Voila! Vikings Vanquish Eagles 24-14

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DeSean Jackson makes a catch during practice on Sunday.

DeSean Jackson was held to two receptions for 32 yards Tuesday night.

Philadelphia’s next drive ended in a Vick fumble at the Vikings’ 23-yardline, and after a three-and-out, the Eagles got the ball back at their own 47-yardline with 14 seconds left in the fourth quarter.  Philadelphia moved the ball methodically as Vick went 3-6 for 28 yards and finally found the end zone on a 10-yard run on a quarterback draw, pulling the Birds within three at 17-14.

The Vikings then took an unconventional approach with a three-point lead, a Pro Bowl running back and a rookie passer making his first career start.  Webb threw, threw and threw some more.  He completed a pair of third down passes to Lorenzo Booker and Percy Harvin, moving the Vikings to the Eagles’ 28-yardline. Finally, Peterson took over, getting the corner down the left sideline and racing 27 yards.  Two plays later he punched it in for a 24-14 lead, and the Eagles didn’t threaten again.

After the game, they were left searching for answers that didn’t seem to be coming.

“You win and you lose, and today was one of the days we just lost and we didn’t play well, so as far as any other explanations I couldn’t really speak to that,” said DeSean Jackson.  “I’m just here to tell you straight up we just didn’t play good and we got our butts kicked.”

“It’s really crazy, I feel like every week, you know last week we’re all fired up, we’re ready to go and then we came out and we didn’t play well.  This week I felt like we were ready to go and we didn’t play well,” Quintin Mikell said. “So I don’t know what it is, but guys got to understand that it’s right now, from that first play, that first snap, that first kickoff, it’s right then and there.”

Collectively the mood was more disappointed than angry, as the players all seemed to understand the gravity of the loss.  No first-round bye, likely only one home playoff game and thus slimmer chances of a Super Bowl.

“That was embarrassing, because to have an opportunity to basically have everything laid out for us and to play like that was just embarrassing,” Mikell said. “It’s embarrassing. We had every opportunity to go out there and take it and we didn’t, so now we’ve got to do it the hard way.”

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