Eagles Fan Rooting Guide - Week 13

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Washington Redskins at New York Giants (1:00, FOX) – This is the most important game of the day for the Eagles, who will be pulling heavily for Donovan McNabb and his Redskins.  New York would keep pace with the Eagles at 8-4 with a win, while they’d fall a game back with a loss.  Philadelphia would love a little bit of breathing room down the stretch.

Cleveland Browns at Miami Dolphins (1:00, CBS) – The Eagles have no rooting interest in this game, as they don’t face either team and both are in the AFC and out of the playoff hunt.  Earlier this year, the Browns were rumored to be interested in the services of Kevin Kolb.  That’s likely not going to be the case this offseason with the emergence of Colt McCoy, but the Eagles could consider sending his services to South Beach, where Chad Henne and Chad Pennington have worn out their welcome.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (1:00, FOX) – Root for the 49ers, as the Packers are direct competition in the playoffs.  San Francisco is only a game back in the NFC West, but the winner of that division may well be below .500 and it’s a lock to be a one playoff spot division.  Green Bay, meanwhile, could be in contention for a Wild Card spot a game behind the Bears, and the Eagles do not have the tiebreaker on the Packers thanks to the season opening loss.

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs (1:00, CBS) – This game has no bearing on the Eagles, unless you really want to stretch things into the offseason coaching searches.  Denver’s Josh McDaniels may be on the hot seat and Philadelphia offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who has been a big part of the Eagles success this year, could be a candidate for several jobs that come open, with Denver being a possibility.

Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings (1:00, CBS) – The standard advice is to root for the AFC team over the NFC team in this situation, but the 4-7 Vikings shouldn’t be of much concern to the Eagles, who do face them later this year.  That win will be better for the Birds’ strength of victory tiebreaker if the Vikings win a few games between now and then, so it’s not a bad idea to pull for Minnesota today.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (1:00, FOX) – This is one of the most important games for the Eagles today, and they’d love to see the Lions pull an upset.  Chicago, after beating Philadelphia, is effectively two games ahead for a first-round bye as a fellow division leader with the tiebreaker.  It’s an interesting spot, as Chicago is on the road off of an emotional game against a Lions team that has been dangerous in defeat this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans (1:00, CBS) – The Eagles beat the Jaguars, but lost to the Titans, so root for the Jaguars on the basis of improving the Eagles’ strength of victory for potential tiebreakers.  Keep in mind that Tennessee could be another possible trade partner for Philadelphia if they do choose to shop Kolb in the offseason, after Vince Young and Jeff Fisher’s relationship seems to have deteriorated beyond repair.

New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals (1:00, FOX) – If you’ve got a little love left for Terrell Owens, today’s the day to bring it out.  The 8-3 Saints are in contention for both a playoff spot and a bye if they can catch the Falcons, so the Eagles would like to see them fall back to the field.

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