More On The Skins Loss

Scripted Plays Worked. Everything Else Failed: The Eagles first 15 plays of every game are usually scripted. The 15 the Eagles used in this game worked beautifully. Once Reid ran out of scripted plays, the offense went down the toilet.

“We’d never seen those plays they came out with,” Redskins’ CB Carlos Rogers said. “I’m serious. Those were great plays. But after that, I guess our coaching took over.”

Rogers is right. The Eagles play calling was awful after the first 15 plays. They were so creative, and had such well designed plays early on. Then the play calling got very predictable, and just ugly. Not much worked at all after that.

The Eagles offense only scored 3 points after the opening drive, and that was setup by a broken play. Reggie Brown caught a pass falling down, but was never touched, and got back up to race for a bunch of extra yards. Without that Redskins mistake, I am not even so sure they manage to get that field goal.

Dropped Passes Are Killing The Offense: How many dropped passes do the Eagles have this year? It seems like they drop a pass every other possession. Dropped pass kill drives, and drive me up the wall.

Andy Reid should have all of the wide receivers do 2 hours with the Jugs machine to work on their hands.

Reid Makes More Mistakes: What is with Andy Reid lately? He seems to be making a lot of bad decisions, and his play calling has really been poor.

Right before the half, Reid called timeout thinking about getting the ball back. Instead his timeout just helped the Redskins conserve enough time to kick a field goal with seconds to go in the half.

Why would Reid call timeout in that situation? The Skins had been moving the ball well, and there was only 46 seconds left in the half. You can’t be thinking about getting the ball back there. You have to force the Redskins to either use their timeouts, or run the clock out. This clock management mistake cost the Eagles 3 points.

Another mistake was the challenge of the Antwan Randle El touchdown pass. Who is telling Reid to challenge that? Clearly Randle El threw the ball well before the line of scrimmage, and the guy who said challenge the play to Reid should never be allowed to handle that job again.

It pisses me off that last week against the Bears there were a bunch of plays that should have been challenged, and they never were. Then when the play is obviously by the rules, the red flag comes flying out. I don’t know whether to blame Reid here, or the guy who looks at the video and tells Reid what to do. Since I never see that guy, I have to blame Reid here. He needs to get a better challenge guy.

Refs Screws Up: On the Eagles 3rd possession of the game, the refs made a big mistake. It was 1st-and-10, and the Redskins were flagged for 12 men on the field. That is a 5 yard penalty, and it was 1st-and-5.

On the very next play McNabb threw a 2 yard pass to FB Tony Hunt, and across the top of the screen it said 2nd-and-8. HUH? How can you go from 1st-and-five, to 2nd-and-8? The Eagles did move 5 yards for the penalty, but instead of 1st-and-5, the refs made it a 1st-and-10.

The next play Correll Buckhalter ran for 3 yards, and it was 3rd-and-5, instead of being a first down. On third-and-five McNabb threw a bullet a little high for Greg Lewis, who watched the ball go right through his hands. On 4th down, David Akers missed a 50 yard field goal.

This is not a major mistake, but a mistake none the less. The Eagles offense had some rhythm going early, and that was the first time it got broken.

Tight Ends Are Killing The Eagles: The Eagles are getting nothing from their tight ends this season. There are no big plays from the tight ends, and the blocking has been awful. Two weeks in a row the Eagles have faltered near the goal line, and both times the tight ends were partially at fault.

Mr. Franchise L.J. Smith is not involved in the offense at all. Ever since his touchdown against the Rams he has been the invisible man. Smith has missed two games with a back injury, but he has been less than stellar in the 3 games he has played. Smith has 9 catches for 75 yards and 1 TD so far this year.

While the Eagles are getting nothing from their tight ends, other teams sure are throwing to their tight ends against the Eagles.

Jason Witten lead the Cowboys against the Iggles, with 7 catches for 110 yards. When the Cowboys needed a big play, Witten was the go-to-guy.

Greg Olsen burned linebacker Chris Gocong for a 19 yard score in the Bears loss.

Even in the two Eagles wins, the leading receivers from each opposing team was a tight end(Heath Miller and Randy McMichael).

So how would the Eagles do against one of the leagues better tight ends in Chris Cooley? Cooley kills them with 8 catches for 108 yards, and a touchdown.

The Eagles change to bigger slower linebackers seems to have helped them a lot against the run, (although not in the Skins game) but it has killed them in pass coverage. This weakness continues to get exploited each game, as offensive coordinators are trying to get fast players matched up on the Eagles linebackers.

It’s not just the linebacker, as the safeties have also given up some pretty big plays. I don’t know if Jim Johnson can scheme better for the tight end, or if this is just a major flaw with the Eagles defense.

Something needs to change soon, or other teams will continue to abuse the defense with tight ends.

McNabb Embarrassed: Donovan McNabb was very vocal about his displeasure with the Eagles losing the last two games. He even feels that the Eagles lost to an inferior team Sunday.\

“There’s no way that this team is better than us,” Donovan McNabb said. “The same went for last week. I was embarrassed these last two weeks. To two teams we shouldn’t have lost to. Not taking anything away from them, but there is no way that team is better than us. The same went for last week and then you find yourself here wondering why. It’s what we didn’t do. Not what they did, but what we didn’t do.”

Embarrassed is a good way to feel after the game, but I don’t think it’s wise to say that the Eagles are better than the Redskins publicly. I am sure McNabb really believes this, but this quote will probably be bulletin board material for Washington.

I thought long and hard about whether the Eagles are better than the Redskins, and I can’t justify that statement. They definitely were not the better team Sunday, and overall they are playing better football. They just did not get beat, the were gashed for 200 yards on the ground, and gave up 23 straight points to the Redskins.  

Maybe Akers Is Done: I hate to say this, but the Eagles need a new kicker. David Akers has missed 9 straight field goals past 40 yards, and is only 3 of his last 14 from beyond 40.

Troy Aikman said during and after the game that if a coach is unsure that his kicker can hit a reasonable field goal(45 yards or below) then it is time to replace them. I think Troy is right here. The Eagles can not afford to have Akers miss all of these kicks. Not only is is points not on the score board, but these misses are setting up the other team with great field position.

There is probably nothing that can be done this year, but next year the Eagles should spend a late(around the 5th round) draft pick on a talented young kicker.

Akers has been a fan favorite for a while, but he is not getting it done anymore. It is time to move on.

Westbrook Talks About His Injury: Brian Westbrook talks about the rib injury, and if he will be able to go Sunday on his weekly radio show.

“it’s kind of wait and see.”

“Can you stand that pain and play with it and be effective? Do I want to be out there at 45 percent and not wanting to take a hit and hurting the team more than I’m helping it?” he said on 950 ESPN Radio.

“No, I would rather have Correll Buckhalter, a proven running back, a guy who can get the job done, take over and carry this team, and I wouldn’t want to set the team back like that. But what I’m going to do is rehab and see where things end up at the end of this week.”

“Every hit you feel it. Every time you run and turn you feel it,” Westbrook said. “You turn right, you turn left, you try to make a move, and that’s part of my game, trying to make people miss. You get hit in your right side, you get hit in your left side you feel it. As a player, you want to be able to do the things that you do help this team, but it definitely limits the things you can do.”

It sounds like he is hurting bad, and won’t be able to go against the 9ers. What else can go wrong?

Jackson’s First Punt Return Touchdown: The only positive I can take from this game, was the big return by exciting rookie DeSean Jackson. Jackson started running right, and on a dime he cut back left, and then just put on the jets. A good block down field was all Jackson needed, as he used his speed to blow past everybody else.

There was a flag on the play, and the Birds got a huge break that the refs lifted it. Number 50, Tank Daniels made his first bonehead play of the game by blocking number 50 Khary Campbell in the back. Somehow the refs got confused, and called the play on Campbell instead of Daniels. Thanks to the dumb refs, the touchdown stood.

It was a penalty on Daniels, but Campbell was already out of the play anyways. It would have been a real shame if a dumb penalty would have taken away such a great return. Especially when it was really not even a factor in the play.

This return ended a long drought for the Eagles special teams. The last time the Eagles scored a special teams touchdown was when Brian Westbrook returned a punt 81 yards against the 49ers in 2003.

Another big time play from Jackson who is a big time play maker.

Fans Egg The Skins Bus: The Redskins’ bus got nailed with a flurry of eggs, as they pulled into the Linc. I don’t care if the National Media rips us for this, because I think this is great. I say egg them again next year, and every year after that!

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Redskins Guy

    Regarding the foolish challenge about Randle El’s touchdown pass, I have a theory.  The pass was made next to where some Eagles coaches were standing.  I think some arrogant coach saw the play up close and said “There’s no WAY he didn’t cross the line on that!” without even bothering to look at game tape.
    Coaches will be dubious when a player insists that he caught it or didn’t fumble the ball, but when a fellow coach insists he saw something happen, they might give him a little more credibility.  Anyway that’s my theory. Obviously nobody bothered to review it because if they had taken even a single look at the footage they would have realized it was a good touchdown. 

  • Freak

    In my humble opinion, Reid doesn’t have the best record with the red flag.

    Or clock management, for that matter.

    I agree with the Akers comment, unfortunately…

    As for the egging- typical but not major and a small cross section of Philly fans-  the cross section that gets all the press of course.

    Understandably so, I suppose.

    We better beat the 49ers…  I bet on that game.

    Stupid ass that I am.

  • Ian

    Guy – That may be true. I think a smart decision would be to have the guy upstairs take a quick look at it. Like you said one look should have been enough to say don’t throw the red flag.

    Freak – His record is pretty bad in that department, and his clock management has always been poor. Sometimes Reid gets away with it, but in games like this these things come back to burn you. The team sure could have used that timeout at the end of the game when they needed to stop the clock.

    I think the 9ers game will be tough. No Westbrook, JT O’Sullivan playing well, and Reid’s record before the bye week is very bad.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    on the road, bitches, clear across the country coming off a big in- division loss……..looks like philly gets upset this week…..hope so

  • Ian

    dave – None of that stuff matters. home field in the NFL doesn’t matter, traveling far does not matter, and what happened last week does not matter. What matters is how they play.

  • Justin

    cant really say im sorry to see akers go if he does……. always hate seeing him on field because he’s normally been accurate….

    as far as McCrybaby…… you are what your record says you are, maybe if he wasn’t blogging he’d be working with his WR or something that would be productive on Sundays

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh really? ever hear of jet lag? flying clear across country still takes time, unless philly has figured out a way to tele-port themselves there? lose a day of practice, traveling. sanfran will be rested and home and pissed off, they lost a tough one too. they got pride they play in the nfl. and they feel as if philly is over looking them. mcnabb shot his mouth off that they’re better than washington and dallas and they got to be better than sanfran…..well go to someones house and try to pull that shit off in their living room in front of their fans and see what happens?  i say upset, sanfran wins this one

  • phillymanass999999

    Hi Fellas, I don’t care if we suck this year. woooo hooo I said SUCK. Reminds me of sucking a hard Co#K on any givin sunday, hell any givin any day. I’m just glad that we wear those tight pants every sunday and it shows those big bulges and tight man asses. Thats the most important thing about football to real men in philly, right fellas? Who’s with Me? Sometimes here in philly all Eagle fans will deflate a football just a little and stick the tip of one side in our anus. Thats real football, thats philadelphia eagle FOOTBALL!!!! Right Fellas? Does anybody know how to get a hold of Jason Campbell he is one our Favorite members in the off season. He isn’t a philly fanny like us but he sure can slob a knob like JUSTIN and the REDSKIN GUY. lOVE YOU BYE, SEE YOU HUNKS AFTER OUR NEXT LOSS.

  • Freak

    The Eagles have problems and may lose to the niners- though I doubt it.

    If they do, it won’t be from jet lag.  That’s plain silly.

    phillymanass- go find yourself a nice cool spot and take a nap.  Maybe your boyfriend can stroke your head to help you relax.

  • Ian

    Dave – Freak is right. They go to San Fran Friday night or Saturday morning on a charter flight. Most guys listen to their ipods, watch movies, or even watch game film. Then when they arrive they take a bus to a 5 star hotel with all the accommodations you would want.

    A trip like that may tire you out, but these are professional athletes who are used to flying all the time.

    Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis will be much more of a problem than jet lag or the Frisco fans.

    Freak – I think they win this week, because if they lose you might as well say the season is over. So you should hopefully see a team that is prepared for once.

    Phillyman – Thanks for the comment. I know you love the Eagles so much.