Was Donovan McNabb A Bully?

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Recently former Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman Shawn Andrews accused Former Philadelphia Eagle Quarterback Donovan McNabb of bullying him. He spent his 5 of his 6 years in the NFL with the Eagles and his general feeling about his time there “felt like a living hell.” The recent news of the Richie Incognito / Jonathan Martin fiasco has apparently stirred up some long stuffed emotions in Andrews. Apparently, he decided now after over 4 years of silence to tell his story. He went on into more detail,

“I could be sitting in the players’ lounge with a group, having some laughs, and [McNabb would] get his say in so the attention can shift,” Andrews says. “He was the type of person that had everything in the world he could want, but that still wasn’t enough. He wanted the attention on him. There was a whole lot of that behavior. He wasn’t just that way with me. I’m thinking, ‘Every day I strap on my shoulder pads and helmet, I’m here to protect you.’

“[McNabb] was a big part of it — he was a big part of my issues there. Bully is a strong word, but he was degrading to me and spread rumors. It’s bothered me that I haven’t really spoken about it.”

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