Has Chip Kelly Dug Himself Into A Hole?

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Dec 22, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) along the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Bears 54-11. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The example that comes to mind is ex-Eagles, and current New York Jets quarterback Mike Vick. He was cast off by the National Football League after making horrible decisions and doing horrible things to dogs. Ex-Eagles and current Kansas City head coach Andy Reid, brought him in to Philadelphia with open arms, and gave him a second chance. Vick took the second chance, and made the most of it, he had a phenomenal year for the Eagles and strongly helped the organization, not to mention cleaned up his act. Vick is the kind of player that Chip Kelly would not have taken a chance on. Kelly would not have wanted to risk his locker room on this quarterback and his team most likely would have suffered for it. Mike Vick left Philadelphia in a very classy manner, and could not have been more gracious for the second chance that Reid and the city of brotherly love gave him.

Another example is San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith. Smith is an all pro linebacker, and a franchise player with a large amount of talent. He also has been getting into trouble, most recently having claimed to have had a bomb in an airport. Smith is a perfect fit for the Eagles and would make our defense tremendously better. Obviously there would be no way to get Smith unless the 49ers cut him. If by some chance the 49ers decide they are fed up with Smith’s off field behavior, and decide to cut him, the Eagles would not be interested. This is because even if Smith promised to change, and showed signs of growth, Chip Kelly wouldn’t want him.

What’s even worse is that even if Chip Kelly wanted him, he couldn’t have him. By releasing DeSean Jackson, Chip Kelly has said that these kinds of players are not welcome here. If he then went out and signed or even drafted a player with off field issues, he would look like a hypocrite and a joke, and Philadelphia would be the laughing stock of the football world. I certainly hope Chip Kelly knows what he is doing, because it is too late to turn back now.

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