Shut Your Mouth TO! (

TO Throws McNabb Under The Bus For The Millionth Time

TO decided to take a little pre-game shot at Donovan McNabb today. When asked about McNabb and his playing days as an Eagle, Owens had plenty to say. One comment that stood out, was another direct shot at Donovan. This time he claims that he got “too big” for McNabb.

“The fans and just the excitement of me coming there and being there, it became too overwhelming for Donovan,” Owens said Thursday.

The reality is Owens’ mouth got too big for Philadelphia. Saying stupid things like this is what got him kicked off the team, and forced to pay back a portion of his signing bonus. TO never shuts up, and can’t help but make an ass of himself as often as possible.

Meanwhile McNabb is taking the high road as usual.

“We had great times here. … It’s unfortunate the way things ended up,” McNabb said. “But he’s happy where he’s at and I’m happy where I’m at.”

This is why Donovan McNabb will always go down as a respectable class guy, and TO will forever be looked at as an unmanageable, deranged, whiny child.

Dallas has been running their mouth big time all week, and the Eagles have been very quiet. I think there will be an upset on Monday Night.

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  • Love4DaStar

    keep dreamin about that upset Ian cause it’s not happening…and on a side note in regards to all this TO mcnabb stuff, do u truly believe that mcnabb didn’t get jealous? I kno that wasn’t the whole problem but u know that was part of it…one season and TO suddenly became the man in philly and that had to rub mcnabb the wrong way considering all he had done for the city and the team

  • ed

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  • thelandryhat

    Yeah, I will admit, this is a good Blog. But Ian is a freak. He’s a homer and a liar. He’s a dreamer and a failure. He wishes and he loses. He’s psychotic. Bizarre. Makes little sense. And he stretches the truth to fit his opinion. He’s a fool. He knows his team is going to lose Monday night. And it hurts. It hurts bad. 

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  • The Landry Hat

    Time for a new post, loser boy. No one bought this crap. Move on.

  • Godsfavoriteteam

    It is side-splitting hilarious how many stories there are about the Cowboys on this Blog site. Even when Americas Team is’nt scheduled to play the faggles..I mean the eagles. This team is SO boring and tired that you have to talk about Americas Team. I better see a story about Romo pretty soon and one about Marian Barber as well and one about Jerry Jones. Do you understand me?!! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!! Ok everybody in, ROMO IS A JEDI on three. Ready, 1. 2. 3. ROMO IS A JEDI!!!  NICE.

  • The Landry Hat

    Very good point. Ian knows this. He knows.

  • Nebs

    lol homo is a jedi? wtf seriously stop watchin starwars, get off the couch, and get a life. its amusing how many cowboy fans go to eagle fan sites and show how boring and tired the convicts, i mean cowboys, are. anyways cant wait to see homo get michael ied monday night

  • dave the mail-man

    funny..just like their football team, cowboy scabs are talking shit. bring it on girls.

  • phillymanass999999

    Hi Fellas, Good news, I’ve been waiting to post untill I got confirmation but it has come (wooohooo) it has come. I am the president of the biggest Gay Eagles fan club in America. We have confirmed that there are now more PHILLYMANSASS chapters all over the contiguous united states than any other Eagles fan clubs anywhere. WE now outnumber regular strait fans all over the united states. Isn’t this exciting?! Nebs, don’t listen to that mean ol GFT or that hot sounding landry hat hunk, they don’t mean nothing in our world. I do like that you called Romo a HOMO, That makes me happy if you know what I mean. That boy is my enemy but when the pads come off I wanna be there LOLOLOLOL. Right ?WOOOHOOO. Somebody tell that boy I’m available! WE all are, Right Fellas? WE are going to beat the Pants off those hot texas boys from dallas. (literally I hope). Monday we show them who’s the boss..oh, That makes me think of Tony Danza…yum! Well Fellas, expect us to post many more times this season PHILLYMANASS is behind you all the way. Wooo hooo behind you. All our love, phillymanass999999.

  • dave the mail-man

    the scabs have sunk to new lows

  • Redskins Guy

    Ian, why did you change your name to Phillymanass99999?
    You don’t have to be ashamed. Nobody will judge you for your love of McNabb and the near-pornographic pictures of him that you post on this site.  It’s okay.  We accept you as you are, gay warts and all.