DeSean Jackson Vs. Himself

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I don’t wanta jump the gun here, especially since I’ve been calling DeSean the anti-TO for the last couple years, but #10 is starting to venture into troublesome territory in regards to his media revelations.

The hullabaloo surrounding his recent Sporting News article just won’t go away. As I alluded to on Monday, the interpretation of DeSean’s comments about McNabb were skewed to paint him as an ungrateful villain. Hey, that happens. I equate it to those quotes pulled for movie promotions. You’ll read or hear “the action was non-stop” and conclude the flick must be alright. What you don’t read or hear is what follows the out of context snippet.

“The action was non-stop, but the plot was ridiculously contrived and the acting completely laughable.”

You get my point. However, certain remarks are what they are, like the ones DeSean made about offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg in the same Sporting News piece. The NFL Net crew had fun dissecting what was said, but you’ll have to go here to listen.

To paraphrase, DeSean called out Marty for questioning his toughness after suffering a concussion last year. Let’s assume that DeSean’s version of the story is accurate. Should Marty make light of a concussion? No. Should DeSean have repeated the conversation during an interview? No.

Both guys are in the wrong. However, Marty is an old school coach who makes a living pushing buttons to motivate players. On the other hand, DeSean is a young superstar who needs to keep behind the scenes meetings to himself. He needs to learn that with McNabb gone, he has become the go-to guy for a quote.

Getting baited into stirring up a maelstrom of controversy is a mistake DeSean cannot continue to make, or he will find himself being unfavorably compared to another certain mouthy wide receiver who used to don the midnight green. For the most part, he has stayed relatively humble, but inflammatory comments about a coach are a BIG NO-NO.

My hope is he can keep his burgeoning superstardom in check. For now, I’m firmly in DeSean’s corner. I love his confidence. I love his edge. I love his competitiveness. That being said, I could really do without his interview shenanigans.

Please DeSean, don’t become another jackass wide receiver. The NFL has more than enough of them already.

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