Monday Musings - Week 15

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6. Donovan McNabb hasn’t played well this year, but Mike Shanahan deserves a public humiliation and firing of his own after sending McNabb out for the opening coin toss as a captain after benching him for Rex Grossman. That’s rubbing salt in the wounds of a quarterback who’s always handled himself with class in the public eye.  I’m surprised that nobody in the Washington media asked Shanahan about it after the game to see how he defended the move.

7. I know Matt Flynn is a rookie, but his meltdown at the end of the Packers loss to the Patriots was inexcusable.  Any quarterback at any level should know if he has no timeouts and can’t spike the ball due to a fourth down with under 20 seconds left on the clock, he has to get the team to the line and run a play. Run the same play again, let everyone freelance, or say nothing and see what happens. Just do something.

8. With all of the talk about Donovan McNabb, Rex Grossman and Mike Shanahan, the Cowboys victory has been overlooked a bit.  Dallas is now 4-2 under Jason Garrett, with both losses coming by a field goal to two of the best teams in the league – Philadelphia and New Orleans.  With Arizona up next, Garrett should do no worse than 5-3. Is it enough to strip the interim off the title? Probably.

9. I’ll beat my dead horse again. The NFC West went 0-4 this week, and the winner will likely be below .500 while two out of three of the Giants, Packers or Buccaneers are left home. The division is now 12-26 against the rest of the league.  The automatic playoff spot for a division winner needs to be looked at this offseason.

10. The Lions finally vindicated me.  I’ve been saying all year that they weren’t as bad as their record, due to their plethora of close losses.  After back-to-back wins over the Packers and Buccaneers, the Lions are showing signs of life in the win column.  Moral victories only go so far, but Detroit just may be taking the next step.

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