Fear Favre? Not Anymore

Domo over at Eagletarian posted an article earlier today regarding the possible return of the quarterback-who-just-won’t-go-away – Brett Favre. He thinks the Eagles should be afraid if Fav-re trots his washed-up self under center for the Vikings. Respectfully, I disagree.

Brett Favre is done. I don’t care how he played early in 2008 for the Jets. I care how he finished down the stretch. He looked like what he is: a once great quarterback who can no longer cut it at age 40. His body has endured 16 seasons of punishment. His arm strength has decreased and his reflexes have dulled. Shoulder and elbow injuries still linger.

Let him come back. He shouldn’t scare any legit contender, especially the Eagles. He has a 2-5 record (including playoffs) against Jim Johnson’s defense. In those games, he’s thrown 12 interceptions and has been sacked 19 times. And that’s when he was in his prime. If anything, the Birds should be salivating to play old-man Favre.

Okay, he’ll have Adrian Peterson in the backfield. Ahman Green was damn good in his day with the Packers and the Eagles still handled Favre just fine. What about Bernard Berrian and rookie pothead Percy Harvin? Sorry, but neither is close to the receivers Favre had in Green Bay.

If Favre does return, his sole purpose will be to exact some sort of misguided vengeance against Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy. Does he really care about winning another Super Bowl? I doubt it very seriously. His motivations in 2009 will have little to do wins and losses, except for two meetings with the Pack. Is that what the Vikings want? A broken-down legend who will be pumped for only two games all season? If so, have at him Minnesota. Just don’t puff out your chests thinking the rest of the NFC will be quakin’ in their cleats.

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  • Mike Lars

    Wow, what a thoughtful article.

    You sound like a bleacher fan who knows three players on your favorite team. Favre is a legend.

    Eagle fans hate the Jets, thus you hate Favre.

    The guy was forced to the Jets, and did what he could. He didn’t run to the media and belittle fellow players like his Jet teammates did, and he didn’t lower himself to respond to garbage media like your article. he played the game.

    The guy has the opportunity to end his career on his terms, not the Packers. The Jets should be commended for giving Brett what the Packers wouldn’t. The NFL is a better place for an old school player not worried about contracts, or idiotic stunts the likes of the now many T.O.’s in the league.

    Jump of the “I Hate Brett” bandwagon the media loves to ride and give the guy his due. A great like Brett should be able to end his career where he wants. Not be forced out by a GM with an ego. The Jets who are usually known for their horrible fans (I reference the old guy nearly killed by a rock snowball) or their “kill their own” media, did the league, fans, and the game a great service by doing the right thing.

  • http://www.insidetheiggles.com Scott Tunstall

    Mike – Favre is a legend and all he’s doing now is screwing up his legacy. He’s like a punchdrunk boxer who just can’t live without the spotlight on him. I don’t hate Favre. I feel sorry for him because he just can’t leave the game behind.

    By the way, I can name every member on my favorite team. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Oh, where the hell is this so-called “I Hate Brett” campaign you speak of?? All I see when I turn on ESPN and the NFL Net is Brett, Brett, Brett. Every day, all day. The media has had a love affair with him and his lawn mower for 15 years. Perhaps your admiration for him has clouded your vision. Favre can do whatever he wants. He always does. But the guy needs to wake up and realize the game has passed him by.

  • dave

    Favre isn’t playing to be in the spotlight. He’s playing cause he likes to play. I’m a Packer fan who wishes we still had him, but it’s still okay he’s around but playing for someone else. It’s a heartbreaker, but Favre can still play better than lots of QB’s.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Hate the Jets? Eagles fans don’t care about the Jets. The Jets are irrelevant.

    Favre might be a bit better than he was in NY because he’ll be in a dome, but his receivers won’t be appreciably better and the Jets had the fifth ranked rushing offense according to FO last year while Minnesota was 21st. And he’ll be 40.

    What might actually help him is that the Vikings only face three really good pass rushes and those are all out of the division.

    Best case scenario: the Vikings win that lousy division and lose in the first round of the playoffs, or exactly what Jackson/Ferrotte did last year. The Giants, Eagles, Cardinals and Panthers (maybe) are still the class of the conference and Favre in purple won’t change that.

  • http://www.insidetheiggles.com Scott Tunstall

    Tracer – I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but isn’t Favre notoriously bad inside domes? I know they won the Super Bowl vs Pats inside, but I seem to recall him struggling most of his career.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    very good article scott, thats an interesting approach on this farve thing. i know a lot of viking fans here in n.iowa that are dissapointed, but siding with you, minny’s better off now if they just move on and let it go. so is farve. good points to consider. hell sage rosenfels is a hell of a qb in his own right. i am very familar with him from iowa state. he’ll be a good fit for them.

  • http://www.insidetheiggles.com Scott Tunstall

    Dave – Thanks. The problem with Brett is he says one thing today, then another thing tomorrow. As of 10pm Thursday, he’s retired. This time tomorrow he could be un-retired. The season is still 4 months away. I will believe it when I see it if he isn’t on the field opening Sunday.

  • Tracer Bullet

    Scott, that’s always been the conventional wisdom but I’ve never seen any statistics proving it. In any event, I can’t imagine landing on that Metrodome turf eight times a year is going to do his 40-year-old body any good.

  • http://www.insidetheiggles.com Scott Tunstall

    Well, I needed to know, so I looked it up.

    Favre’s record in domes during ’90s: 10-15
    Favre’s record in domes during ’00s: 13-10

    He got better with age, but you’re right Tracer. That Metrodome turf can be unforgiving.