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Andrews Mysterious Absence Explained

Shawn Andrews has finally come clean, and revealed why he has not reported to training camp. Apparently Andrews is suffering from depression.

“I’m willing to admit that I’ve been going through a very bad time with depression,” the Eagles’ two-time Pro Bowl right guard said. “I’ve finally decided to get professional help. It’s not something that blossomed up overnight. I’m on medication, trying to get better.”

    Andrews didn’t want to go into the origins of his depression, which he said began a little more than a year ago and steadily worsened. “I really was kind of at my end,” he said. “I’ve really had a lot on my mind, really (been) contemplating a lot of things.”

    Anyone who has been through such struggles knows the symptoms he is dealing with — a frantic, anxious feeling, inability to sleep or concentrate.

    “In the state that I’m in, (had he reported), I would be at training camp physically, but mentally, I could have gotten myself hurt or gotten one of my teammates hurt,” Andrews said. “But I have a meeting with my doc on Thursday, and hopefully, I’ll be up that way on Friday.”

Friday will be the Eagles first pre-season meeting against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be interesting to see if Andy Reid plays Andrews or if he disciplines Andrews even further than the $15,000 a day he has been getting fined.

Depression is a touchy matter. Some people don’t take it seriously, but if left untreated depression can take over someones life in a very negative way. I am glad Shawn finally came clean with what was going on, instead of keeping everybody in the dark. Hopefully he gets quality treatment, and can get back to mauling defenders on the football field.

I guess the bright side of this is that Andrews will return to the team, and this is not a contract dispute.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    goodluck to him

  • jd

    do you know what always makes me feel better?  pancaking D-Lioneman.

    get the big man back on that field…

  • Riggo’s Rag

    Redskins fans wish Shawn a speedy recovery. Depression is bad enough. Having to suffer from it in the public eye has to be nearly impossible. Let’s hope he gets some good help and can get back to the field healthy and happy soon.


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  • Redskins Guy

    Let’s hope that the poor guy doesn’t get crucified by his own fans every time he makes a bad play.  Sadly, he probably will.

    At least he doesn’t try to masturbate in his teammate’s faces like some cowboys we could mention.

  • rczac

    He’s depressed because Creed won’t be at Musifest.  They broke up in 2004.  Keep up the good work Reuben.

  • rczac

    I’m sorry about my previous reply concerning his depression.  I should have spelled it Musikfest, not Musifest.  My bad.

  • Ian

    I see rczac. At first I wasn’t sure what u meant lol