Does Banner Believe Reid Can't Win a Super Bowl?

I enjoy Les Bowen of The Philadelphia Daily News. I mean, I enjoy Bowen’s stuff. Er, I mean, like the stuff he writes.

Just wanted to clarify that.

At any rate, Bowen raises a very interesting question regarding last week’s departure of former Eagles president Joe Banner.

Reports of a power struggle, of Banner wanting to start over, of Reid making demands, well, each may be partly true. Or they may each be completely without merit. But, as Bowen writes, maybe there was a completely different motive behind the shakeup of the Eagles’ power strucutre. It’s such a question because the move just doesn’t make sense.

Explains Bowen:

As others have noted, the idea that Banner just got tired of running the Eagles is absurd. If there is one thing I’ve been sure of over the 10 years that I’ve covered this team, beyond the certainty that every Monday morning news conference was going to begin with the listing of injuries, it’s that Joe Banner lived to carry the Lombardi Trophy down to the WIP studios and invite Angelo Cataldi to kiss it. And maybe kiss something else, as well.

And that’s unequivocally true. You know that Banner (as well as many others in that front office) want to stick it to every single media member who has ever written or said something negative about the people who walk the halls of the NovaCare Complex.

So, then, what the hell?

Did Banner jet because he believes Reid can’t win a Super Bowl?

Here’s how Bowen explains it:

Leaving after 18 years because you lost a power struggle with someone who might not be here come next February doesn’t make much sense.

Which leads me to a thought that is strictly my own, wasn’t whispered by anyone down at NovaCare. What if Banner doesn’t think Reid is going away anytime soon, AND doesn’t think the Reid-Michael Vick nexus is ever going to win the Eagles a Super Bowl? As I noted the first time I wrote about this, we are more that three years down the road from Joe’s weary “definition of instanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” speech in a hallway in Arizona after the January 2009 NFC Championship Game. It was an ambiguous statement, widely applied to Donovan McNabb at the time. I’m not at all sure he was just talking about Donovan.

It’s certainly an interesting thought. If Banner truly believed Reid was in Super Bowl or bust mode for 2012, why would he seek an opportunity elsewhere? He either A) wins a Super Bowl or B) starts over with a new regime. So it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Banner feels Reid won’t be leaving any time soon, and what’s more, that he still won’t win a Super Bowl while he’s here.

And while I initially dismissed this a far jump to a weak conclusion, is it really any less realistic than anything else we’ve heard this week?

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