Is Jason Peters Ready To Dominate?

Despite being named to his third Pro Bowl last season, I wasn’t overly impressed with Jason Peters‘ play at times. Some of his inconsistencies can be attributed to a nagging ankle injury and acclimating to a new system and coaching method, but that doesn’t explain why he didn’t quite live up to the hype after the Eagles traded to acquire his services from the Bills.

Don’t get me wrong, the dude wasn’t awful by any stretch. I just didn’t see him destroying linebackers and safeties in the run game or stonewalling elite pass rushers as much as I hoped. To me, he earned the Pro Bowl nod based on his previous reputation. I remember watching Tra Thomas during his Pro Bowl seasons, so I know what a dominant left tackle looks like. That wasn’t Peters in ’09.

I’m expecting a different Jason Peters to emerge from Lehigh this summer. A guy in great shape and more attuned to what Juan Castillo and Andy Reid want from him. Kevin Kolb is a much better athlete than people give him credit for, but he’s no McNabb in the scrambling and elusiveness departments. Peters might not be afforded the luxury of his quarterback buying extra time when he allows a defensive end to blow past him.

Peters has to play smart and disciplined, but he also has to be a mauler. I want to see some attitude, some nastiness. I realize he’s the quiet type, so I’m not anticipating Jon Runyan incarnate. That being said, he needs to establish himself as a force on the offensive line, and with Jamaal Jackson in limbo, maybe assume a leadership role as well.

I think Peters can become the best left tackle in the game. His talent is not in question. What remains to be seen is whether or not he has the drive necessary to raise his level of play a notch or two more. The NFC East is not for the faint of heart. If Peters isn’t prepared, he’ll become a marked man in Philly.

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  • v

    It is time for the fans to speak. I have sent the following to the NFL PA. If you agree please send it to your local newspapers and Blogs.

    I am a Football fan. I am also a worker. The players are workers no matter how much they are paid. They are the one’s who take the chance of being injured while they do their jobs. This will be a lock-out, the equivalent of a strike by the owners – not the players. The players have an average work life of under five years. The star players may have contracts in the millions, but most players are not in that category. The owners have profits in the 10′s of millions maybe 100′s, we can not know for sure since the owner’s never were willing to show their books. There is a reason for that. As a lock-out the workers have the right to seek employment in the same field, their contracts are not exclusive under the law in the case of a lock-out. If I worked for the PA, as the owners prepare for the lock-out, I would be preparing to set up an alternate league, arrange to play in public facilities, talk with individual local cable TV channels, get laws passed to give people the right to get PSL’s refunded, and other ways to put pressure on the owners not to lock-out the players and fans. Right now the owners are looking forward to a lock-out since they feel they have nothing to loose.

  • Get Real

    Your letter is hilarious! It’s funny how fans like to make themselves feel so important. Dream on fool. There is no alternate league, and there never will be an alternate league that will pay the amount these players feel they deserve. Nobody’s going to reorganize the entire league. Who plays on what team and where? Who’s going to pay them their millions? Will public access TV generate enough revenue from advertisements? Why would the players play in some make believe league and get paid millions less when they’d be making tons more by giving in to the owners? The only thing that made sense in your letter is the last sentence. The owner’s have nothing to lose. It’s their league, their teams, their money. If the players don’t like it, they can quit and make use of those college degrees that they’ve study so hard for! Stop trying to convince yourself that as a fan, you matter. You don’t. Money talks. If the fans want their voices to be heard, they need to hit ‘em in the pocketbooks by boycotting this upcoming season. We all know that will NEVER happen. Get over yourself.