This Tony Curtis.

Eagles Sign Another Injured Tight End

His name is Tony Curtis.

No, not this one...

No, not the actor...

Sorry. My mistake.

Per Brian Seltzer of ESPN 950 via his Twitter page, the Eagles have inked tight end Tony Curtis, most recently of the Chiefs, to a one-year deal. Seltzer credits a “source.” The Birds have confirmed nothing as of 11:30pm Monday night.

Curtis must be really good. Look at the photo. He’s beating Sean Considine for a touchdown. That never happened — oh, wait a sec… I forgot, Considine sucked. Maybe Curtis can beat him again on Thursday night when they play the Jaguars. Oops… never mind. Apparently, Tony is still rehabbing a sprained ankle he suffered a few weeks ago. Hey, what’s one more injured player. The more the merrier, I say. If this report is accurate and if Curtis makes the final roster, he’s known to be a good in-line blocker.

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  • Matt

    We’re overcompensating for the fact that we let LJ Smith walk.

  • Scott Tunstall

    Good point. I see LJ pulled his hammy versus the Jets. What a waste of talent.

  • jane doe

    I bet you never touched a football in your life. You have your nerve to talk smack about Curtis….all your doing is wishing you were in his place and getting paid, instead of writing a damn article about him huh? LMAO