Marlin Jackson Is An Eagle

The three-day courtship with cornerback/safety Marlin Jackson is over. The Eagles inked him and his torn ACLs to a two-year contract today.

I loved this guy coming out of college, but you really have to wonder about how much he can give playing on bad knees. He does bring versatility, so maybe he’ll just be used as a rotational guy in the secondary.

Let’s hope the training staff put him through a complete physical. The specter of Stacy Andrews still lingers. According to Marlin, he’ll be ready to go by training camp. Fingers crossed. He’ll also be playing free safety. Macho Harris — this is your wake-up call.

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  • Harry Oh

    OOOOOOHHHH YEEEAHHH….SNAP INTO IT !! (said in “macho voice”)

  • Kermit

    Congrats, you’ve added a guy who likes to hit people in the head with beer bottles to a team that already has Ron Mexico. Filthadelphia pride, enjoy the reek of it!

  • Matt

    ’tis a shame that Kermit will likely never return to read this following comment:

    “Jackson was charged with felonious assault in the summer of 2003. A 26-year-old man accused Jackson of striking him in the right eye with a bottle on June 1, requiring 17 stitches, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. [8]

    On February 19, 2009, Jackson won the civil lawsuit regarding this incident[9]. Not only did the jury find Jackson not liable for any damages, they rejected the claim that he attacked the plaintiff with a bottle, found the plaintiff guilty of defamation and malicious prosecution, and awarded Jackson $225,000 in damages.”