Pacman Jones is a punk ass bitch (

Pacman Takes Shot At Birds' Wide Outs

Pacman Jones being a punk (

Dallas Cowboys corner back criminal Pacman Jones has given the Eagles some bulletin board material.

The Eagles had three receivers put up a 100 yard game opening day, but when asked about that Pacman did not seem impressed.

“They played the Rams, dude,” Pacman said.

This is not the first time Pacman has called out an opposing teams WR. Prior to a preseason match up against the Denver Broncos, Pacman decided to call out young budding receiver Brandon Marshall, by declaring that Marshall was “no TO”. Marshall responded by writing “21′s no Champ” on his shoulder pads, and got the best of Pacman by beating him for a touchdown.

Hopefully this latest Pacman comment can also blow up in his face. It’s not like he has exactly lit it up for the Cowboys. In fact he looked awful in the preseason, and despite a huge beat down against the Browns, Pacman played poorly. Maybe he should make a play or two, before he starts running his mouth? I think Terrance Newman needs to sit Jones down, and give him the Jon Kitna saying. “Your mouth can’t write checks that your ass can’t cash.”

The Eagles’ wide receivers are not stars, but they all work very hard. If the line gives McNabb time to throw, the WRs will get open, and Donovan will find him. The Rams may not be very good, but the Eagles still had to go out there, and make the plays. They took what was given to them, and the Rams were leaving the big play open. They did not respect the Eagles WRs by played a lot of cover 3 and zero coverage in the secondary. If Dallas does this too, there will be big plays in the passing game.

I would like nothing more than for rookie DeSean Jackson to just torch this punk thug Pacman Jones on national TV next Monday night.

Let’s go Birds!


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  • Pacman

    True but… I played so poorly I’m probably going to be benched as a corner this next game, or at the least not a starter again.  They’re definitely gonna ice me now that Pro Bowl cornerback Newman is probably gonna be good enough to go.  They’re probably gonna put him on Jackson and sit my a** on the bench to watch and learn.

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  • theMBIIIeffect

    Pacman didn’t play well, but he’s learning a new defense after being suspended for a year. You can’t expect him to be 100% yet. True, there was the penalty in the end zone and his game was lackluster. But he jumped a flat route and nearly had an easy pick-six. But he will be benched for Pro-bowler Terrance Newman, and the Eagles will be worse off for it. I’m happy having him play nickelback.

    Ian, your writing usually sounds mildy retarded, but today’s post is especially bad.

    1. This is the NFL. Everyone works hard. You can stop saying that your receivers work very hard.

    2. “The Rams may not be very good, but the Eagles still had to go out there, and make the plays.” Since the Rams weren’t very good, it was really easy for the Eagles to go out and make plays. You must be able to understand that. The Rams had no pass rush and soft, unorganized coverage. An average offense could’ve looked brilliant against the Rams defense.
    3. “They did not respect the Eagles WRs by played a lot of cover 3 and zero coverage in the secondary. If Dallas does this too, there will be big plays in the passing game.” Our corners and safeties are millions of times better than the Rams. I feel fine leaving T. New, Anthony Henry OR Adam Jones one on one against any of your receviers. McNabb isn’t going to have ages to find an open receiver like he did against the Rams.

  • Mike

    Punkman needs to feel like he’s something special! That’s all he can do is talk shit out of his ass! A waste of TALENT!

  • number_9

    Ian your on crack, The Dallas Defence is way better than the Rams. It should be a close game but Dallas takes….F The E-GALS

  • Jessica Romo

    Mildly retarded writing is being nice. The little Beagles need not worry about the Pac, but a Tank running over McFlabby’s ass.

  • theMBIIIeffect

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that Ian hasn’t responded to any of my comments.

  • Ian

    MB3 – I know the Rams are not a great team, but you do have to give credit to the Eagles for playing so well.

    I think the Rams could have a decent pass rush, but the Eagles just have a great offensive line. When the Rams face a weaker line they will get more pressure, which should make a major difference in their ability to cover. Football starts up front, and any good secondary needs a good defensive front. I don’t care if you have Deion, Eric Allen, and Mel Blount at CB. They will get beat if they have to stay with guys all day.

    The Rams have two very high first round picks on the defensive line, and in time they should both be pretty good.

    The Rams do have Tye Hill who until this game was considered a very promising young CB. They also recently signed Ricky Manning JR. who once owned the Eagles WRs in the 2003 NFC Championship game. They also have Fahkir Brown who has played well for the Rams in the past. At safety they also like OJ Atagwe a lot.


    Not everyone in the NFL works hard either. Look at Martellus Bennett. He appears to be a lazy dope. Some guys in the NFL do just enough to cash a paycheck, and others work their tails off to be among the best. As mush as I hate TO, one thing I could never knock him for is his practice habits. He has a tremendous work ethic, and learned it from Jerry Rice. TO spends hours in the weight room after practices, and spends a ton of time studying film to learn his opponent better.


    I agree Dallas is better than the Rams, and the Eagles will not be able to blow them out. Can the Eagles win? Yes they can, and either way it will be a war.