Eagles Fans Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

I don’t care that the Eagles entered last night’s game a putrid 3-8. I don’t care that they haven’t won since September. Or, as so many have pointed out, that the Phillies have won a game more recently than this debacle of a football team. I don’t care that starters like DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, and Michael Vick were all out. Or that the offensive line is terrible. And I don’t care that the Eagles have no chance of reaching the postseason in 2012.

None of the aforementioned inconveniences are an excuse to have passed on watching the game last night. It was Eagles-Cowboys. It was in primetime. And there’s no shortage of intrigue here–and I’m not talking about that whole spoiler role thing, either. There’s nothing to spoil–the Cowboys aren’t going to make the playoffs.

The evaluation of players like Nick Foles, Bryce Brown, and Brandon Graham should have been enough to get any self-respecting fan to tune in.

So I was nothing short of floored this week to hear sports radio hosts and fans alike about how they would be turning to Boardwalk Empire or some other type of Sunday night programming, opting to pass on what would eventually be the Eagles’ eight-consecutive loss.

Yeah, is this isn’t exactly must-see TV right now. I get it. But this is a town that prides itself on passion and loyatly. This is a town that’s long defended how difficult it may be on its teams and how venomous the boos and insults may be by pointing out it never turns its back on a team. And while this team has earned every bit of the fans’ ire, my question to those fans is this–where the hell were you last night when you were watching Boardwalk Empire, or Breaking Bad, or whatever the hell it is you opted to watch last night?

This is 2012. There’s something called a DVR. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Many fans stuck it out and watched last night’s game which turned into an unexpected thrilled. And I applaud those people. But for the remainder of the fanbase, the ones that often boast about its passion, well, they should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Nat Jones

    Oh, Bob, please. Get over your high, mighty and oh-so-noble self. I realize it’s hard to find a new “angle” on this sorry team. But lambasting the fans — who have invested much (passion, time, money) and received blessed little — for not making the “Iggles” the center of their universe is about as pathetic and lame a story line as they come. I watched part of the game last night, the part before they fell apart. Once again. There were some bright spots, and maybe the entire roster needn’t be scrapped, but many players and the entire coaching staff should be.

    In case you haven’t been following the NFC East, Bobbie, the ‘Boys aren’t really anything to write home about, either. So if you want to stir the pot and rile up the fan base, confine your ridiculous invective to those who are responsible for this “debacle of a football team.” This team has had, over the span of its existence, the most loyal fan base of any team in the league, despite the fact that they have been mediocre, if not outright miserable for most of that time.

    Given the firings of everyone from the DC to the marketing director, and the craven attempts to find a new scapegoat of the week, I would not be surprised at all to learn at this season’s whimpering conclusion that the team’s eunuch owner has decided that the team’s demise was not the fault of Andy Reid and that he has decided to stick with him. I am not being facetious. How else do you explain the rash of pink slips being doled out by a man whose head presumably is already on the chopping block?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.boies Tony Boies

    Eagles fans felt they had ONE recourse…..tune out, not show up, in order to express to Mr. Jeff Lurie their displeasure with several decisions the coaching staff and front office have made over the past 3 seasons. Mr. Wankel, this isn’t Japan, where audiences clap politely at the end of every good/bad performance.