Monday Musings - Week 15

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Inside the Iggles by Ryan Messick
Lead Writer

1. The Eagles comeback from a 31-10 deficit with just 8:23 remaining after an Eli Manning to Kevin boss touchdown just may have been the greatest fourth quarter comeback in NFL history.  DeSean Jackson’s game winning punt return for a touchdown was the first to come with no time left in regulation.  It was also Jackson’s eighth touchdown this season – he has six touchdown receptions, one touchdown run and the return.  Of the eight, four are from 60 plus yards.  Clearly, Jackson is a special player.  Clearly, he deserves to be paid as soon as it’s feasible, but…

2. I wish DeSean Jackson would stop talking about his desire for a contract extension, even in quick, humorous asides.  Upon strolling to the podium for his post-game press conference, Jackson said, “Hey, my man Howie, that was for Howie, baby.”  He was almost certainly referencing Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, one of the key players involved in the negotiations with Jackson’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus.  There’s no questioning Jackson’s commitment to his teammates and his desire to win, but it would be nice if he could leave the contract comments out of a press conference on a day like yesterday.

3. If Michael Vick isn’t MVP-worthy, I don’t know who is.  Tom Brady is doing a lot with less of a supporting cast, but if you want a signature moment for an MVP candidate, yesterday was number two for Vick.  And yesterday’s 21-35 passing performance for 242 yards, three touchdowns and an interception, combined with Vick’s 10 rushes for 130 yards and a score was on par with his eye-popping numbers in Washington on a Monday night.  Sure, it wasn’t 333 yards and four touchdowns through the air with 80 yards and two scores on the ground, but it was heroic.  If the game in D.C. wasn’t easy, this was monumentally tough.  Vick willed the Eagles to win, and they did, against all odds.  I’ll leave you with this: Michael Vick put up 215 yards of offense and three touchdowns in six minutes and 53 seconds.  If that spurt doesn’t make your jaw drop, do the math.  If someone played at that level for a full game, it’d be a 1,874 yard night with 26 touchdowns.  Obviously that’s impossible, but it helps to put the torrid pace of the Eagles comeback into perspective.

4. I mentioned last week that this is the time of year when playoff contenders start to fall off under pressure.  Sure enough, in the NFC the Giants choked away a 31-10 fourth quarter lead (where there’s a comeback, there’s a choke), the Buccaneers lost to the now 4-10 Lions in overtime and the Saints fell to the Ravens.  The Rams fell at home to the Chiefs 27-13, dropping to 6-8, but the Seahawks couldn’t capitalize, losing 34-18 at home to the Falcons.  They remain tied, two games below .500, in line for a playoff spot.  The Packers then fell to the Patriots.  In the AFC, Jacksonville couldn’t put Indianapolis away for the year.

5. The Miracle at the Meadowlands III may not have been the biggest miracle of the afternoon.  The Panthers won a game.  Sure, it was the Cardinals, but when you’re 1-11 and haven’t even been coming close, a win is a win.

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