Eagles QB Kevin Kolb Mentioned in Rolling Stone

Kevin Kolb talks things over with a coach during training camp.

Kevin Kolb was mentioned in an article about concussions in this month's Rolling Stone.

Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb received a brief mention in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine, which is available at newsstands and via subscription online at www.rollingstone.com. The article by Matt Taibbi, titled “A History of Violence,” discusses the impact of concussions on the sport and evaluates fans’ moral values as they continue to watch the games.

Taibbi, who has limited sports writing experience, lists Kolb amongst several players who had a dazed look on their face after suffering concussions this season.  The journalist, better known for his political work, proceeds to take a pointless shot at Kolb’s looks.

“And we saw it on Kevin Kolb’s face when…well, Kolb kind of always looked concussed, even before he got body-slammed by Packers star Clay Matthews,” Taibbi writes.

He later references the records of teams who have lost key players to concussions this year and includes the Birds season opening loss to the Packers on the list, calling it the “Kolb game.”  Taibbi doesn’t, however, mention an actual win-loss record of those teams and only lists three others: the Steelers loss without Hines Ward, the Ravens’ loss without Todd Heap and the Bears’ loss without Jay Cutler.

Never mind that the Bears looked anemic even with Cutler at the helm, amassing just 42 passing yards in the first half while trailing 3-0. Forget that Philadelphia was down 13-3 to Green Bay before Vick took over.  Don’t mind the fact that there have been well over 50 concussions in the NFL this season and Taibbi only references four games.

That’s not even close to the most ludicrous thing he writes, though.  Taibbi says that by watching such a violent sport, fans are participating in a “mass perversion.”

“No one yet has said the obvious, that sooner or later we’re all going to have to give up football and move on to…safer sports Europeans watch, like soccer,” Taibbi wrote.

Don’t mind that the vast majority of players don’t want to give up the game, don’t want the rules changed and are sick and tired of hearing about increased injuries.  Granted, the players need someone to look out for their safety, but banning the sport isn’t even close to the answer.  New and improved helmets like DeSean Jackson uses? Now we’re talking.

Instead, Taibbi says Americans “aren’t terribly civilized,” or they’d have moved on to other sports.

Instead, maybe he and Rolling Stone should move on to other topics.

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