Eagles Reid Not Satisfied, But Optimistic

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Inside the Iggles by Ryan Messick
Lead Writer

Andy Reid's Eagles went 10-6 this year, but lost in the Wild Card round of the playoffs for the second straight season.

Andy Reid offered up a few nuggets of information in his post-mortem press conference today at the Nova Care Complex.  The Eagles head coach is proud of his sixth NFC East title, especially in a year in which Philadelphia was retooling.  Still, Reid craves a Super Bowl – and some beef.

“Well to tell you I don’t want to win a Super Bowl,” Reid said trailing off. “I like prime rib and I’d love to win a Super Bowl. So I’m hungry for both, if you understand where I’m coming from.”

Through his 12 seasons in Philadelphia, Reid has made the playoffs nine times, gone to five NFC Championship Games and lost one Super Bowl.  While coming into this season it appeared the Eagles would be turning over the roster with an infusion of youth, which they did, the emergence of Michael Vick as an MVP candidate gave the Birds Super Bowl aspirations by the middle of the year.

“We were all greedy at the end, which you have to be and we wanted to advance and we just didn’t play well enough there to do that,” Reid said. “We gave ourselves a chance right down to the last play, but we weren’t able to finish it off.”

While Reid knows there were plenty of areas that could have been better in yesterday’s season-ending loss, such as third downs on both sides of the ball and red zone defense, he said he’s fighting the urge to be completely negative.

“I know you get to this point and you start poking holes in it and I know I’m down because of the loss and I know the players are down and the coaches are down,” Reid said. “Sometimes you have the tendency to look at the negative and you have to kind of fight through that and look at the positive.”

“Very few teams can kind of retool the way that we’ve retooled and still compete, put yourself in a position to compete for a championship,” Reid said. “Now we came up short, so there’s a fine line there. I’m not satisfied at all, but at the same time, answering your question, I feel comfortable going forward that we have some good, young football players on this team, some good veteran players and a good mix right there to go compete for a championship.”

The Eagles could be just a couple of personnel moves away from having a championship-caliber team, but the uncertainty that looms as Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations continue unsuccessfully may make this a difficult offseason to navigate.

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