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Westbrook Wants LT Money

Eagles RB Brian Westbrook is being very vocal on his desire for a new contract. In a recent article by Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Westbrook voices his opinion on the matter.

“The contract thing is a sour point for me because when you deserve something you deserve something,” Westbrook said. “What’s right is right, and what’s fair is fair.”

“To me, it comes down to whether the team respects you,” Westbrook said. “I look at it in dollars and cents. If you think you have a coach who is doing a great job, you pay him – the same way they did with Andy Reid a couple of years ago and the same way with [vice president of player personnel] Howie Roseman a few months ago. They respected him. They saw what he was doing, and they moved him up in the organization, and they paid him. I see that happening in the organization, and I wouldn’t see why it wasn’t happening with me as well.”

One question that always comes up in any contract situation, is how much does the player want? According to Brian he is looking for LaDanian Tomlinson money. In fact he thinks he should get more.

“If LaDainian [Tomlinson] got paid $25 million guaranteed in 2003 and now it’s 2008, the next person needs to be paid $30 million guaranteed,” Westbrook said. “It works its way up. You can’t sit here and say, ‘I’m as good as LaDainian right now, and I’m getting paid five years after him. . . . So I’ll take $15 million.’ That doesn’t make any sense.”

While it is hard to argue his points, it is just disheartening to hear this. Money is the root of all evil, and it just gets sickening when you realize that sports are a business more than anything else.

Hell will freeze over before the Eagles hand Brian Westbrook a $30 million signing bonus. They just will not put that much money into the RB position, even if that RB is great like Brian Westbrook.

Knowing that the Eagles will not cave into that demand, a lot of questions start to surface. How far is Brian willing to take this fight for a new deal? Will he show up to training camp? Will he continue to speak about his displeasure with it to the media? Is there a solution in sight?

Only time will tell what will happen, but we know that both sides(Eagles and Westbrook) are very far apart from getting a new deal done.

This very quiet off season is turning ugly fast.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    ah, ian, you are wrong my friend. the propper qoute is the “LOVE” of money is the root of all evil. money itself is not a sin, it’s how you use it. philly should be wise. they said mcnabb was the best player on the field for them and paid him accordingly, westbrook is just saying HIS value to this team. like tomlinson, he is the ground game. his value is ir-replaceable with anything else they got on their squad, so now all you guys that said i was wrong…..eat that

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i guess you’ll have to payem or lose emm. i said it again

  • Love4DaStar

    don’t forget your boy lito is bitchin’ too…I’m very curious to see how all of this will conclude…I love to see the turmoil in philly

  • http://phillysports101.blogspot.com/ John

    They should pay Westbrook, but not as much as LT.  Westbrook is the Eagles offense.  Without him the Eagles can kiss their playoff chances good bye.

  • LoKi

    that makes no sense. if they should pay him, then they should pay him AT LEAST as much as LT–as good as LT is, he isn’t the entirety of the chargers offense like westbrook is to the eagles.

    but, i’d much rather see them lose him [as a cowboys fan] :-P

  • http://WIPsportsradio John B

    Im anxious to know why the front running loser dallas fans are reading eagles news, go read dallas crap jack asses

  • tim

    Eagles are to cheap to pay westbrook thats all

  • Love4DaStar

    B/c john B, it’s entertaining to see the eagles screw another one of their top players…also there is not a whole lot going on right now w/dallas cause our front office actually PAYS our players and keeps them happy…can’t say the same about yours…good luck tryin to get westbrook and lito into camp haha

  • Cooltropic

    Hey lovey, let keep it real, your front office has made some real questionable deals, it’s not so much about simply Keeping you guys happy, Jones has his fingers and toes crossed going into this season and if you don’t win it all (which they won’t) it’s a bust!. the playoffs won’t be enough and they will be lucky if if they make that( which I doubt)

    You lose Barber or TO and your seasons over!, so you might want to just calm down a bit.
    Typical Cowboy Fan you are.

  • Love4DaStar

    cooltropic, if westbrook doesn’t play or if he does and gets hurt then YOU GUYS are done…so lets go over some of these so called “questionable deals” that I assume u speak of loser, 1st T O…all he has done is be a leader on this team and a leader in recieving in the league since he’s been here. 2nd, Tank Johnson…u haven’t heard a peep outta him since he’s been in dallas…the only thing u hear about is the fact that he’s saying he hasn’t ever felt as strong and as fast as he does right now in his career and that just means trouble for u guys and the rest of the league…3rd Pacman, ya the jury is still out on this one but with the people surrounding him in dallas he’ll prove to be fine and also an asset for this team on the field, which once again means trouble for u guys and the rest of the league…If there are any others that u would like to question please let me know and I will break them down for u so even YOU will be able to comprehend it…and your absolutly right, it is superbowl or bust this season for us(u actually got something right in your statement) but I’m glad we have those kind of expectations here in dallas…that speaks volumes for what we are trying to accomplish here in dallas this yr and yrs to come…what exactly would be an accomplishment for the eagles this season??? maybe not being in last place in the division again? or how about mcnabb actually lasting an entire season?? or how about your front office actually signing one of your disgruntled players?? I don’t know and frankly I don’t give a shit, but if u wanna compare then I’ll take the position that my Boys are in over your birds anyday…and yes I am the typical cowboy fan, that is being very optimistic about my team…good luck to u guys in 08 cause u guys are gonna need it…and enjoy staring up at dallas in the standings this yr as well.

  • http://www.BleepingIdiots.com Greg

    PAY HIM! He is only the best athlete in Philadelphia, And he is the most valuable athlete.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Lest we forget, Tomlinson has been the best back in the NFL throughout his career. Westbrook was maybe the best back in the NFL last year. Plus, 29-year-old running backs don’t get $30 million guaranteed. Two years ago, Shaun Alexander got a big money deal at age 29. Now he can’t find a job. Westbrook should get a raise, but if he really thinks he deserves $30 million then I want what he’s smoking.

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    Thanks for all the comments every one. The poll says most of feel the Eagles should pay Westbrook, but I can’t agree with this. He is 29 years old, and already has 3 years left on his deal. As great as Westbrook is, smart business says don’t do it. You do not want to get burned like the Seahawks did with Alexander.

  • Love4DaStar

    so Ian, then what do u think happens at the conclusion of all this…he’s not LT but as much as I hate to say it he’s the closest thing to him…if u guys mishandle this then he might be somewhere else also, maybe not this yr but maybe nxt yr…someone out there is gonna pay him…I don’t know if its gonna be 30mil guaranteed(hahahahahaha) but some team will pay him a substantial amt

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    I don’t know if there is a solution, unless Westbrook drops off that ridiculously high number. Even if Westbrook where just as good as LT, you have to also remember that LT signed his major deal at age 24, and not 29. This could just be all part of the negotiating process(Westbrook aims high and the Eagles aim low).

    I think if both sides give a little they can work something out. If not then I guess we’ll see what happens.

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