Eagles Lose More Than Just A Game To Cowboys

Bye, bye NFC East title. See ya #2 seed. Sayonara off week. Some fans foolishly seemed to believe it was a foregone conclusion that the Eagles would dispose of the Cowboys. Uh… didn’t happen.

Power will beat finesse almost every time and that was certainly the case today. Another flat start by pretty much everyone wearing wings translated to a good ol’ fashioned ass kicking. Kinda like the one the Birds delivered last year during week 17. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold… ice cold.

The offense misfired constantly all afternoon. Donovan was inaccurate, again. The receivers dropped passes, again. The offensive line committed penalties and communicated poorly, again. The running game all but disappeared, again. Insert a tape of any of the Eagles losses this season and you’ll see the same things.

The defense had no answer for Romo or the ‘Boys rush attack. When McDermott hung back in a zone, Romo found holes and picked them apart. When he chose to dial up pressure, it failed to get through and Romo hit his hot reads. Marion Barber and Felix Jones ran basically untouched most of the game. Guys were out of position and a plethora of tackles were missed. In the battle of redheaded assistants, Jason Garret took McDermott to the woodshed.

So, what to make of this total team collapse? Personally, I just don’t think the Eagles matchup with Dallas. Reid and Co. have another week to find some answers, because these two will strap ‘em up in Big D again next week in the Wildcard round. At this point, I’m not very confident things will go any differently.

The Cowboys have shut down the Birds and Saints and limited a potent Chargers assault all in the last month. Unless gang green finds some new players, or starts reading tea leaves, it could be one and done for the ’09 postseason.

Dallas is playing with fire and confidence. If not for some dumb infractions and one wacky interception, it was a near perfect performance for the home team. Obviously, the Eagles have loads of work to do in the next few days. All they can do is forget about what coulda been and concentrate on assembling a game plan that doesn’t involve getting beat down for a second consecutive week.

Better wish them luck. They are gonna need it.

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  • Boltergeist

    The Cowgirls made it close versus the Chargers with a meaningless touchdown in scrub time. The Chargers showed them who’s boss and hardly a game where they limited the Bolts potent attack..the check in the “L” column says it all.

  • Marc

    just embarrassing. i hope the birds go home, find the team that won 6 straight, and leave the team that lost to the raiders, at home. this was just a bad outing. Def., off., special teams even. just bad. even the giants scored at least once today. the lions scored today. this was just bad.

  • Scott Tunstall

    Touchy, touchy Chargers fan. You guys have won 11 straight. Relax. The Boys held your boys under their season average in points and total yards. Sorry, but that’s “limiting” them.

  • Chris

    @Marc, the loss to the raiders was actually on the wst coast, not home. the eagles have alwsy had problems playing on the west coast for whatever reason.

  • Marc

    yeah, i know the loss to the raiders was here in Oakland. (I’M IN LA) my point was, that they took that same team (mentality) to Dallas yesterday. they need to leave that team at home, and bring the team “mentality” that won 6 straight.
    i still can’t believe how bad the were yesterday. no heart what so ever.

  • KD

    This article just had me laughing…

    Not because I thoroughly enjoy reading about the Eagles woes but just because of the way it was written.

    I hate to give credit, since I come to other team’s blogs to bash, but this was a nicely written piece.

    May “The Battle of the Red Headed Assistants” proceed.

    Interesting stat is (I believe I’m recalling this correctly) 9 out of 13 times the team that swept wins the third meeting. But the Boys contributed to the minority of that statistic against the Giants, so we’ll see.

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  • Scott Tunstall

    Credit from a Cowboys fan? The end is nigh. I covered the sweep scenario last week in my “Double Dose of Dallas” post. See, I kinda saw this coming. Anyway, teams are 12-7 when going for the trifecta. Oh, and your boys are 0-2 in their previous two chances (’98 and ’07).

  • KD

    So 12 out of 19 times, almost as good.

    Gambler’s fallacy says if the odds of winning are 63% then the odds of losing 3 times are only 5% and since we’ve already lost twice we’re due to win…

    There’s a reason why it’s a fallacy, but at this point in the year I stick my head in the sand until game day for a reason.

  • Scott Tunstall

    Oh how I wish I could stick my head in the sand :(

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