Dec 23, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) reacts after the last play of the game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field. The Redskins defeated the Eagles 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Should Trade Nick Foles To Highest Bidder

Head coach Chip Kelly has named Michael Vick the Philadelphia Eagles’ starting quarterback, and has stated that’s not a temporary title for Vick. As the dominoes fall, that leaves Nick Foles as the guy holding the clipboard and preparing himself for the seemingly-inevitable moment Vick hits the turf and is slow to get back up.

But when that moment comes, is Foles even the best guy to take the reigns?

There’s a lot of love for Foles in and around Philadelphia. There’s a certain segment of the fanbase that believes — and believes strongly — he should be the guy leading the team for Kelly’s inaugural season. However, I’m not entirely convinced Kelly is interested in Foles ever running his offense.

Firstly, the entire quarterback competition was a sham. The second Vick had his contract restructured and guaranteed starter money, he was going to be the guy under center Week 1. The “competition,” as I see it, was nothing more than a mind game Kelly was playing with Vick to get him to start looking over his shoulder again and hopefully bring the best out of him.

By and large, it worked. By all accounts, Vick is working his tail off and it’s showing on the field, sans a few head-scratchers from the third preseason game against Jacksonville.

Vick has been making better decisions, is throwing the ball strong and accurately, and even looks faster. He can be an incredible threat in the read-option and can sling the ball like few others. In other words, he’s everything Kelly wants in his quarterback.

Now look at Foles and see how many of those qualities can be attributed to his game.

The fumbled snap and following interception in the back of the endzone is as big a bonehead play as you’ll ever see. Any ball thrown past the 15-20 yard area is a dead duck, and his athleticism is limited. In other words, he’s just the type of quarterback Kelly would have no patience for.

Kelly wants dynamic and fast-paced. He wants to end 80-yard drives in two plays. He wants to hit the gas early and not let up.

With Foles, that’s not going to happen. There’s nothing wrong with slow and methodical, and a head coach running that type of West Coast offense would likely have some success with Foles, but he’s not right for Kelly’s system.

It’s unclear what someone would be willing to offer for Foles, but as things stand right now it would appear to be in the team’s — and his — best interest to move him to the highest bidder.

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  • bushisamoron

    I disagree. Foles is younger, smarter and at least as accurate as Vick. He is not as injury prone. The ideal QB is not on this roster but both have positives and negatives. The QB competition appeared quite legit and unless your last name is Kelly, Shurmer or maybe Roseman, you don’t know what was said/thought behind closed doors.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    You’re smoking crack. MV will be lucky to make it half the season. In my opinion Foles should be the starter because he’s more consistent and reads defenses better. If it’s about short passes and high tempo Foles should be the man not MV. MV was great in the first two preseason games, the third not so much.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Though I get that Vick won the competition and Kelly has made up his mind. I just don’t think Barkley is ready and he’ll have to be to get rid of Foles. Doesn’t seem Dixon is even a consideration.

  • QB Man

    You can’t run a fast paced offense with Foles??? Fast paced doesn’t mean qb leg speed, its about quick decisions, which Nick does better than MV. Fast paced offense means quick throws, get the ball in receivers hands in the open. Foles ran a no huddle offense in college and thrived. He played less than three years at AZ (because he transferred from Michigan St) and broke all of AZ passing records. If he played 4 years at AZ, he would have beaten all of Barkley’s records. Kelly LOVED Foles in college and coached against him 3 times. This has to be one of the worst articles written and it has no backing what so ever.

  • Bob Cunningham

    Foles will hold the ball just like Vick. And can’t throw it more than 20 yards down the field. Kelly wants face-paced and QUICK STRIKE. Foles might be able to do the first one, but certainly isn’t capable of quick-strike. Vick is. And don’t talk to me about college… Timmy Chang and Ty Detmer broke a lot of college records too.

  • Bob Cunningham

    Younger, yes. But he’s done nothing to prove to us he’s smarter and completed about the same amount of his passes as Vick last year. And he’s throwing a lot more intermediate stuff and isn’t going deep as often. Many more high-success passes for Foles, so the numbers are skewed.

    Do I know that for sure? No. But Kelly loves his mind games, and I’d be willing to bet that’s exactly what this was. Vick wasn’t sitting the bench with all that guaranteed money coming his way.

  • Bob Cunningham

    I am certainly not smoking crack.

    Yeah, sure, if the offense was totally different, Foles would be good. That’s kinda what I said. But it’s not about that. It’s about quick-strike and using the QB as a dual threat.

    That’s Vick.

  • prxmt

    Vick wins the starting job and immediately in interviews and in the next preseason game begins to look complacent. It’s even worse at the end of the season when he’s banged up. And playoffs? Don’t bet the farm on it. Unfortunately Vick is the undoubted leader in the locker room and off the field. Foles is the man for the job in the postseason. I’d wager Chip Kelly has thought of this and in the back of his mind wishes he could easily swap Foles in without any fuss.

  • Bob Cunningham

    I don’t know that Vick looks complacent. He didn’t play a great game against Jacksonville, but remember — preseason. It’s a lot different when it means something and I think he’ll be just fine.

    Also, I think Foles, like I said, was really just a pawn Kelly was using to get Vick to pick his game up. It was going to be Vick all along.

  • wow

    This may be the worst article I’ve ever read, Congrats!

  • wow

    I think that just about every point Bob Cunningham wrote in this article was wrong. He is incorrect about Foles arm strength. He is incorrect about the speed of play. Slow and methodical? How about a 99 yard 14 play drive that took LESS than 5 minutes. Vick may be a fine fit for this offense, and I support the coach, but this article makes me laugh.

  • Bob Cunningham

    That certainly would be an achievement. Thanks for reading!

  • Bob Cunningham

    Well, at least you got a good chuckle.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    After last night, I think I agree with you. Foles should go but probably won’t get much for him now.

  • Bob Cunningham

    I’m very glad you’ve come around to my way of thinking, doctor.

  • Dr Muon Funk

    I should have gone with my initial feeling. Imagine if we traded Foles?