Cardinals Lower Demands for Boldin

According to Sal Pal over at ESPN, the Cardinals have lowered their trade demands for disgruntled wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Now they are willing to accept a second-round pick and future considerations.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up. If the Eagles weren’t willing to give up a second-rounder for Gonzo, I doubt they will for Boldin. He is four years younger, but I still think Reid likes his wideouts.

However, the Giants may be very interested in Boldin. That would be bad. We shall see what happens this weekend.

Update: Sal Pal just reported on 950ESPN that the Eagles offered a third-round pick, a second rounder in 2010 and Winston Justice for Boldin. I have no idea if this is legit, nor do I think that’s enough to satisfy the Cardinals. Things appear to be heating up. Remember, these are just rumors people.

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  • Matt

    This actually sounds like a discount tailor-made for the Eagles. All things considered, Tony Gonzalez is in the twilight of his career, and, though he’s still a viable option, you know how the Eagles are with talent that’s nearing retirement. I’m also not nearly as concerned with our tight end situation as I like Brent Celek and figure upon the Eagles drafting a second TE that can develop into another viable option.

    You also have to consider the possibility that the Eagles held onto the pick in case it would be needed to make a play for Boldin, or that talks were never truly that serious to begin with.

    A wide-receiver like Anquan Boldin is a major difference-maker. It quells the talks about the Eagles not going after the playmakers, appeases McNabb’s desire for additional targets, and most of all, adds another player that opposing defenses need to spotlight. I would imagine that the Eagles are extremely interested, as they’ve been in the conversation for some time, even with the higher price. But that’s just my thought process.

    …I’ll try not to let myself get TOO excited.

  • Scott Tunstall

    Matt – I think Boldin is a good player. I wouldn’t call him a difference-maker. I’ve already broken down his career stats on the site, so I’m not going to get into that again. Safe to say, he’s not the big play guy everyone believes him to be.

    Bottom line, IMO: The Birds made their big deal. It was Jason Peters. If they loved Boldin so much, they would have surrendered a #1 pick for him. Reid may add a receiver, but it will be in the draft.

  • Jason

    Its weird that no one in the media has mentioned that it wouldn’t be in the Cardinals best interests to trade Boldin to the Giants or Eagles since they figure to be 2 of their main threats to reach the Super Bowl next year. Something the Cardinals are obviously thinking about especially the Giants case since their offense completely fell apart last year without Plax.

  • Scott Tunstall

    Good point, Jason. It’s been my belief all along that it makes zero sense for the Cards to trade Boldin to anyone, really. They just went to the Super Bowl. Unless the guy pulls a TO and stages a press conference in his driveway, I say Boldin isn’t going anywhere.

  • section118

    scott, you say that like you are kidding… but I’m not so sure. The fact that the Cards lower their demands sounds to me like they might be panicking about getting rid of Boldin before the draft. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I think they are very afraid of having to deal with him disrupting an otherwise good locker room.