s great, but being tough in the stands and being tough on the field aren’t comparable.

    I’m all for talking trash and having fun, but stepping over the line by joyfully reacting to a serious injury – dude – don’t do that again.

  • liketopukeinlandryhat

    the eagles fans reacting to Irvin’s injury at the time didn’t realize it was as serious as hindsight tells us. guys go down all the time from injuries. Irvin was a hated part of the Cowboy’s team. Mixed with emotion and probably some alcohol…..booing Michael Irvin is what you get!!

  • thelandryhat

    BULL SHIT. Irvin laid on the field for 15 minutes and was carried out on a stretcher. Everyone in that damn stadium new how serious the injury was you piece of shit. This just proves a huge point: Why Don’t The Eagles Have A Super Bowl championship? WHY?

  • Tonygreeneagle

    Im the BIGGEST E-A-G-L-E-S Fan in Texas, Im 31 yrs old and I’ve been a BIRD!!!!!!Since I was 4 yrs old, my family hates me because I like the EAGLES. The Cowgirls, The Pinkskins, and the Little kids, deserve everything that comes after them. I wish you could see how the Cowgirl fans brag about their supperbowl rings, I really dont care how many rings none of them have, cuz everythime they play Da BIRDS, they always come up with a EXCUSE that they lost and by the way Michael “I” deserved It cuz he was his status to get away with the things that he was doing. Now days, he is a changed man, his injury was for the Good of Him. Everything has a purpose in this life.

  • liketopukeinlandryhat

    hey dandyhat…..Because Eagles ownership has been either too cheap or too incompetent to find the last piece of the puzzle to create a championship team for the recent years. What do you think God doesn’t give the Philadelphia Eagles more championships because we boo opponents (coke sniffing, mink wearing, $h1t talking, arrogant punks). That’s logical….where do you get your information: John Hagee?

    And we have won NFL championships, look it up dummy. Call it a superbowl or call it a championship, it’s all the same…’s just a case of which word to use.

    The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game for 12 years. We’ve been perpetual winners, and playoff winners for the past 8-9 years. We’ll get some more championships, don’t worry.

    Do you wear the landry hat when you’re squatting in the john. Next time, use it as the john. Which of these words do you want to use: “Poo poo stew” or “Dallas Dumplings”?

  • http://landryhat liketopissinlincstadium


  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i can see your very sorry, kiss my ass

  • liketopukeinlandryhat

    listen you dallas cowboys cock-a-roaches…’re on eagles home soil right now, so shut your lips….maybe stick ‘em on each other’s asses.

  • thelandryhat

    Ian, take this post down. What has gotten in to you?

  • Ian

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I knew this would get Cowgirls fans pissed off.

  • Tiddy16

    Sorry but i love that they put this up, it doesnt actually hurt us cowboys fans in the least, its in the past.  All it does is show what pieces of shit the eagles fans are, i love it.  Man i cant wait till this season so we can watch the cowboys just manhandle this should be arena football team while Ian sits home and rubs one out to the McSissy photos.

  • JamieB

    I’m a die-hard Eagles fan, but I can’t support any fan that celebrates a players injury. If that makes me a sissy or whatever, then I guess that’s what I am. I’d rather have our best players on the field playing the best that the other team has to offer. Many of the Dallas fans are correct. This makes Eagles fans look like jackasses, other than that, I’m not sure I see the point.

  • Good4UIrvin

    LMAO!!!! ahahahaha…..WAHHH WAHHHH bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  • steamroller78

    JamieB, Finally!, an Eagles fan with a backbone. It took long enough to find you. It’s nice to know your out there.
    Standing up for what is right doesn’t make you a sissy. Backing down makes you a sissy, and you are dead right. Stupid is a jackass. He proved that to me when he laughed and gave us visuals of his buddy beating on the elderly. He’s a puss. The Michael Irvin stuff is just icing on the cake. He knows he is wrong and can’t stand being called out on it. So, that makes you the first Eagles fan, several Cowboys fans, a couple of Giants fans, and even some Skins fans. I’d say that proves the point. YOU ARE WRONG IAN. This crap is about YOU and not the Eagles or the Eagles fans. Only you.

  • Redskins Guy

    Thank you JamieB. I hate the cowboys and I hate that I have to stand up for them.  But the fact of the matter is, celebrating any injury is wrong. Cheering for injury or death is wrong.  It’s cruel and pathetic and immoral and plenty of other things that Ian clearly will never comprehend.  It’s nice to know that not all Eagles fans are as foolish as he is. 

  • Tracer Bullet

    Football fans are hypocrites. We love this game for the strategy, yes, but mostly for the violence. So cheering for this particular play makes Ian in this instance a monster. What about the other hits? The hits that left the victim pissing blood two days later or too dizzy to get out of bed the next day? We cheer for those hits and never give it a second thought. Are those of us who cheer then any better than Ian now simply because Irvin lay on the field and the other guy collapsed in the locker room? Every hit brings these guys closer to the end, whether or not he’s carted off the field.

    I played football for a long time and the greatest joy I got was crushing an opponent. A blindside kill shot that left an opposing running back groaning and mumbling incoherently? If I could put that in a needle I’d be high everyday. Did I want the guy to play next week? Sure. And if he didn’t? Tough shit, Chuckles. You buy your ticket, you take your chances. He’d have done the same to me.

    This is blood sport, pure and simple. We cheer for men who willingly trade years of their lives for our amusement. So don’t pretend that cheering when, say, DeMarcus Ware piledrives Eli Manning into the turf but pissing and moaning about that picture of Irvin somehow makes you morally superior.

  • Redskins Guy

    Nice try Tracer.  Your point might be valid normally, but let me repeat a quote Ian wrote in the comments of the swoop mascott article.  He’s not enjoying the hit at all. He’s praying for a man’s serious injury and hoping that man dies. It has nothing to do with the hit and everything to do with the results of the hit. I added the underlines for emphasis. Everything else is pure Ian.

    Ian wrote: “You can call me sick, classless, a jerk, scum, or whatever you want, but I still celebrate the day Michael Irvin left Veterans stadium on a stretcher.
    It cut a major jerkoff’s career short, and symbolizes the end of an era(90s Cowboys). To me Michael Irvin is a piece of shit, and I am a disappointed that he didn’t die that day.
    To this day I still pray for the worst to happen to him. I enjoyed when he got arrested AGAIN. I loved when ESPN fired him for racist comments. Anything bad that happens to that piece of shit deserves to be applauded.”

    This is malice, pure and simple.  It is wishing physical harm and death upon someone else.  It is a perfect example of why Eagles fans have such a bad reputation. 

  • Redskins Guy

    Huh. The underlines didn’t show after all. Ignore that comment then.  I think you can figure out which parts are worth emphasis anyway.  Any eagles fan who supports this sort of attitude or tries to defend it is just plain stupid.  I find it disgusting that I have to rise up and defend a stinking cowboy, but this goes beyond team loyalty. 

    If I heard a Redskins fan saying this kind of shit, I would do everything in my power to disassociate my team and myself from that person.

  • don5

    ahh don’t give a fuck cowgirls and redgays  go to hell keep hating we love it hate hate hate even when we are last in the division they hate thats call greatness



  • TheFranchise

    Even as a Cowboys fan for 33 years, it is not my place to show up here to cuss, belittle, or continue pouring gas on the flame war you’ve created. But, as a fan of the NFL, and the amazing tradition that lies behind that awe-inspiring shield, and the players who promote it, I appreciate this opportunity to come here and at least say my peace in what will hopefully be a constructive fashion.

    It is such a disturbing thing to know that anyone can be so dark as to wish for harm, cheer for injury, and pray for death…regarding any player simply because he is on an opposing team. Rivalries are great. But those rivalries are between the teams, given that they are the ones doing the work. As fans, we cheer and we jeer, but we should never sink so low as to actually hope for and applaud any serious injury. What exactly is accomplished by doing so? That was rhetorical, by the way. It does not require an actual response.
    If you are a true man, at this point you must choose one of two roads. 1, be consistant…by cheering as loudly at the injury that nearly left Kevin Everett paralyzed…dancing a jig in honor of Joe Theisman getting his leg broke…and cutting loose with a backflip into a cartwheel over the Jets’ Dennis Byrd getting partially paralyzed. Not because any of them are or are not a “piece of shit”…but because they are on teams other than the Eagles…which is your true motive. Or is it that you just hate Dallas? No, that’s not narrow minded at all. 2, admit that you are nothing more than a monster-in-training, who gets his jollies off on the misfortune and injury of those who find themselves in opposition to your agenda…for one reason or another.

    No movement can truly prosper when it is born out of hate. Whether that be in the “real world” or in football. Hate, for the sake of hating alone, is a wasted prospect, and should be an abandoned mindset at all costs. But I will admit, hate, and the painstaking effort of spewing it, will at least get you some attention. So…you scratch your own back, in a sense. How sophomoric of you. 

    Support and applaud your teams successes. Revel in their history and tradition. But don’t hate on, and cheer for injury or death of players on opposing teams, regardless of the pathetically vile nature you appear to display. And by qualifying that statement with the word “appear”, I am at least trying to give you the benefit of the doubt…something that you have no apparent interest in doing for anyone else. 

    I just hope that one day, should you ever find yourself in a serious life altering situation, that there is someone there to help pick you back up, and help build you back up…instead of kicking you while you’re down, and then gleefully cheering for your perpetual misery…and / or death.   

    Carry on.

  • Tiddy16

    Well said, i would’ve just called him a douche bag.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    jamieb, my oppollogies to you and any of the other loyal eagle fans that DON”T condone this behavior., but to those of you who do along with ian; kiss my ass

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ian, i thought you were a decent guy. i came on here and gave you kudos for rinning a good site, and having good football debate and banter among fans no matter of what team. i’m sorry i was wrong. ian, i can insult you all i want, but you just won’t get it. why ian???? all i can say as one fan to another is not insults, but just hurt and disappointment in you. you let all of us GOOD football fans down, and most importantly embarrassed and belittled yourself of any dignity. that my friend you will have to live with, because wriiten words can’t be taken back. i feel real bad that now i know that all that knowledge that you posses is wasted on hate. sorry, man

  • gubers33

    You are all retarded and too young to actually be there so I will tell you what actually happened.  The booing was NOT  because Irvin got hurt if you want to be mad at someone for that occuring when Irvin got hurt then you should blame your boy Deion Sanders. Deion Sanders was running up the sidelines mocking Eagles fans while this was going on. So learn the story before you talk about it. WE WERE NOT BOOING IRVIN! This is like the Santa Claus and snowballs thing few people know the actual reasoning behind it.

  • phiglesphan

    I’m an Eagle’s fan. I found the post HILARIOUS.  The pic underscoring the serious sounding apology was delicious irony and a great eagles blog. I also HATED IRVING as a player, a Cowboy, a criminal, a bad commentary guy, etc.   I would not go as far to say I want him dead but I am SO glad he’s out of football. What kills me most about this thread is the moral superiority and judgments on Ian’s character so many of you make for what was clearly intended to be a funny internet post.

  • Staubach

    Amazing to me how people can so easily condemn a person without knowing their life’s circumstances. Acting like drunk idiots and beating people up is fine. You guys are just abusing different drugs

  • Tiddy16
  • dave

    the man apologized. and some of you classless people still critize him? shame on you, your heart has just as much hate in it as you accuse all eagle fans. i was at that game. yes, the hit was cheered…loudly! but when sanders started to dance the voodoo dance around irvan, we all started to laugh. sorry, thats what happened. i dont remember anything that would make me feel guilty as a fan. but ofcourse you haters will say i was standing on my chair yelling “i hope you die” just like everyone else.

  • dave

    i dont know if i get a mulligan, i did not see the gotcha below the photo. i will say that you eagles haters do have right to respond, but you know what? where do you cowboys fan get off on high horse? you can bash other people morals while your team owner is covering a player who’s an accessory to murder. and thats your team your gonna hang your hat on? you wanna judge morals?

  • Redskins Guy

    Well Dave, Ian is standing on his chair right now shouting “I hope Michael Irvin Dies!”  That’s exactly what he’s doing and that’s exactly why people are so upset.  I don’t think I would be nearly as pissed if the host of this web site wasn’t the one spewing the violence and hatred. 

    As for pointing fingers, saying “Well you’re bad too” doesn’t justify bad behavior.  It just means that other people have faults as well.  Personally, I’m more than happy to say that Eagles AND Cowboys are scumbags, but that’s just me. :)

  • Woz

    And we have won NFL championships, look it up dummy. Call it a superbowl or call it a championship, it’s all the same…’s just a case of which word to use.

    NY Giants (7): 1927, 1934, 1938, 1956, 1986 (SB XXI), 1990 (XXV), 2007 (XLII)
    Dallas (5): 1971 (SB VI), 1977 (SB XII), 1992 (SB XXVII), 1993 (SB XXVIII), 1995 (SB XXX)
    Washington (5): 1937, 1942, 1982 (SB XVII), 1987 (SB XXII), 1991 (SB XXVI)

    Philadelphia (3): 1948, 1949, 1960

    Every other team in the division has at least three Super Bowl victories to their name.  Every other team has at least five championships to their name.

    Keep celebrating that 1960 win though.

    The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game for 12 years. We’ve been perpetual winners, and playoff winners for the past 8-9 years.

    While I have enjoyed the Cowboys playoff woes, I would point out that while you are playoff winners in six of your last eight years (not “for the past 8-9 years”) , you have only been to the playoffs once in the past three years.

    We’ll get some more championships, don’t worry.

    I guess the obvious question is: when?  That big 5-0 is approaching quickly.

  • Staubach

    Dave, if you makes you feel better I thought he was serious the first time I read it too. But I should have known better than to think an Eagle fan could be nice ;-) Just kidding.

    I think you are mixing apples and oranges in your rationization. Cheering for players to get hurt is a little different from owner signing a bad character. We are talking about the behavior of fans, not the players or owners in this debate. Eagles fans seem to forget that the Irvin incident made the newspaper and Mayor apologize, as well as even the Eagle players unhappy with the reaction. That does not happen by accident. I have stated that one incident does not automatically paint a dark brush on the fandom itself, but all this site does is magnify my negative stereotypes of the general Eagle fan (not all of course).

    As for Pacman not all fans were happy at the signing. The only rationization we have is he must finally change or be kicked off the NFL for good. So nobody is defending his former actions as some here are defending the fans reaction.

  • Staubach

    correction: rationalization(2)

    spelling flubs :-(

  • Staubach
  • BleedinGreen


    I just imagine the cowfolk double take across monitors everywhere in the US.

    I salute you sir. I salute you.

  • Giantsrule

    You forgot to write that the Giants ARE the best in the East, the rest of will be lucky to get a Wild Card. All your QBs cannot win the big one. McFlab is done, and Romo is still has a high school mentality with his stupid hat on backwards. So keep offending with words you gross Eagles fans as the East is our bitch. Eli is the only winner in the div

  • Redskins Guy

    Enjoy your success while you can Giantsrule.  Even a broken clock gets it right twice a day.  It was just your time to get it right. 

  • Giantsrule

    Skins man. QB’s win games. Other than us, noboby has proven they have a mature winner. Until that changes, we are the best team. Our guy is totally dedicated to football.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    giantsrule, eli did’nt win that game. he made the right play when he had to, granted, but did you see the catch that was made down field????? without that eli is still holding paytons shoes for him. and your D got you there anyway, so yeah eli was in the right place at the right time. eli is a good young and rising star in the nfl. he has a great pedigree to say the least. but come on, mcnabb, and romo, and even campbell have the skill to do what eli did. we all know what a D means to a championship!!!!!! ask elway, ask marino, ask unitas, ask kelly, ask tarkenton……so don’t give me any shit about how great eli is……remember he plays on a TEAM

  • Giantsrule

    Then why have Romo, McFlab, and Cambell won one? Intangebles. Of course you need a defense, but what you call luck I call putting yourself in a position to get lucky. I really do not the “it” factor in the other QBs. Your guy Romo reminds me of a suburban teenager with his hat on backwards driving his mothers car, playing rap, like he is a rebel without a clue. talented? Sure, but you need something else to win. Leadership. That is what puts you in a position to get lucky. I just do not see top level leadership in the rest of the division. All I hear is talk, but no action on the field proving me wrong yet. I will just wait and see

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    leadership???? are you kidding me???? romo was an indrafted freeagent that was signed off the practice squad and took the job away from drew bledsoe. he owns the huddle and his boys play for him. he gets the job done, and his team mates respect his work ethic and drive. yeah he made some young and growing mistakes, but this kid can flat out play, and intangebles seem to be on his side. eli was the first player taken in his draft and had pedigree comin out of his ass, and was a crybaby and did’nt want to play for sandeigo???? come on, talk about immature?????tomlinson is still pissed about it…..where he was drafted he should be a winner. he was supposed to. who in their right mind ever thought romo would be a star in this league other then a few coaches and romo himself, and ofcorse an owner willing to chance it on him. so you talk about leadership. put me in the game with a kid with his kind of tenasity any day of the week and i’ll play my ass off for him too. thats leadership my friend

  • Giantsrule

    He did come a long way, but all I have seen is him melting down at the end of the year. He was yelling at his teamates during the game and he seems immature off the field.

    Glad you like him, but he has not proven he can win the big game. Until he does that all the praise is just words.
    To clarify, I never said the other QBs were bad, just that so far none have gone the distance but our guy. Do they have what it takes? Show me. Talk is cheap. If he wins the big one I will change my tune. Could start with putting his hat on right instead of acting like a teen

  • Redskins Guy

    Trent Dilfer was a superbowl winning quarterback. Unless you’re suggesting that he also is a great quarterback, then your “Eli-Manning-Must-Be-Great-Because-He-Has-A-Ring” theory has a few holes in it.

  • Clinton Wharton

    The Star Fairies are a joke.  Part these feathers and lick these NUTS, ROMO-HOMOS

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    say clinton warthog, did you say you have warts on your nuts?????