DeSean Jackson Preseason Highlights

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  • thelandryhat

    Yeah, one of his highlight reels is him fumbling. Yikes. Out of the whole thing there are maybe two good catches. The rest is just basic football against 3rd string defenses. Why are you touting this?

  • Ian

    Dan – Watch the video again. Except this time I will point out things you obviously did not notice. The first catch at 0:13 is just a regular catch, but it was a 3rd down conversion. That catch was also against the Panthers starters. Look at how much respect the cb gave him! DeSean adjusted his route accordingly, and was able to get the first down. Now you may say “so what”, but that shows that DBs already fear his ability to get deep. To make a comparison, none of the other Eagles WRs get that kind of a cushion in any of these highlights.

    Lets look at some more plays.

    Go to the 2nd play of the video which starts at 0:24. Again it is 3rd down, again the cb has a big cushion, and again Jackson converts. This time he runs a little curl, and uses his body to shield the cb from breaking on the ball. That is a veteran move, and was very good to see. When they show the replay you see that he caught the ball with no gloves on in the rain.

    At 1:08 he is playing with the 2nd team against backups, but this was a really impressive play to me. Jackson once again sees the cb with a huge cushion, and takes advantage of it. He adjusts his route like he did before, and this time the DB had a good break on DeSean. Freeze the video at 1:11. Jackson has caught the ball at the 20, and stepped back to face up the DB at the 19. Now he has him 1-on-1 in space, and that is a matchup he will thrive in. He jukes the CB, and is able to get from the 19 to the 26 for the first down. He is very impressive in the open field.

    Go to 1:35. AGAIN he gets a HUGE cushion, and is able to use that to his advantage. He adjusts his route short, catches the ball, and blows past the db for extra yards. The cb barely was able to get his finger tips on him, and if there was no safety help that is most likely a TD.

    Go to 1:48. McNabb throws to Jackson, but well behind him. Jackson was able to see where the ball was going, he went back to the ball, lept in the air, used his body as a shield, catches the ball with his hands, and then takes the hit. This was probably his most impressive catch, because that was a poorly thrown pass, and he still was able to bring it in.

    1:56 This made me say WOW. Yet again the CB is giving Jackson a very big cushion. Jackson catches the ball behind the line of scrimmage, spins to the outside, and is able to turn a nothing play into 5 yards. That shows how agile he is, and even a guy like TO couldn’t do that.

    2:14 Jackson is playing up against the New England Patriots starting defensive unit. This time Ellis Hobbs is much closer to Jackson, and is trying to get physical with him. Jackson comes out of his break hard, Hobbs gets his hands on him, but Jackson is able to break free on a slant route, make the catch in stride, and run after the catch. A nice 13 yard gain, and a good job of showing he can beat a press.

    2:24 Again it’s the Pats starters out there, and again they are not sitting back so far as the other teams did. They try to get physical again, but Jackson uses his speed to get past the CB, and get into the void between the CB and Safety. McNabb fired in a bullet that Jackson caught with his hands for a nice 24 yard gain.

    WR Screen at 2:37 was amazing. The play was setup well, but Jackson makes it really happen, by showing a great step-back move to avoid defenders, and then uses his pure speed to blow past two other defenders. He really makes everybody else on the field look like they are running in slow motion.

    Then the punt return for a TD at 3:15. The punter out kicked his coverage, and that is a major mistake with DeSean Jackson. If you give him enough chances to return the ball, he will make things happen. He has the speed, moves, and experience to be a great punt returner in the NFL.

    The biggest thing I noticed with Jackson is he gets a lot of attention from opposing defenses. They either give the CB guarding DeSean safety help over the top, or the cb gives him a very large cushion in single coverage. This shows that he will be a threat instantly, and will open up the field for everybody else. Brian Westbrook said he was tired of seeing 8 man fronts, and with Jackson on the field he won’t have to.

  • michaeljmann

    Ian is right on.  I am season ticket holder at Cal and am sorry to see him go.

    Look for defenses to nudge a little bit to his side to contain him.  Why do you think Lavelle Hawkins and Robert Jordan were NFL draft picks?  They had a lot of single coverage when the other team was focusing on Jackson.  Made it difficult for the defenses to cheat up on obvious running downs you HAD to on Jackson.  Had a lot to do with Cals success as the Pac 10′s leading rushing team for the past several years.  Took that corner down the field a few more steps and that was just enough room to give Justin Forsett a little more room.

    I will be watching Philly a lot this season and am buying season ticket on tv.

    mj out

  • theMBIIIeffect

    So basically, what you’re saying is you’re impressed by Jackson because he can take big cushions and turn them into 5 or 6 yard gains and when people tighten up coverage, he can squeak past them for 15-20 yards? Wow, that’s impressive.

    Congrats to DaSean for making the Pats defense look old and slow. That’s also very impressive.

    I’m not worried about him. He’s not the receiver that can take you to the Super Bowl. That receiver is in Dallas right now.

  • Ian

    MB III – WRs do not win Championships. Smart QB play, offense and defensive lines, and good coaching does. You just need solid WRs. Jackson is a solid WR.

    BTW, That WR in Dallas has never won a Championship.

  • Ray

    Look how easy he runs away from people at 3/4 speed

  • theMBIIIeffect

    So Eli could’ve done it without David Tyree and Plaxico Burress, who scored the game-winning touchdown with 35 seconds left? The Giants’ defensive line made a huge difference in the game, I won’t deny that. But the WR’s were the difference in the game for the Giants.

  • theMBIIIeffect


    ….I had to beat Ian to making the near-retarded season prediction after the first half of your first game against an awful team.

  • ldawg

    For all you non-believers Desean Jackson is the real deal. If McFadden doesn’t win rookie of the year Desean will. I watch him up close here at Cal and he catches everything, shakes everything, and blows past everything. And he takes punts to the house. Look what he’s done in his first game. that preseason highlight reel shows the obvious. this young brother can ball!!! im from the bay and i’m a raider fan but i hope to see the eagles in the super bowl. Watch Desean… 

  • michaeljmann

    Idawg telling it like it is.  Funny how theMBIIIeffect had no comment on Jackson.  McNabb was looking for him big time and if he stays healthy is way better receiver then T.O. who WILL NOT SACRIFICE FOR BALLS OVER THE MIDDLE.

    Bottom line is announcers were blown away by the performance but theMBIIIeffect is a gutless capon that won’t give credit where it is due and admit it when he is wrong.

    Hopefully thembiiieffect can pull it out until we can at least see his ears!

  • Ian

    Great comments! Jackson had a very impressive debut. I think he is using the fact that he was drafted in the 2nd round not the first as motivation. The Rams passed on Jackson by taking Donnie Avery, and Jackson maybe let them know that they made a big mistake.