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Westbrook Fires His Agent

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Brian Westbrook has decided to follow Lito Sheppard, and has fired his current agent Fletcher Smith. Westbrook has to wait 5 days before he can sign with another agent, and the word is he will actually sign with Lito’s former agency All Pro Sports & Entertainment.

Westbrook is not happy with his current contract. Here is what he said on the matter.

“When I signed my contract with the Eagles 2½ years ago, they paid me for the level of play I was playing at the time,” Westbrook said. “I’m not at that level no more. I’m at a higher level of play. There’s no question about that. The numbers don’t lie. My numbers have steadily increased from that point until now. Now, I’m at the point where I’m one of the elite backs in the NFL, and I should be compensated that way.”

While I do understand Westbrook’s point, I also know that he was very happy to sign this contract when he did. In fact this is what Brian said back on November 7th, 2005.

“I’m glad to have an opportunity to continue my career in Philadelphia,” Westbrook said in a statement Sunday. “I’ve worked very hard to put myself in a position to receive a long-term contract and I’m glad the Eagles have recognized my talents and dedication to this team.”

The problem with just tearing up his contract, and giving him a new deal is that once you give him a new deal, you have half the team lined up wanting to tear their contracts up. Guys like Shawn Andrews, Trent Cole, Sheldon Brown, and others will want their pay increase as well.

People give the argument that a player can be cut anytime, but how about the player who does not live up to his contract. Should the Eagles be allowed to go back to Jevon Kearse, and ask for some of that 16 million signing bonus back? They can’t do that, and Westbrook can’t expect to get a new deal. You liked the deal when you signed it, now it is time to live with it.

If Westbrook is that strapped for cash, maybe he should use his “elite status” to bring in some more endorsements. I am sure Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, or Visa would like to use Brian to sell their product.

I can’t see Lito or Westbrook actually going as far as holding out. The Eagles have historically played hard ball with these type of situations, and will fine players for every day of training camp that they miss. I also can not see the Eagles caving in on any contract demands. They just do not do business that way, and at most they would only be willing extend these players current contracts.

We’ll find out how this will turn out soon enough, because training camp starts.

Let the rocky off season begin.

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  • Dave

    I actually am not to opposed to the Eagles restructuring both players contracts, call it an extension, whatever. Westbrook definitely deserves to be a top paid back, Lito should be given a performance based contract. Play a full season and perform well, get paid Lito! Until he can play a full season though, I would not make him a top paid CB.

  • The Dirty Bird

    Westbrook is a great player but he has no business looking to do anything to the Eagles. This team has stuck with him through how many injuries before he finally became an “elite” player. He is really good player but still a bad fall, hit or twist to become his old injury plagued self. Brian they stuck with you now you need to stick with your contract.

    The Bird Speaks

  • theMBIIIeffect

    They know Philly’s stance on restructuring deals, so they’re both making moves to try to get outta town. They just want a ring, so they’ve got to get out of Philly. It’s that simple.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ha funny as hell. thats why the eagles will never win. because they do just what ian said. they take a hard stance on negotiating, and players know it. well, players want to be on a winner, and they only have so long a window to do so. westbrook ain’t gettin any younger, and those injuries will start to last longer every time. he wants to win now, and he wants to be paid for layin his ass on the line for a team that seems not willing to do what it takes to bring a winner there. why do you think everyone wants to play in dallas. because jerry will do what it takes to make his players happy to give it all. look at owens….thats all you have to say…..owens wanted the money that he gave his ass for and mcnabb felt that only he deserved, and look what happened. mow you got lito, westbrook, and who’s next, DAWKINS????? think about it eagle fans and insult me all you want, BUT I”M RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh, dave, thats why players sometimes get hurt. they GIVE all they got. lito and westbrook are both undersized, but play like players twice their size. so they are more prone to injury. they gave you guys everything the last couple of years, and now they want to be compensated while there’s still something left. would’nt you????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    westbrook and lito are the heart of this eagle team, and you guys know it…. with out them you guys ain’t shit…..your’re as wortless as andy reid without a trophy……oh’ yeah, you already are!!!!!!! don’t pay emmm, great then replace emmm

  • Ian

    Dave – nothing you said even makes sense.

    1. Their main issue is getting more money, not playing for the Eagles.

    2. The Eagles are good enough to win a Super Bowl this year, so saying they want to play for a winner is foolish.

    3. Small guys are more likely to get injured? Uhmm no. No matter how big or small you are injuries happen. Your height and weight is meaningless.

    4. Things will work themselves out. Worry about your stinkin Cowturds.

  • Cooltropic

    Dave, try your best and stick to Cowboy issues ,most likely you won’t know a whole lot about that either!

  • dave the mailman

    eagles never win? what does dallas dave really know?  since the salary cap started to dictate the business of running a football team, lets compare records! dallas dave still lives in the last century!!!  hahahah. since 95 how play-off wins does dallas have? i have a friend from germany and i remind him every now and then how many times the americans kicked his german butt. he laughs because it was so long ago it doesnt mean anything now, just like your big spending teams that won. so, you can push your ” well we got 5 rings” all you want….i also will just laugh. …..westbrook will be an eagle…and if he skips training camp, that would be fine with me. he has a bad knee that swells after every game, he didnt practice the 2nd half of last season because of it.. the eagles certainly know how valueable b-west is to this team, but they also know about his bad knee. he is under contract for the next 3 years, so sitting out the season is no option. the eagles will reward him in november when this season’s cap numbers wont be affected. this team is set up for another bowl for the next few years and #36 figures in on the fun. bring it on dallas!

  • Redskins Guy

    Uh, Ian…the poll on your own web site overwhelmingly disagrees with you about the Eagles having enough to win the superbowl this year. By a margin of nearly two to one.  Your own loyal readers don’t even have faith in your team. 

    That you think you’re going to the superbowl is laughable.  I shall save this post so I can throw your quotes back in your face this december.

  • Ian

    Guy polls don’t represent my opinions, and the amount of votes are not enough of a sample to say that represents eagles fans opinions. plus you figure about 20 of those votes are cowboys fans pissed about the “dear dallas cowboys fans” post.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ian, you tell me and the rest of the world what i wrote about that was wrong or not understandable. players want to play for a winner, yes, but even if they do win, they still want to be compensated for what they acheive on a personall level. so the case was with owens. owens did’nt let you guys down, did he????? no, the eagle brass let him down and he spoke out against it and mcnabb took their side. owens gave all for you guys that year and you know it…..then the eagles f*%^*#$ him over with his contract….. am i wrong there?????? westbrook is playing like a elite back and wants to be paid like it. the eagles are balking at it because of injury longevity concerns. am i right there????? lito has played at a probowl level for the last couple of years and now wants to be compensated because of the samuel deal on the otherside of the field. still right???? those 2 are the heart of your team and lay it out every play. still right???? lito and west-b are smallish players at their positions and DO take more of a beating than a bigger player. i’m 5’10″ 185 and played the game. i took a hell of a beating cause i laid my ass out to play. it took it’s toll, beleive me. so ian, i do know what the hell i’m talking about. and the mailman or anyone else that says i don’t has never tackled a 220lbs rb bearin down on you off a power sweep with a pulling guard and full back leading the attack. i’ve seen lito make that play very well too i may add. not many corners his size can!!!!! so this is what i see going wrong in philly then and now……so am i right????? i think so. i think alot of real fans that know the game will agree with me. it ain’t about bullshit polls, it’s about hard facts. so that leads me to say what i’ve said before, insult me all you want, but the truth is still the truth. what don’t you understand about that???????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    cooltropics, i do know my cowboys, and very well, i think, thank you. i’ve been a cowboys fan since 69-70 season. i’m not a bandwagon fan, i’ve lived thru the 1-15 season, and saw the demise of the tom landry glory years when your eagles were’nt more then the shit in corner of the basement year after year. yeah, i remember pete liske, so shut your ass, about knowing anything football, cause i can trash ass with the best of em. the bottom line is this……pay emm or lose emm. owens still proves that i’m right. man would’nt you guys love to have his talent now?????? well you all can kiss dallas’ ass cause we got him and we know how to keep him happy and productive……still think i don’t know what i’m talkin about. well we’ll see who makes it to the bowl this year. so take that poll and shove it up your asses

  • dave the mailman

    your a bandwagoner if you dont live in dallas….you scab

  • dave the mailman

    bandwagoners have fat ugly wives who boss them around. the only way these scums get any kind of self satisfaction is by jerkin off and rootin for teams who usally win so they can talk shit when they go to work or on sites like this. are you one?

  • dave the mailman

    if you are one, then go to a cowscum web site and cirlce jerk with your other scab fairweather cowscum fans. close your eyes and spit so your buddie lets you dream of last century.

  • dave the mailman

    deadskin fan, if you think in december your gonna throw quotes back at eagle fans…hahahahaha  you have no hope for play-offs. in this divison your campbell will be lucky to escape with his life!  What??? ..”how many rings?”  only giant fans can talk that shit.  the team from dallas is the early favorite. week 2 should define alot of that. big red and his men will not go away…sorry!!!

  • dave the mailman

    i’m done…have a nice evening people

  • Ian

    Dallas Dave – You are wrong. You have a distorted recollection of history there.

    The Eagles gave TO a very nice contract that he was happy to sign. One year later he wanted it ripped up for a whole new deal, because that is how the 49ers did things. Well in Philadelphia there is no redoing a deal 1 year into it. So TO wined, cried, complained to the media, and disrupted the team until Andy Reid was forced to kick him off of it. He gave his all year 1, and year two he was a huge headache.

    Brian Westbrook takes no less of a beating than Shaun Alexander does. Your height and weight are irrelevant in correlation to how often you will be injured. Todd Pinkston missed 2 games from 2000-2004, and there are starving kids in Africa who want to give him a sand which.

    Sheldon Brown is almost the same size as Lito, and he has never missed a game in his life. I am talking going all the way back to 6th grade when he first started playing football. He has never missed a game ever.

    Anthony Henry is bigger than Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown, and he has missed 7 games over the last 3 years. Henry has only played 16 games once out of his 3 years in Dallas so far.

    Dave the Mailman – thanks!

  • Redskins Guy

    Unlike Ian, I’m not claiming that my team is going to make the superbowl.  That’s because — unlike Ian – I am not completely delusional about my own team. 

    And you’re right. The poll doesn’t represent your opinion Ian. Your opinion also doesn’t represent reality, so when you
    say “The Eagles are good enough to win a Super Bowl this year,” that’s not actual evidence supporting your cause; it’s merely restating your opinion. 

    Stop treating it as if it’s fact that everyone agrees on when every bit of evidence shows that the vast majority of people you’re writing to disagrees with you.  Nobody who isn’t a flaming, McNabb-lusting homer thinks the Eagles are a favorite to win the superbowl this year.  They’re not even a serious contender.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i agree with redskinguy, you have a distorted veiw of the truth so long as it goes your way. the mailman is typical eagle trailer trash and just proved that, so piss off to him. and ian, a smaller physice in the sport of football will be more susseptable to injury. it’s a big, strong, fast man’s game my friend, or anybody with just pure speed could play, right???? you got to have the right physical mix to play a hard game like football. i had all the balls in the world, but my size would not let me play like i wanted to. my old high school coach loved me, and malways told me, “daveyboy, watch his waist, and put your helmet in the sob’s crotch and you’l take anybody down no matter how big, just wrap the sob up.” i did it with everything i had, but my body could hold my tenasity. so i KNOW what these smaller guys put out and what they can take, and don’t tell me pound for pound that they don’t take more of a beating. westbrook is animal that refuses to go down. alexander lets himself be takin down, there’s the difference. ask the great jim brown, it was him that said that. don’t tell me i’m wrong. ok, i may be about owens, but thats the way i saw it……

  • theMBIIIeffect

    Well said, RG. The Eagles will have a tough time making the playoffs based on the NFC East alone. One could make the argument that the Eagles are the worst in the NFC East. They were last year, and I think they will be again this year.

    Mailman: I’m from Virginia, and although I’m only 22 I’ve been a Dallas fan as long as I can remember. Through the Aikman years and Quincy Carter years, from Chan Gailey’s reign to Tuna’s time and I will continue to support them until I croak. I became a fan because of Emmitt Smith. He wasn’t the biggest, fastest or strongest, but he had an indomitable will and refused to be tackled, and is one of the greatest running backs of all time. Call me fairweather all you want, but much like Ian thinking the Eagles are Super Bowl contenders, you’re severely mistaken.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    mailman, asshole. i’m 5’10-190lbs. i’ve been married to the same beautiful woman for 27 years, who still sets me thinking of her prom queen days. no need to beat off here son. i ain’t talkin shit at work, and likin the cowboys so i got some winnin in my life. maybe the shoes on the other foot. maybe your the loser who’s team just can’t win enough to get you out of the little pathetic day to day survival you would dream of as a life. we’ll at least i’ve got something to look forward to this season, basementdweller. and i’ve been a cowboy fan since 69-70. my wife’s uncle used to work for clint murchinson the former owner of the dallas cowboys. i’ve been in luxury box and stadium seats several times. made trips to dallas just to see the cowboys play. does that sound like a bandwagoneer????? asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dave the mailman

    dear scab, you are a bandwagoner, just like most cowboy fans in our great nation. let me guess….your a laker, sox or yankee, redwing or devil fan etc. etc..  dude i was born in philly, lived in detroit for 2 yrs. the tigers won the world series in ’68, it was a great year, my first ball game was right behind home plate, my father worked at ford, we went to quite a few games that year. i loved the tigers and could tell the starting line-up right now. BUT the phillies were always my team. richie allen was always my favorite player on the planet. i loved that ’68 tigers team but my philly roots will always reign supreme! catch my drift?   yes, philadelphia hasnt brought home a championship in years. most of the teams have been good to very good, but not good enough. but yet we still and will not waver  our loyalty to our teams. your disfunctional. you have no excuse. you are what you are.  sorry.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    mailman, just because the distance of where i live to the football team i love has nothing to do woith being bandwagon. and let me prove it. i just like you started out as a youngster being brought up with a steady dose of sports in my home. i live in n.iowa and have been a minn. twins fan and brought up with them all my life. but football is a different story. my family has had a great rift in it involving the vikings and packers. my family is split with my uncles, and it’s down right dangerous. so i made up my mind at the tender age of seven i was not going to choose sides and have one of my uncles hate me. that’s a lot of pressure for a 7yearold. so i saw the cowboys get beat in the bowl to the colts and i fell in love with that loveable loser dallas cowboy team. “next years champions” they were called. then they drafted a guy by the name of roger staubach who my dad said would be one of the greatest ever if he coild just get his ass out of the navy. well he did and it was for these cowboys. the rest is histoy. so thats makes me a band wagon????? hell no!!!!!! i’ve stuck more loyal to that team than anybody that lives in dallas for damn sure. i met my wife, when i had my cowboy #12 jersy on, and she came up to me and said my incle works for the guy who owned the cowboys. and i purposed right then and there. and i did marry her. thru that marriage i’ve been able to aquire box seats on several ocassions and numerous tickets, and have traveled to dallas, philly, greenbay, milwaukee, minneapolis, and kansas city, to see my cowboys. i’ve NEVER waiver from my loyalty and love for my team. i bled thru a 1-15 season. tom landry getting fired. roger retireing, aikman, emmitt, irvin, randy white, ed jones… guys leaving one at a time. shedding tears, and knowing that the next young star is right around the next draft. i have’nt had a playoff win in 12 years, only to watch you assholes win. that KILLS me. so DON”T EVER call me a bandwagon you sonofabitch

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    catch MY drift, and hats off to ya, stay loyal, you sonofabitch, thats the way to be. i respect you for that even though i can’t stand your philly guts, you eagle puke. but, hey i still respect you as a loyal fan. there’s nothing i hate worse than a bandwagon