Eugene Monroe Visited Eagles

According to the Rumor Mill over at, Virgina offensive tackle Eugene Monroe toured the NovaCare Complex. This info was culled from an interview with NFL Sirius Radio. I don’t have Sirius, so I wasn’t able to listen to the interview. Let’s assume this is true and play the “what if” game.

Monroe is considered a Top 5 prospect. He’s been linked to the Rams at #2. Likely, he won’t fall past Cincinnati at #6. With this in mind, what would it take to move into the top 5 to land Monroe? Well, I’ve studied the NFL Trade Chart and crunched the numbers GM’s use to determine value. The Eagles do have enough to get him if they so choose.

Now, all this speculation depends on finding a willing trade partner. Nevertheless, it’s fun to run through the potential scenarios. The #2 overall pick is worth 975 points. The #21 and #28 picks combined equal 955 points. Toss in a 5th rounder which is worth roughly 75 points, and you have the necessary amount to climb into position to draft Monroe.

Would the Birds be willing to give up both #1 picks to land an elite tackle prospect? Is this the Big Move they are planning? This could all be a clever ruse by Reid and Co. to throw off some other teams. It wouldn’t be the first time they have used a little subterfuge to fool the enemy. However, we all know Andy loves his lineman and they did move up to select Shawn Andrews.

As a top 5 pick, Monroe would command a hefty salary and signing bonus. The Eagles clearly have the cash. He would also be immediately inserted into the vacant left tackle spot, thus negating the need to shift either Andrews or Herremans outside. Monroe and the Andrews Bros. would make for one big, physical and young O-line.

I’m not sure I’d give up both picks to get him, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens. There is enough RB and TE depth to get quality players in rounds 2 and 3. What do you guys think? Would a trade up to get Monroe make you happy, or furious?

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    I would trade up to grab Monroe.  The good tackles always get taken early and there’s no way a solid tackle will be available at #21.  I expect Monroe to be taken by #15 and after him there is a huge drop off at OT. 

    LT is the only position the Eagles need to get a top player at.  There are plenty or RBs and TEs to look at in rounds 2 and 3.  Trade the picks to get Monroe.  Cincinnati at #6 might be a trading partner since they need a lot of help.  San Fran at #10 is another one.  They may be targetting Mark Sanchez and they could grab him at #21 and have another first round pick to boot.

  • Scott

    I kinda like the deal myself. Although I’m pretty sure Monroe won’t slide out of the Top 5. The Rams letting Pace go leads me to believe they will take the top rated tackle. Either Monroe or Jason Smith. Maybe Steve Spags will be willing to wheel n’ deal with his old boss, but I think the Rams will stay where they are.

  • Tracer Bullet

    I dunno. This move would ensure they’d have to take one of those 240-pound oversized WR-type TEs who can’t block even a little bit, and probably takes them out the running for a guy like Donald Brown. Is Monroe that much better than somebody like Oher who might be available in middle of the round?

  • Scott

    I watched Oher in the Senior Bowl game, his Combine workout and some game footage. He doesn’t look all that impressive. In fact, some of the draft gurus (which I am clearly not) have called him a project player. A boom or bust guy. Not very flattering for a supposed first round pick. I’m not saying going up to get Monroe is the best move, but I would not draft Oher.

  • miguel

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  • miguel

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  • Arsalan

    The Eagles could get the first pick in the draft because the lions are willing to deal the pick. I read somewhere that the eagles give up both first rounders, a third rounder, and a player for the first pick. It is highly unlikely that will happen but if the eagles wanted thet could and the lions could rebuild their team with three first rounders.

  • Scott

    It’s possible, but I doubt Reid and Co. would give up that much to get to #1. Maybe #5 or #6. We’ll see what happens.