Eagles Fan Rooting Guide - Week 13

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Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers (4:05, CBS) – This game does not impact the Eagles in any way, but my advice would be to pull for the Raiders.  They should be less of a scare in the post-season, while the Chargers are getting hot and could get on a roll.  Then again, maybe you’d rather see a hot Chargers team pull an upset of one of the more complete AFC squads like the Patriots, Jets or Ravens.  Take your pick here, as it’s not all that important to Philadelphia.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4:15, FOX) – If you’ve got your eye on the prize of a first-round bye or homefield advantage, you’re a big Buccaneers fan today.  The Falcons don’t have too tough of a schedule remaining (they still play the 1-10 Panthers twice), so this is one of those games they’d likely have to lose if the Eagles are going to have a shot at catching them.  If you’re more worried about just making the playoffs, a loss would leave Tampa Bay in rough shape at 7-5, improving the Eagles chances of getting in, but decreasing their shot at a bye.  I think the bye is far more important to a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks (4:15, FOX) – This game doesn’t directly affect the Eagles, so sit back and enjoy a terrible Panthers squad against a crummy division leader.  If you’re into seeing a team below .500 make the playoffs from the NFC West, root for Carolina.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals (4:15, FOX) – Likewise, this game doesn’t affect the Eagles playoff chances or seeding possibilities, as the NFC West will definitely get the 4-seed for its division winner.  The 5-6 Rams are tied with the 5-6 Seahawks, so a Cardinals win would increase the chances that the winner of the division is at .500 or worse.

Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts (4:15, FOX) – The Eagles already beat the Colts and have two games left against the Cowboys, so this one gets a little bit complicated.  Technically, a Cowboys win would do more for the Eagles strength of victory if they swept that series, but they already have the win locked up against the Colts, and it’s Dallas.  Who wants to root for Dallas again?  Thanksgiving Day was probably hard enough for Eagles fans, so I’ll let you off the hook.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (8:20, NBC) – This is another game that doesn’t directly affect the Eagles, so root for whoever you would rather face in the Super Bowl, as the victor will have an easier road.

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