Eagles Reid Not Satisfied, But Optimistic

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“I’ve talked to the coaches about this and I’m going straight ahead, I’m not worried about all of that stuff. I’m going to take this offseason just like any other and go straight ahead until, or if, something happens. I don’t care about that right now, that’s how I’m going to approach it.”

Philadelphia could be a big player in the offseason with Kevin Kolb’s desire and ability to be a starter and many teams in the market for quarterbacks. Reid said he’ll evaluate the situation as he moves forward.  It could be tricky to trade Kolb this offseason, as no trades will be allowed until a new CBA is in place. The NFL Draft will still take place April 28-30, which means that if there’s no new deal, Kolb cannot be moved for a first round pick this year.

There are also some top-notch free agents available in positions of need, such as Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and New England right guard Logan Mankins.  The list goes on, but free agency won’t begin until a new CBA deal is signed.  That leaves the Eagles in standstill to an extent.  They can evaluate free agent talent and plan as if they will get a first round pick for Kolb.  They can set up contingency plans for all scenarios as well, but if draft day comes and there’s been no new CBA, Philadelphia may have to settle for improving through the draft and an eventually shortened free agency period. While Kolb could be traded for another player, finding a suitable partner becomes a lot more difficult in that scenario.

Regardless, the next few months will be interesting to watch as the NFL universe races full-steam ahead towards a lockout.

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