Draft Q&A: The End

Well, it’s time to wrap up the cross-blog Q&A with the guys over at Heard in the Cheap Seats. I’d like to thank Chris and Anthony for participating. I could have organized it a little better, but for a first time, it went pretty well. Again, to read their latest response, please head over to their site.

Here is their final question to me:

Most NFL experts feel that the Eagles two biggest areas of need are tight end and RB. Which direction will they go with the first pick and why?

A solid question to close this out. Well, I have a suspicion that Reid might not go either TE or RB, but I’m not going to get into that. I have soured a bit on Brandon Pettigrew. My feeling is he will go in the first round but isn’t a first-round talent. There are plenty of tight ends to be had in rounds two and three more to Reid’s liking. Nelson, Cook, Ingram and Coffman will all be available.

Therefore, I say running back is the more pressing need. Knowshon Moreno is the name most linked with the Eagles. If he is still there at 21, they will draft him. I believe he’ll be gone. The only other first-round graded backs are Chris Wells and Donald Brown. Chris already explained why Wells will not be the pick, so that leaves Brown. In my opinion, 21 is too early to grab him.

Don’t be surprised if the Eagles trade back into the first round or second, then select Brown. The Patriots and Cardinals are the only two teams at the bottom of the first round that need help at running back. If the Birds can navigate around these two teams, they can still get Brown if they choose.


That’s it for Q&A. I think we accomplished our goal. We asked and answered atypical draft questions and hopefully provided some new insight into what the Eagles may or may not do this weekend. The truth is, nobody knows what the hell Reid and Co. have planned, but we all anticipate fireworks and shocks. Very rarely do Eagles’ drafts turn out as expected.

Enjoy your draft weekend. Don’t forget to stop by ITI tomorrow and Sunday. I’ll be joining a live blog chat and will be logging a draft diary. It should be a lot of fun. Again, thanks to Chris and Anthony from Heard in the Cheap Seats for joining me in this spirited discussion. E-A-G-L-E-S!!!

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