Eagles' Defense Is Getting Better; But That Fourth Quarter...

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John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Overall the Philadelphia Eagles’ Defense appeared to have control of the game. Until the 4th quarter it looked like the Redskins would be shut out. Two blown coverages later and the Redskins were not only back in the game but they became a huge threat. Why would the defense look so good for three quarters and then let the Redskins score touchdowns on back to back possessions?

I believe there is a negative element to Philadelphia Eagles’ Head Coach Chip Kelly’s high-octane offense. That offense is so all or nothing that the defense rarely has time to catch its breath and they have to take the field again. It looks like they are gassed by the fourth quarter. The Eagles seem like they can score at will. The offense owns the field so maybe they should control the clock  more and give the defense a chance at finishing the game running all out in all four quarters.

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