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Tips for the Philadelphia Eagles' new Head Coach

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As the Eagles continue their search for a new head coach, I thought it prudent to list and discuss some of the qualities that will be needed in order to succeed in Philadelphia. Throughout the past 14 seasons, Eagle fans have grown accustomed to a certain level of mystery and intrigue. During good times, as well as bad, there was never the feeling of understanding or confidence when it came to the team. To me, that was what was unacceptable. The new regime will need to have a totally new attitude. A new way of doing… mostly everything.

One thing I know for sure, we don’t need another “Wizard of Nova-Care”, hiding behind the curtain.

This brings me to my first point. Whoever ends up becoming the new Head Coach MUST be utterly transparent to the local media. Andy’s way of diverting lines of questioning and muddying the waters was not only irritating, it built a wall between the team and the fans. By being truthful and open, Coach ______ will foster a much needed emotional bond between fans/media and the organization.

A HUGE flaw in Andy Reid’s coaching style was his inability to hold players accountable for poor attitudes and poor play. Sure, during the hay-day, guys like Dawkins and Trotter would police the locker room and keep people in line. (Except T.O., apparently, only a high dive can do that) Without those strong leaders to keep the tudes’ in check, we have been treated to acts such as the “DeSean Jackson Prima donna show”, and the “Bryce Brown fumbles again, lets give him a hug and go try again hour”. I don’t want to see anyone on my team catch a 6 yard pass, and get up smack talking, in someones face. You don’t want to run block? You sit on the bench. I get asked about it in the post game presser? I give em’ the truth, “he’s lazy, and a bad teammate.” “When he decides to be part of this team, he can play again.” I’m sure getting grounded on national TV is embarrassing, even for a big bad NFL player.  (Donovan’s mom, chasing after him while hitting him with a can of Chunky Soup just popped into my head.)

Coach _____ needs to create an unmistakable identity for this organization. Whether it’s Mike McCoy molding the Eagles into a high powered offensive juggernaut, or Lovie Smith forging a new style of iron curtain, or someone else bringing in their own style. One thing is clear, mediocrity is unacceptable. (Also,  “Dynasty” and “Dream Team” are poor choices as well.)

Lastly, Coach _____ should surround himself with the best coordinators and assistants as possible. His supporting cast needs to be able to push their respective departments into greatness without constant supervision. By accomplishing this, Coach _____ will be free to fully concentrate his efforts on opponents and game strategy.

I have no choice but to trust that Jeff and Howie are out doing their due diligence, finding us the best possible candidate on the market. They have by far, the most attractive City, Team, and Fans to use to lure in the proverbial big fish. Lets just hope that whoever they choose, learns from all of Andy’s mistakes, and leads us back into our winning ways.


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