Who Makes Eagles Mount Rushmore?

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Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (25) walks on the field after the game against the Dallas Cowboys with a belt at AT&T Stadium. The Eagle beat the Cowboys 24-22. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last week Miami Heat superstar Lebron James created not only a controversy, but a major buzz by naming his “Mount Rushmore” of NBA great players.  Since then we’ve been inundated with both sportswriters and athletes alike discussing their own personal Mt. Rushmore’s for a myriad of categories.  This got me to thinking, what four members of the Philadelphia Eagles would make the franchise’s Mt. Rushmore?  Certainly, if championships are a requirement then the modern Eagles would be unable to fulfill the prerequisites for initiation.  And while LeSean McCoy looked very good featuring his championship belt, it doesn’t quite equate to hoisting a Lombardi trophy. However it would be very difficult to rule out some of the players that have recently played for the franchise despite the exclusion of a championship.

First and foremost, there’s not correct answer when it comes to naming the greats of a particular franchise or sport.  Varying opinions, differing criteria, and the era in which a player plays all factor into how he could be listed or omitted.  For myself, I view productivity and longevity as critical contributors.  Terrell Owens produced at an abnormally elite level for the short period of time he played with Philadelphia, but Harold Carmichael would rank above T.O. any day of the week and three times on Sundays.  LeSean McCoy has already surpassed several franchise records of the late Steve Van Buren, but to list him amongst the greatest this franchise has ever seen would be premature.  So despite having the WWE championship, LeSean McCoy does not yet have a spot with the four greatest members of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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