Eagles Fan Rooting Guide - Week 15

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Scoreboard watching increases in importance as the season wears on, so in Week 15, there’s plenty to keep an eye on.  Philadelphia cannot win tiebreakers against the Bears, Packers, or Buccaneers.  The Eagles trail the Saints and would trail the Giants in tiebreakers with a loss (but would clinch the tiebreaker with a win).  The Eagles do hold the tiebreaker over the Falcons, but they’ll be virtually impossible to catch.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) at St. Louis Rams (6-7) (1:00, CBS) – If you have a preference between facing St. Louis and Seattle in a possible wild card round game, then root accordingly.  If not, root for the Chiefs, because the Buccaneers beat the Rams.  Thus, a St. Louis win improves Tampa Bay’s strength of victory – a tiebreaker that could conceivably come into play if the Eagles and Buccaneers both go 11-5.

Arizona Cardinals (4-9) at Carolina Panthers (1-12) (1:00, FOX) – This game has no playoff implications for the Eagles, so root for whoever you wish.  If you expect the Eagles to trade Kevin Kolb in the offseason, root for poor quarterback play from the Cardinals.  The more suitors, the higher the bidding price, and the Cardinals will more than likely be searching for a quarterback this offseason.

Detroit Lions (3-10) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) (1:00, FOX) – Root for the Lions and root hard.  This is one of the games that could certainly impact the Eagles, as they cannot win a tiebreaker over the Buccaneers if both teams end up with the same records.  Tampa Bay follows up the 3-10 Lions with a game against the 6-7 Seahawks before a tough test against the Saints.  The Bucs would project out to 10-6 based on those matchups, but you never know.

Cleveland Browns (5-8) at Cincinnati Bengals (2-11) (1:00, CBS) – Root for the Browns, based on a longshot tiebreak scenario.  Should the Eagles and Saints finish the season with identical records overall and in conference, which is still possible, they would not have played enough common opponents to use that tiebreaker.  They’d revert to strength of victory, and the Saints beat the Bengals but lost to the Browns.  Thus, a Browns win drops the Saints strength of victory number a tad.

Buffalo Bills (3-10) at Miami Dolphins (7-6) (1:00, CBS) – This game also has no playoff implications for the Eagles, so root for whoever you’d like.  Both teams could potentially be in the quarterback market this offseason, so root for bad quarterback play, particularly from the Dolphins.

Washington Redskins (5-8) at Dallas Cowboys (4-9) (1:00, FOX) – You should root for the Cowboys, as the Eagles split with the Redskins and could still beat the Cowboys twice.  If they do sweep Dallas, the Cowboys record factors into their strength of victory number twice instead of once.

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-5) at Indianapolis Colts (7-6) (1:00, CBS) – This game does not affect the Eagles for any tiebreakers, since they beat both teams.  There is no real rooting interest for the Eagles in this one.

New Orleans Saints (10-3) at Baltimore Ravens (9-4) (1:00, FOX) – Root for Baltimore, as the Eagles could end up competing with the Saints for either a bye or a playoff spot. With a  trip to Atlanta and a showdown with Tampa Bay remaining, anything from 13-3 to 10-6 is conceivable for the Saints.

Houston Texans (5-8) at Tennessee Titans (5-8) (1:00, CBS) – Root for Houston, as Philadelphia beat the Texans and lost to the Titans.  Thus, a Texans win is better for the Birds’ strength of victory number.

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