Jan 6, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (1) catches a touchdown pass over Auburn Tigers cornerback Chris Davis (11) during the second half of the 2014 BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

My Eagles Offseason Dream Scenario

It is uncertain on what move, if any, the Philadelphia Eagles will make this offseason. There are always multiple ways to bolster and refine a team this time of year such as through the draft, through free agency, and by way of trade.

In my dream scenario, the Eagles pick up Buffalo Bills’ safety Jairus Byrd who is slated to be a free agent in all likelihood. The next step in my scenario will take place in the NFL draft. The Eagles have the twenty second pick in this years draft. General Manager Howie Roseman has been the type of  GM to choose the best available player when the Eagles are on the clock. This year I believe that this year that player will be the wideout from Florida State, Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin was ESPN draft analyst, Mel Kiper’s pick for the Eagles in his mock draft. Ladies and gentleman, if you have never heard of Kelvin Benjamin I suggest YouTubeing him. This guy was a man amongst boys in college. At   6′ 5″  and 243 pounds, Kelvin Benjamin is an absolute beast.

Of course, with the drafting of a wide-out means the Birds would have to make some room for him. Both Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin are waiting to be re-signed by the Eagles. This is a very tough decision for me but I say the Eagles keep Maclin and release Cooper. My only reasoning behind this is that we’ve seen Maclin’s up-side and we could always trade him down the line, and also because the Eagles could probably sign him for cheap after coming off an entire year of injury.

If the Eagles could make this happen I believe it substantially increases their chances of making it further in the off-season.



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  • Ryan

    Wow so two players and the Eagles are just a better team, even though one of the two is not most likely a free agent he most likely gets tagged. Bills did it last year I think they will do it again. But even if they don’t then where is the money next year for Foles, Boykin, and McCoy. Not to mention the first thing d-jax saying at the end of the season is he wants more money. How do you think he will feel getting paid 10.5 and we bring in some guy off the street and pay him a mil more, I’d bet he’d hold out. Benjamin is a great receiver and if he’s still there would be a solid puck up at 22. The only problem I have is there will be a lot of options in the 2nd and 3rd round at wide out while the premier pass rushers will be gone. If you have great pass rush your secondary can take more chances and simply put not be that great. At least not 11.5 mil great. We could bring in Pollard or Clemmons for more than half what Byrd costs and Draft a great pass rusher in the first, hopefully dee Ford, and walk out of free agency and the Draft with a solid d and great o. Then next year be able to pay the player’s that truly make this team great without having to cut vets to do so. C’mon man think about money before stats cause this is a business

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    1) McCoy signed a 5-year, $45 million deal less than two years ago. No deal for him next year.
    2) If the Bills tag Byrd again, they will most likely trade him. He wants out of Buffalo.
    3) If DJax wants a new deal with guaranteed money in it, he will have to settle for less total money. He already gets more than he should.
    4) Agree about the safeties. Byrd would be great, but hard to imagine the Eagles paying that much money, especially for a safety.
    5) YES, we need a great pass rusher at OLB.

  • Mugshot Magoo

    This team needs to build their defense through the draft. People are drooling over too many of these WRs. There’s so much depth at that position in this draft, you don’t need to grab one in the first or second round. The Eagles offense is better than the Seattle Seahawks offense as its constituted right now. What does that tell us? We need to build this defense. I wouldn’t mind seeing an all defense draft this year. Re-sign Maclin AND Cooper, trade Brandon Graham for a fourth rounder, and blow up the secondary in the draft ( Stanley Jean Baptise, Ed Reynolds, Pierre Desir). Pick up a couple of offensive pieces later in the draft, like DeAnthony Thomas and Colt Lyerla.

  • Ryan

    1)Mccoy signed a 6 year deal he will cost us 10 mil next season that was my point about him. 2)What would we possibly trade for him Draft picks maybe, like that one you used to get Benjamin, you don’t think dude and you don’t know what you’re talking about
    3) d-jax is not worth 10.5 my only point was he would hold out for more and screw up the off season when we pay a first round Draft pick and have to rework a franchise tag deal on a player to get him to play safety. Not to mention how complicated things could get with Byrd possibly causing a problem with him.
    4)at least you’ve got some sense
    5) you better agree
    6) your dream sounds like a nightmare
    7)mugshot don’t jump on this bandwagon of “you have to have an awesome d to win” it’s not true it just worked this year. We are an offensive team we need to be that. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went d in 2 out of the first 3 rounds. But considering they are saying you can get a start in OT in the 3 to 4 round I’d grab one in the 4th peters is like a hundred. Point is I pray we get some d but still stay true to what we are

  • Ryan

    O and you know who else I forgot Kendricks and Cox they are eligible for extensions next year as well. So how are we gonna pay all those guys and keep Byrd. C’mon just answer I mean this is your dream right. I mean you have to have thought about it a little. I’m sure a writer didn’t just pit down I want Byrd and offense in the first round like an average fan and not thought about any of the consequences you have to be better than that. Right?

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    Who is the “you”? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not my story. You just wanted to fire back at someone who simply doesn’t agree with all you said. Stay classy!

  • Ryan

    You’re right you’re just the guy who defended something that doesn’t make any sense with more stuff that doesn’t make sense. I’m always classy babe I look forward to the next time YOU write something. Be good big shot because obviously you’re to cool for school. O and firing back at the person who doesn’t know this teams contracts or the state of this franchise well I guess I’m sorry it hurt your feelings

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    I didn’t defend anything, I just provided arguments and all you did was fire at me, just because I argued with you. You didn’t even check that I was not the author of the story, but someone else. Anyway, I have no intention to fight with you. We are both fans of the same team, you know, even if we don’t agree on a certain thing.

    Here is what I say.

    McCoy is already extended. He is out of the picture.

    Cox is now a 3-4 DE. Big money goes to the 4-3 DEs. Unless Cox becomes JJ Watt (I wish he does), his contract won’t be a problem.

    Kendricks, Boykin and Foles will have to be extended, but don;t forget that Ryans in due for $6.8 million in 2015. Do you think he gets that? I doubt it. Also Peters will not be paid again $10 million per year after 2014 and I doubt James Casey will get his $4 million salary in 2015. Avant will also be gone and along with him his $4 million salary. Herremans is scheduled for $5.2 million in 2015 and 2016 – possible pay cut or release.

    Let’s do the math now: 10 + 4 + 6.8 + 4 = 24.8 million dollars, 30 if you add Herremans money. Add the cap space of an increased salary cap and this could be close to 35 millions available. Even if Ryans and Peters are re-signed, the Eagles still have enough cap space. If they give DJax a new deal, they can save money there (less total amount, but with guaranteed money included).

    The Eagles are one of the top teams in cap space. If they can’t pay Byrd, then no team can. I am not saying that they should do this, I am just saying that they can.

    Byrd or not, the Eagles are in a great financial position. Howie Roseman knows his thing.

    PS: I’ll be glad to read your comments on any of my stories.

  • Ryan

    Glad to hear you enjoy my comments on any of your stories. I’m not saying Roseman isn’t great with the money as gm he is. But we are 10 in cap space so that means 1/3 of the league has more. I’m glad that you can do simple math and add numbers together really I’m proud of you and I’m sure your parents are to but to respond. I am not talking about the fact of peters, herramans, or Ryans in 2015 I’m pretty sure like you are that they will be gone. My point on Byrd is that he will be tagged and just in general he’s not the sort of move Roseman goes for I’m sure you can agree. I am saying from a whole team financial standpoint he does not make sense. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great safety and what we need is a guy patrolling center field to make the qb think twice and give our edge rushers another sec to get that sack. But for 1/3 the money we can get that solid stopgap player who is still young and hold down that position until a person from within can fill that role. So there is no reason to sign Byrd and Roseman being the guy who knows his stuff won’t. It will only make things harder initially and over the next three years so I will be shocked if it happens as I would think you would be as well. I just don’t understand why you keep pushing the fact that we should or shouldn’t or whatever it is you are trying to say about Byrd. It just really seams like you are going back and forth on the subject and then saying it doesn’t matter if we can or can’t Roseman is awesome. This started off as a discussion on weather or not Byrd makes sense. He doesn’t at all that’s my point. I have backed it up with money, team dynamics, and how Roseman tends to make decisions as a gm. I suggest you make your point clearly say what you want to say and stand behind it. Really, I’m still not quite sure where you stand on all this. Regardless I enjoy the banter it’s been fun going back and forth with someone who obviously knows what he’s talking about unlike the author of this article. Seriously thanks for the discussion I hope to keep hearing from you and I’m not trying to be a dick but I hope to really understand where you stand with Byrd. Look forward to your next reply man, o and stay classy ;)

  • Giorgos Kassakos

    Well, where I stand was obvious from my very first comment. This is what I think:

    “4) Agree about the safeties. Byrd would be great, but hard to imagine the Eagles paying that much money, especially for a safety.”

    Now if your question is what I was going to do if I was calling the shots, I would certainly call Byrd’s agent. See if I can convince him to settle for ‘Antrel Rolle’ money, something like $7 million/year. If not, I would not be disappointed. This draft has a lot of good safeties.

  • Ryan

    I just worry about going so heavy on defense in draft starts to turn us into a muddled team that’s good on offense and good on defense but not great at any one thing. I know defense won a championship this year but look at past years. Green Bay won with great offense and Ok d. The Saints did the same thing and so did the Colts and rams. I’m just saying I don’t think any one thing like having great defense wins championships. I believe that the important thing is to be great at something and just soild at the rest. I agree d would be great in first round but I think the o needs just as much attention for it to be great next year.