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ATLANTA - DECEMBER 06: Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles passes for a completion against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 6, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Controversy and being voted Most Hated in sports aside, let’s talk about Michael Vick and his value to the Eagles.

Before Mark Bulger was snatched up by the Ravens there was a lot of talk that the Eagles might have been in the market for a journeyman quarterback to back up Kevin Kolb. This scenario would most likely involve shopping Vick because there would be very limited use for him anymore.

It’s really hard to tell what the Eagles want for Vick and what teams would want him in the first place. A lot of quarterbacks changed hands this offseason and most, if not all, doors for Vick to start anywhere in the NFL seem to have been shut long ago. Vick has to play with a chip on his shoulder and has been doing so. He’s getting in better shape (supposedly Pro-Bowl shape) and has one season left with the Eagles to prove that he’s a capable starter in the NFL. This just might be his year to do it. But will it be here?

There are two scenarios you can look at when analyzing what to do with Vick. The first would be to keep him at the backup spot here in Philly and see if his off season was really as good as some were making it out to be. A different type of offense than what Kolb would be running would have to be maintained for Vick to bring out his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. If Kolb struggles at some point in the game, this may be very useful to spark the offense and catch a sleeping defense off guard. I would never want Vick out on the field if Kolb was doing well, there is no purpose to taking a young quarterback out of a game when he’s on a hot streak. To me, Vick and his offense is ONLY for when Kolb struggles or, at most, to catch a defense off guard in the red zone.

The second scenario would be to trade him. At best, I think the Eagles might be able to fetch a 3rd round draft pick. But if Andy Reid can do what he did in the 2010 Draft again in 2011 then I’m absolutely fine with a 3rd rounder. Mike Kafka is a great prospect but I certainly do not think he’s ready to be a back up, especially when your starting QB has as much experience as Kolb does(n’t). A journeyman QB would be needed. This guy, lets say someone like Chad Pennington or Jeff Garcia, would run the same offense as Kolb and can mentor him along the way. This seems to be a safer way to go, but you lose the potential edge that Vick would bring to the field. When he steps on the field, the opposing team has to think twice about what they’re doing.

I think Vick will stay in Philly, and he’ll prove his worth mid-season. I love discussing this topic with fellow fans and I would love to hear what you have to say about what Vick brings to the table. Comment on this post or send me a tweet  @InsidetheIggles .

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  • http://www.macmasters.com Jimmy Davies

    I’ve been a fan of and following Vick since he was in high school. I think he sincerely wants to atone for what he did. For the first time in his entire career, he has worked out in the off season. He’s prepared and motivated. Mark my words, it’s going to show from day one of the preseason. He’s going to be back but even better because now he’s got his head on straight.

  • Phil Rivera

    I feel Vick is a great back up for Kolb. He has the chance to become the starter in case Kolb does not work out. He is also a match up nightmare in the red zone having the option of goal line all the way up to 5 wide receiver. Will he have a chance to start again with another team, I doubt it. Will he be a play maker yes and with that he gives us the chance to win a championship.

  • B B

    Irrespective of his merits as QB, he’s a lot of fun to watch play ball. As a fan, I wish we could see more of him. Maybe run a triple option every now and again – catch the defense sleeping.

  • http://yahoo Fred S.

    It’s difficult to watch a “recovering” maniac run around the field – even if he’s talented. Get him out of Philadelphia so we can respect our team again. I miss the expectant excitement and the intense pride I used to have for our Eagles every Sunday – and I go way back!

  • http://TakingBackSports.com/drsportsfan Kevin O’Connor

    Off the field is one issue, but when he is healthy and in football shape, Michael Vick is too great a weapon not to use. Barring a trade — which has to be unlikely at this point — Vick is going to be the number two quarterback for the Eagles. If Andy Reid felt as though Vick was worthy of two or three plays a game when Donovan McNabb was the QB, a novice signal-caller, like Kevin Kolb, will probably not keep the former number one overall pick off the field the whole game. That said, I think that Vick has considerable value to the team in his Wildcat or “Spread Eagle” formation. When he began to hit his stride in the Atlanta game, Vick was a key contributor until his injury against the 49ers. My bet is that Vick will be very good this season and that he will play five to 10 exciting snaps each week. He might even get more rushing attempts than LeSean McCoy based on how Big Red calls his offense.