Philadelphia Eagles Front-Runners In NFC East Arms Race

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The NFC East has been destination programming for many seasons. Intense rivalries, endless talent and the occasional shocker, the NFC East was indeed, a great division to focus on. Such an enigma it grew into, with franchise quarterbacks, top-tier receivers, top-quality running backs, and bruising defenses. In the past decade, it has seen its share of championships and conference appearances.

Somewhere along the lifespan of a franchise, the success and talent of each team in the NFC East began to deplete. In fact, the division once hailed as “Beast of the East” became referred to the “Beast of the Least”, due to under performance within the division. Players, owners, coaches and fans alike noticed the low-performing standard being set and unofficially an arms race ensued.

The race became most apparent once the 2011 “Dream Team” assembled by Philadelphia with the addition of the then perceived premier, free-agent cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha, and other first-class talent. The NFC East was wide open, and it seems that teams were desperate to upgrade its roster/staff to fill this void, and ascend to the top as the NFC East’s powerhouse team-to-beat.

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