Thoughts on Jay Cutler, Nick Cole and Gisele Bundchen

It’s another slow news day in Eagles Nation. No breaking news or rumors not involving Anquan Boldin or Jason Peters.

Although, now that Jay Cutler is officially on the trading block, I imagine the gossip guys will start speculating he might land in Philly. Uh… not gonna happen. I still find it hard to fathom that the Broncos are open to dealing a 25-year-old franchise quarterback. Cutler is behaving like a whiny toddler, but what would you expect? He’s a quarterback!

I blame wunderkind Josh McDaniels for this whole mess. As I’ve stated before, if you’re going to trade your quarterback a month after arriving in town, TRADE HIM!  Don’t flirt with a couple teams without ensuring a concrete deal is in place. Now, Joshy boy has managed to miss out on the guy he wanted and totally piss off the guy he had. Good job. Yet another Belichick disciple who thinks he has all the answers. You know, like Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel and Eric Mangini. Maybe the Broncos can ship Cutler to Detroit, draft Matt Stafford and cross their fingers he’s another Matt Ryan. Either that or they roll with Chris Simms, trade for someone not as talented as Cutler or sign a stopgap like Jeff Garcia. Ugh.

The Nick Cole re-signing yesterday went largely unnoticed. He was a RFA, so he was coming back once he inked his tender. However, his return is important to the Eagles’ O-line plans. Lest we forget, prior to being thrust into the starting right guard spot last season, Cole was the back-up center. Reid has insinuated Cole will “compete” with Jamaal Jackson come training camp. Hmm? We already know the guy is capable, so what of he wins the starting center job? Combine that with a potential shift of either Herremans or Andrews to left tackle and the Birds will need some help at guard. With all the tackle talk surrounding the upcoming draft, it could be that the Eagles are focusing their attention on the guard position instead.

Here’s some breaking news: Golden Boy Tom Brady’s model wife Gisele considered booting her lover-boy out the door when she found out he knocked-up Bridget Moynahan. Then she came to her senses and realized she was about to dump Tom Brady and his millions. Whew! I’m so glad those two kids were able to keep it together. I mean if a Super Bowl winning quarterback and a gorgeous supermodel can find true love, it gives hope to us all.

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  • BULA

    giselle is worth three times as much as tom brady

  • Section118

    MacDaniels neck is way out on the line right now… he better be able to work magic otherwise he is in deep deep crap… he comes in and manages to drive their biggest name star (until #20…) out of town

    That being said… Cutler does not have that “it” factor… i can’t see him ever leading his team to a championship (he can manage a championship team around him but could never lead a team himself)… when things get tough for him, he whines and complains.  frankly i see the same thing in him that we complain about with #5… 2 minutes left in the super bowl cutler is not the guy i want with his hands on the ball.

  • Scott

    Sorry, I meant his million dollar smile ;0) Point is, she ain’t gonna get better than Tom Brady when comes to his handsome good looks, celebrity profile and bank account. Hot chicks like Gisele generally have low self esteem. It makes them feel better when they’re with studs like Golden Boy Tom. 

    Cutler may not be a Super Bowl quarterback but none of us, including McDumbass, know that for sure. Bottom line – if they dump Cutler they are unloading a legit starting quarterback. Those aren’t easy to find. Not a very smart move, IMO.

  • Michael

    If we lose Cutler due to Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels I’m going to be pissed. Wait I already am! Josh needs to be showing up at his home with his lips puckered for insulting Cutler. Yes you are right Cutler has a bit of an EGO and he needs to drop it. I don’t want to see him running off the field in tears like P. Manning when he loses a game.

    Don’t go Cutler!!! You’re fans still love you!

    Sad Broncos fan

  • Section118

    I stand by the Cutler doesn’t have that “it” factor to lead a team to a championship… but I agree with you.  You can’t dump your franchise qb w/o any back-up plan.  Since he’s been drafted, he’s been the future of the franchise.  Now isn’t the time to radically change direction when you have no one else to step in…

    Sadly, I am also a Sad Broncos fan because my heart will always be rooting for Weapon X wherever he is

  • Anthony

    I think you’re right on the money on McDaniels Scott.  He completely blew this one.  Just another pompous Belichick cronie.  What’s crazy is it started bad, but when he should have been trying to repair the relationship, he continued to insert his foot further into his mouth.  That’s pure arrogance.  Cutler is being a baby about all this, but it doesn’t make the Broncos right.  Think about it:  You get your first head coaching job and before you have even coached a game in the NFL, you alienate your star quarterback!  Good move.  That will really earn the respect of the rest of the locker room.  I think Dawk may be coaching that team by week 8.

  • Symphony Sid

    “Hot chicks like Gisele generally have low self esteem. It makes them feel better when they’re with studs like Golden Boy Tom. ”
    Are you serious? Gisele Bundchen has a bigger ego than Mussolini!

  • Scott

    I feel for you Broncos fans. You guys have a “real” QB controversy going on, not one of the manufactured ones we deal with on a weekly basis in Philly. You guys have got be livid with how the coach and FO has botched this situation. A wounded ego is impossible to repair.

    Anthony – 100% agreed. Dawkins has more common sense and public relations savvy than McDaniels. Of course, he’s also 4 years older than him.

  • Scott

    Symphony Sid – Gisele’s so-called “big ego” masks her mountain of insecurities. You obviously haven’t dated really hot girls before. Most have serious issues. That’s why they need to be with powerful men. Athletes, billionaires, actors, you name it.

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