How Did the Eagles Celebrate a Miracle?

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DeSean Jackson prepares to field a punt during practice on August 7, 2010.

DeSean Jackson's 65-yard punt return was the first game-winning punt return touchdown to end regulation in NFL history.

Rookie defensive end Brandon Graham appears in the tunnel.

Today it didn't matter that Brandon Graham was on crutches. He still joined in the post-game celebration after making a fashionably late entrance.

Jackson did of course, and once the Eagles hit the locker room, there was nothing left to do but celebrate.

“It was crazy, there was some Gatorade,” Herremans said. “I came in the locker room, there was ice and Gatorade all over the floor.”

As the media and players milled around in a celebration-turned-interview session, Brandon Graham burst into the locker room.  Hobbling on crutches, he let out a huge yell and celebration number two broke out.  DeSean Jackson ran over and the two exchanged a trio of low fives.  Then Graham told his story.

Since he needed an isolated place to watch the game due to his torn ACL, Graham was given a spot for his wheelchair in Giants part-owner Steve Tisch’s box.  Tisch’s son attended the University of Michigan with Graham.

“I heard everything, from the first half, it’s over, you can go home now,” Graham said of the heckling he received. “’Oh man, ya’ll boys, ya’ll lucky the Bucs lost, because that was the best thing that happened to you today.’”

The always pleasant but always talkative defensive end tried to mind his manners behind enemy lines, but a big reaction was inevitable.

“I did [jump out of my seat], but I was on one leg!” Graham said with a grin from ear to ear. “The fans heard me. Them boys kind of got mad at me, but what can they do? I’m on crutches!”

Graham continued to make his rounds congratulating teammates as the locker room slowly emptied out.  In the tunnel just outside the hallway, DeSean Jackson was conducting a radio interview.  Jackson had his sunglasses on, black with white frames wrapping around the side.  Complimenting his black sweatshirt and grey sweatpants, Jackson wore a brown leather backpack – just the right size for a football. The football.

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