What Is Green?

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    what is green????? i guees i would have to say that green has always been associated with envy and that is what i would describe what the eagles really have for the cowboys. envy.

  • Stlvinnie

    Out FN Standing!!!!

    Ian that is just great. I wish you could add the Montgomery run in the NFC Championship game against Dallas on to that, possibly my all time favorite Eagles play. I have media center and am recording the Rams games over HD, how do you make the video like this, that is what I want to do.


  • http://thelandryhat.com thelandryhat

    That was Super Gay.

    Funny how it shows the Lombardi Trophy, something the Eagles never touched. Hilarious.

    We have 5 of them, Ian. Hi.

  • http://insidetheiggles.com/ Ian

    dave - lame joke dude

    Stlvinnie – thanks. you need some sort of video editing software. There are tons of different ones to use. I currently have Cyberlink Power Director, but there are better ones out there. Here is a review of different video editing softwares> http://video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/

    If you are familiar with torrents then you can find one of these for free somewhere. If not the price range is about 40-80 bucks.

    Dan – They showed the trophy because it went with the video song. You have to actually pay attention.