Reid Is Right Guy For Eagles--For Now

Andy Reid is cooked in Philadelphia. It’s possible that this team maxes out at five wins. The offensive line is a mess, the defense is a joke, and the head coach’s excuses and promises are tiresome. The writing is on the wall, and truthfully, it probably has been before many were willing to admit.

There’s simply no way Reid is coming back as head coach next season. No way, no how. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t finish this one. Forget loyalty or doing right by Reid–the Eagles could let him roll today and the Eagles wouldn’t be doing him wrong. He’ll still get paid and owner Jeffrey Lurie stuck by Reid for many years when other owners would have pulled the plug. This isn’t about loyalty, and this isn’t about Reid staying the course and showing his team that he’s “all in.” It’s about doing what’s best for the future of this team. And, believe it or not, Reid playing out the string is what’s best.

The worst thing that could happen, even worse than the Eagles winning the last six games to finish 9-7, would be for an interim coach from Reid’s staff to take over and have any type of success. This is a team that needs a drastic overhaul–one that includes a revamped roster and a completely new coaching staff. I’ve never been a guy who roots for losses so a team can get a better draft pick, but I’m rooting for losses because this team needs to see a bolded and embarrassing 4-12 record in the record books–not a 7-9 or 8-8 mark. And I’m rooting for losses so that there isn’t even a trace of doubt that this regime must be removed in its entireity.

Ask yourself who can lead them there. The answer is the guy that has taken them this far–Andy Reid.

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  • Dr Muon Funk

    We need a great draft pick. So I’m all for losing. Andy has been awful the past two years. With all of this talent at his disposal.

  • Todd

    I would like a good draft pick or two. But I am NOT in for losing to get them. That throws dignity out the window. Trade some of our talent that hasn’t panned out in PHilly for some of those picks. Don’t lose, that is just crazy talk.

  • Todd

    So let’s be a loser so we can get something good? You would still be a loser. Terrible attitude.

  • Sam Quentin

    A Philadelphia Eagles Fan’s Soliloquy

    I know of at least a dozen former players from my college days who could coach this
    team for 14 years and do almost as well, statistically. Reid is slightly above a
    50-50 win/lose ratio (and dropping) with little to show for his effort (in terms of the
    ultimate prize). Yes, the media will: (1) call him the most winning-est coach in franchise history (although another coach would get equal accolades with a 14 year tenure); (2) will emphasize his playoff record, or; (3) threaten that he will obtain employment almost immediately after his release (as if that really matters to Philly fans). Who cares?

    I was a lone wolf for 13 of 14 years calling for Reid’s ouster. The only year I praised the decision makers was when TO was on the team. Aside from this single event, Reid has failed in his philosophy of being able to intersperse players into a flawed system. His personal friend (butt-boy) Marty Mornhinweg was protected while Juan Castillo was scapegoated. In my business dealings, I have promoted people professionally. Yes, sometimes the risks backfire.

    I did not agree with the decision to upgrade Juan but I understand it. If Reid took a chance, he also needed to give Juan a chance (2 years minimum) … and be man enough to take the heat when it was an incorrect decision after that time period. Juan was screwed because Reid did not want to endure the heat of HIS decision.

    Reid was a QB coach under Holmgren. Reid showed little leadership potential then, as well (IMHO). It is OK that Laurie gambled early on – it is part of doing business – but for 14 years? The entire leadership/decision-making chain is suspect and laughable.

    Moreover, look at his press conferences to get a sense of his arrogance; his blatant disregard for criticism; and his overweening stupidity when answering questions. A media acquaintance/friend of mine once told me that the local folks gave up substantive questioning because they knew he wouldn’t answer them – so why waste time. Complete wusses. I did like the “you’re very bold” response to Missanelli’s question, though.

    And, of course, the national media will call Philly fans stupid, ignorant, and not fully cognizant (or sophisticated) of how professional football runs. Well, they said the same about our feelings on McNabb until he was exposed with less than one year under Shanahan in Washington. I love when the media tells us that Reid “has the locker room”. If I had a boss that always covered for me (in spite of performance) when the big-boss was around, I would love him too. Unfortunately, I’ve never had a job like that in 35 years in business.

    Shady McCoy gets concussed with less than two minutes left in a game where the coach thinks he can overcome a 25 point deficit. This guy has completely lost touch of reality.

    For the first time in my 50+ years of viewing the Birds (good and bad), I wish that the team loses every remaining game (in actuality, the team should be 1-9). I now add the following caveats to my initial wish list:

    * I want the team to lose every game with only field goals as scores.
    * I no longer want Reid fired immediately, rather, I want to see him endure holding press conferences for 6 more weeks with continued embarrassing responses.
    * I want Laurie to hire a new coach for next season, while forcing Reid to complete his contract sitting at home or reviewing contracts like Banner. After all, he does have an obligation to pay on his contract.

    Lastly, Good riddance you fraud.

    Below are some of ANDY REID’s delirious personnel decisions (not intended to be a complete list of foibles):

    2010: Sean McDermott (ranking: 21st/team points allowed; 28th in NFL/passing yards given up)
    2011: Juan Castillo (scapegoated to save Reid)
    2011: Jim Washburn (huh?)
    2011: Howard Mudd (what is it that he does again?)

    1999: Barry Gardner (2nd round)
    2000: Todd Pinkston (2nd round)
    2000: Darnell Autry (free agent)
    2000: Stanley Pritchett (free agent)
    2000: Charles Johnson (free agent)
    2000: Torrance Small (free agent)
    2001: Freddie Mitchell (1st round)
    2001: Quinton Caver (2nd round)
    2002: Blaine Bishop (free agent)
    2003: Jerome McDougal (1st round)
    2003: L.J. Smith (2nd round)
    2003: Billy McCullen (3rd round)
    2004: Shawn Andrews (1st round)
    2004: Dhani Jones (free agent)
    2005: Mike Patterson (1st round)
    2005: Ryan Moats (3rd round)
    2005: Mike McMahon (free agent)
    2006: Brodrick Bunkley (1st round)
    2007: Victor Abiamiri (2nd round)
    2007: Tony Hunt (3rd round)
    2007: Takeo Spikes (free agent)
    2008: Bryan Smith (3rd round)
    2008: Trevor Laws (2nd round)
    2008: Dan Klecko (free agent)
    2009: Steve Smith (free agent)
    2009: Stacy Andrews (free agent)
    2010: Brandon Graham (1st round)
    2010: Daniel Te’O-Nesheim (3rd round)
    2010: Mike Bell (free agent)
    2010: Ernie Sims (free agent)
    2011: Danny Watkins (1st round) – a fireman?
    2011: Jaiquawn Jarrett (2nd round)
    2011: Curtis Marsh (3rd round)
    2011: Casey Matthews (4th round)
    2011: Moise Fokou (free agent)
    2011: Nnamdi Asomugha (free agent)
    2011: Ronnie Brown (free agent)
    2011: Vince Young (free agent)
    2012: Mychal Kendricks (2nd round)
    2012: Vinny Curry (2nd round)
    2012: Nick Foles (3rd round)
    2012: Demetress Bell (free agent)


  • Sam Quentin

    Dignity is not “out the window”. That’s akin to reprimanding your children and then calling yourself a bad father. Sometimes an appropriate response (medicine) cures the illness. Reid needs a dose of reality to cure his arrogance.